Personal Opinions – April 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hallo George,

The latest channeling from Aisha North does feel good as it points at an event (“gathering”) towards this coming weekend.

in love and light,

PS: Hallo George, Sorry, I am somewhat confused by this. In her previous channeling, she was talking about a gathering of members for a meditation circle. So I think it is a false alarm. If you read this latest channeling in isolation it has a totally different meaning when first reading the 303 channeling.

Dear Joe,

I think that this message is quite significant. In her previous message Aisha North announced a “Gathering” for her readers around the Pond for meditation and connection as recommended by this channeling group. This could be also interpreted as a wake up call for what will come next, as most of her readers are not aware of the ID split and the MPR. Where from should they learn it?

This message now actually heralds the ID split and mass ascension at least to the higher 4th dimension. It clearly departs from the notion of the web of light, which we created in autumn last year and with which we have now encompassed all ascending candidates. According to the latest message from April’s HS, we have already severed this portion of humanity from the timeline B. Now this web of light is presented to these newbies of LW for the first time and they are told that there will be definitely a split from the old matrix for all those who are in this web of light:

“But trust us when we say that your agreement to be an intrinsic part of this joyful web of light that has been started to spun, is a decision that will also cut all of the threads to the old that still feel like chains around your neck. For the net cancels the old, in every way you can think of, and when you all step into this great bright Pond together in a few days’ time, it will be like the final anointment that will wipe away the tears and the sorrow, the anger and the despair once and for all. For then, you will all be given the opportunity to really connect, not only with your own true core, but with the core of All there is. And once you get a glimpse of that, so much of the old dross will simply fade away, and it will be just like old fading photographs in an album. And even if you decide to open up that old album to take a small stroll down memory lane, it will almost be like looking at the memories of a stranger. For that used to be you, but it will not be you any longer. For now, the fires have been stoked good and well, and the heat from the flames will not only warm your hearts, but it will also burn away anything that has no place in this, the new you and the new world. For like a phoenix from the flames you will all rise again, and together you will stand shining as brilliantly as never before. ”

This explanation clearly refers to the ID split and the full separation of the web of light from the old matrix. After that the ascending portion of humanity will awaken as completely new personalities and all past dross will be irreversibly wiped out.

I can confirm the “stoking of the fires” today and yesterday as my skin is burning again like a torch and I sense all the despair and negative thoughts of the dying old cabal. I say “dying” as I sense that many of them are no longer making it energetically and are now physically dying.

I think that this is a very positive message and in full concordance with our information so far.


Exactly, I saw our situation being described rather accurately in that channeling. Of course directed to those that still need to learn it.



I had the most intensely beautiful and uplifting dream last night (April 28). I was observing the Fibonacci spiral and my HS was telling me the spiral is an overlay (it looked flat and transparent) of each truth or important event you accomplish in 3d.

The path begins at the out side of the spiral and as you progress you proceed further into the center of the spiral. Once you reach the heart of the spiral you have accomplished that truth; each successive truth you learn is another spiral. The spirals are built upon one another and if you were to look down or up from the center you would see a stack of spirals. And more than one of these spirals can be in motion simultaneously with another.They are always moving towards the center. The center equals truth, the Source. I could also see these spirals unfolding on their sides, it looked like a unfolding carpet we walk upon, a undulating pulsating yellow brick road (Wizard of Oz).

I am feeling like we have our spirals stacked and we are in a review mode, running through our checklist prior to departure.

Love & Light,

Dear Sheryl,

this is a very clear symbolic dream that exactly represents our evolutionary path as souls.


Dear Georgi,

I have read a bunch of articles on your site since the day I was drawn to it. Maybe a year, year and a half ago, don’t know anymore, but the last post from Brian, The Dragon made me happy. The positive, beautiful feeling arose from deep within me and it made my moment. I feel as something is about to break into our reality. Maybe an ID split that will lead to Ascension, maybe obvious breakdown of Orion monetary system, don’t know, but my gut tells me we will enjoy the event. I don’t know what you think of Marc Gamma and his channelings, but the message from 27th April resonated deep within me. He states that Divine sign was given and it is time to get going, similar to Brian’s message.

People dwell on different timelines/vibrations, which will merge in one timeline at one point. There are many of these lines/vibrations, PAT timeline, lightworkers timeline, humanity timeline. I see it as a multitude of curves going up and done, but always moving a bit forward. At one point the majority of these lines/vibrations will meet in one spot and that will ignite Ascension process.

