When the Shit Begins to Hit the Fan, the ID Split is Coming

by Kari, The Sunshine Girl, April 16, 2013

Hi Georgi and Everyone,

Wow, the drama continues to unfold! It is all so interesting,especially living in the U.S. although, I am in Hawaii, so I feel a bit removed at least.

I read of how Obama is allowing more radiation to be put into the water, I watch my state fighting Syngenta and other companies that are using Hawaii as a GMO testing ground, and now I see on the news that a “terrorist attack” has been launched at the famous Boston Marathon. It is all so amusing, as I thought this reality would be long gone by now. 

I laugh to myself, as it appears to have become so much worse! I almost wonder if my light body symptoms are simply poisons that have been sprayed in the fields around me or dispensed into my drinking water. But somehow, I watch it all around me like a bad play and I shake my head as I watch some people still believe in it all. But I notice that many more really don’t and the gig is truly up, at least for us.

I remember when 9/11 occurred, and how afraid I was. This time, I can see so clearly what they are doing and it seems like such a feeble attempt to retain their delusional sense of power. They are probably trying to justify a world war 3. This time, I choose to shut it out or any reaction to it. I merely notice how it is playing out and I recognize that it has to.

There has to be a downward spiral for a dimensional split to occur, right? One form degenerating completely, while the other one begins to restore itself. This is how I feel. I know I’m on the upward swing, but it takes ignoring the crap and focusing on the good. I feel that I am protected and that my body is protected from these toxins. Even though I am exhausted, truly, I do not think I was poisoned by their chemicals. I feel that it is an energetic transformation that has left me without spunk. I can hardly exercise anymore. I prefer to be laying down or lounging. I tire very easily and by human standards, I am fairly young. I’m even eating 80 raw, organic, foods and still I feel depleted most of the time.

It all must mean that I am leaving one reality and transitioning into the next and that requires so much energy to be converted. Of course, I will feel the growing pains.

America is so toxic and the lies have infiltrated every facet of human life. There is nothing that is not corrupt, except for the love we have for each other and the kindness that it inspires. That is all. They have made everything here so difficult. So that none of us are truly living, but always consumed with surviving. Always jumping through another hoop until we are tired or sick or nearly dead.

But we must be on the upward swing. It can’t be much longer now can it? Will we have to witness another war or our money being robbed from under us? What will we see, before we see the split? I wonder about it and I hope I don’t have to see too much more. My innocent heart can not take too much more, honestly. They know we are on to them and that we know the truth, but still they cling to the chance they may fool a large majority of people yet, and it is pathetic.

The crimes against humanity are too numerous to recount, but it is only a speck of time in our eternal landscape, so we will have time to forgive and forget I suppose. But still, I don’t want to see anymore. I already feel so creepy like I am watching a bad movie and I just want the credits to role, so I can get back to my real life. Surely it is soon. Thank you everyone for your love and your unwavering knowing of the truth.

Love, Kari

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