It seems as I dwell within two realities last couple of months. This 3D and 3+D Don’t know how high it goes, I just know it isn’t this rotten one. I was asking myself how to ignite a PAT supernova and a thought crossed my mind. It could be done If all PATers would start meditating at same time. The mighty force of PAT thoughts will ignite something I m sure of it. I really think the time has come to finally leave this dull reality. Sometimes I ask myself whats the use of staying longer if you know the truth. Once you we played the game to the end, there’s no more curiosities to play it again. Limited as we are in various fields of our lives, we were able to make it to the end. All we can do is hand the ticket to a driver we cling to in our hand. Godspeed to all!


Dear Marin,

I am glad you like this latest article. There is another one today in the same vein.

Of course we can ascend at any time, but it has never been about us but about humanity, to move them from point A to point B. And this has to be prepared very carefully. But it will come this time for sure.


What a weekend! Welcome to Monday and you, George,

I can confirm these feelings, of which you wrote to Carla: intolerance to this reality, but not pissed off as in the past (I even used the same words to describe my state of mind) and sensing an outburst of aggression and in this regard expected something huge coming for the masses. Additionally my body is aching badly, no drive for anything, feeling of a break down.

Today I find myself in a smoother emotional shape again, rather grateful, being in this end-scenario now, and also my body is in a more supporting condition.

Yesterday morning, at the breakfast table my son (11) told me – without obvious context: “You would go down in history, if you were to fit in “- he just hit the spot! I laughed from deep.

And now you put this marvelous channel on today’s breakfast table, “The tickling to become ascended master in one’s lifetime” – like an answer + clarification to my son’s statement: For us, the PAT, the conscious creators, in this epoch-making phase, it rather means: we are writing the story of mankind, we embody the expansion of consciousness here and now into the highest consistent potential possible.

“You cannot possibly prepare yourself, in a life like the one you are experiencing, for how amazing it will be” That is adventure of the purest. We are soul adventurers

thank you for your inspiring messages


I have developed a pronounced new symptom. All weekend long my eyes have felt strained which is not unusual. I have had this before. But now I have developed large “floaters”. Its like an overlay of images over my normal sight. Then in the dark it turns into flashes of light particularly the right periphery. I have always had excellent vision and don’t even wear glasses to read. Have you had this condition? It seems I remember mentioning a vision problem. I feel that the energy this weekend has now reached the level where events can proceed. Of course it is in the hands of the HR to make the call and I suspect it has to be approved on many levels. I hope that this strong energy is used to move events forward. I think once they start they will be quickly over at least for ascending earth.


Dear Jerry,

as my sight is not very good – I had a total blindness due to bursting of keratoconus and corneal transplantation on the right eye 12 years ago and still keratoconus on the left eye – I have a blurred vision all the time and see poorly in the distance. But I can write and read and I do not use any contact lenses. A pair of glasses is no help in my case due to the irregularity of the cornea.

For that reason I see such flashes all the time and cannot tell you if they come from the energies around me or from my eyes. But in the last 48 hours the energetic field was so dense around me that one could not cut it even with a razor blade. The vibrations were visible all the time, flickering in space like a veil that separated me from this reality. Now they have subsided a little bit.


Beloved Georgi…

So glad to read the new posts by you, Carla, Elohim and Brian…. I was feeling so many sensations yesterday; lots of sadness, disappointments, loneliness, wanting to jump off the planet, even hopelessness. I know they were fleeting.

I went to the local psychic fair to get my aura photographed. I have been collecting them since 1984.  It turned out amazing!! The man reading it said he has never seen something like this before, that there was so much violet, as well as magenta and white in it and that just about all the energy was flowing to others. That there was next to no energy for myself. He told me to give more to myself. I told him “I was good.” I have what I need and giving it to others is what I do. Another lady was looking on and mentioned that it was like the Guru’s who just with his presence heals everyone in the room.

I know I am doing that. I was told in 2003 to no longer hold one on one sessions while doing energy medicine and lomi; that I would be doing group healings. I can see at work how my energy stirs it out and cleans it up, whether anyone likes it or not. My boss does like it (a good thing!). The young children act really calm and smart when I am in that good place, they get along even though ages 2/12 – 4 can be so about “me”.

So this man reading this aura photo turns to me with a message from his guides and says “millions are waiting for you”. (!!!!)

Way back in the late 70’s I was starting to explore what it meant to be psychic, as my path had so many turns and twists away from my abilities I was born with… so I was investigating. I would sit down at different readers with an attitude of ‘what can they get of me”. Now one psychic was going on and on, and she was really giving me some things I needed to know when they (the group she channeled) said “millions are waiting for you”…. and then kept talking forward about other things. As soon as she caught her breath and asked if I had any questions, I asked what did they mean by millions waiting for me. Silence and I could feel that they could not give me more on it. The psychic tried to get more, but then just went on to other areas. The Silence was deafening!!! So I clung on to that and throughout the years would wonder every so many years what that might mean. (35 years later!)

It is this —> that millions are all waiting for all of us, PAT to do!

As the Elohim told Carla “At this time we tell you that the Supernova, as you call it, of the members of your group is timeline linked and is therefore a fluid process. Those members within this group and other Light workers of this soul monad, who are anticipating ascension, shall do so as the correct frequencies are aligned in conjunction with the most effectual timeline suitable to the arrival and acceptance of your presence. The timing of this event is unknown to the Now.”

My spiritual team and HS is mute on all of this. They want me to be blank and open to whatever goes… just to flow easily. I ask them all the time and many different ways and all I can sense is their loving “smiles”/love. I surrender.

My son is ready and impatient! I was talking to him today about finding a job….LOL… he was nearly cursing this system and how he could not imagine working in this reality! I slowly moved in to this subject reassuring him that change is coming fast now. He told me when he was only 9 week growing in my belly that he was coming in to watch the changes!

~ Love, Carolyn

Hi Georgi.

Just wanted to share about my experience with the energies yesterday.HORRIBLE!I was very agitated  and crabby from the time i woke up. We went to Costco to get a few organic items against my better judgement!.I just wanted to go fast and leave asap.There was a crowd of people by the liqueur and i found a small opening to cut threw to go elsewhere and i bumped a couple people and did not say excuse me which is not the normal for me…Anyway a African American followed me and got in my face and yelled at me then slapped me in the face!.. My husband was there and pulled me away from her, but she tried to get me again. I did not hit her back. Her daughter came and got involved to. I said something I should not have said and we walked away and finished shopping… I just wanted to get the f. out of there and did not report it… What a HORRIBLE day!..I saw we had a LONG GRB yesterday to..

I am SO ready for the pole reversal and get the f out of here!. Take care
Love & blessings.. Debbie

Dear Debbie,

indeed the energies yesterday were conducive to such emotional skirmishes and eruptions. I am sure that many people were affected in a most unpleasant manner by these magnetic fluctuations yesterday. I knew this and stayed at home all day long, but these energies also hit my wife with strong stomach pains and exhaustion, although she is normally resistant to such waves.


Hi Georgi

An interesting message from the Sphinx. Ascended masters messages that can or cannot be believed.

Love and light

I read it and considered for a moment to publish it, but at the end this message lost the point. But it is still good.


Dear Georgi,

I just read this,

I found it excellent in many topics from understanding humanity/behavior, the ID split, the Laws of existence, and so much more. Sending it along in case you have not read it. I would like others to read also. If you feel it helpful then publish it with your thoughts. I had a long night sleep with many dreams. Woke at 4am with a strong head, ear, and teeth pain. I wrapped my head in a towel and fell back asleep. I woke briefly 2 hours later and felt better and tried to get up. I felt like I had been drugged. I went back to sleep for 2 more hours. When I woke I felt again in a state of weakness and confusion. I had very deep and interesting dreams. I cannot recall now. I made myself get up as I have things to do. As I said, I then checked Blue Star. I am now going back to bed. I need to rest up for the work load ahead.

Hope today is a good day for you. If not then tomorrow for sure. So it goes. Sometimes I feel like I am a baby earth. As I experience the weather changing so rapidly each day due to the wobble of mother Earth, I too seem to change rapidly in energy.


Dear Jennifer,

As I have written on several occasions in the past, I like this source for its intellectual and insightful approach to the current energetic and psycho-mental situation on the earth and within humanity. That said, I read this latest post very carefully as I expected it for some time to come.

Although it has kept the niveau of previous messages, it somehow did not come to the point and left me somewhat disappointed after the lecture. Except for its discussion of the creation of the magnetic coils in autumn 2012 around the crystalline grid, which actually refers to the creation of the web of light by the PAT, with which we encompassed the ascending portion of humanity and dampened down the destructive repercussions of the crumbling old Orion matrix by being engaged in massive cleansing in our fields, this message does not contain any new elements or any recommendation that have not been fully implemented by the PAT long time ago. It addresses more so the rest of the LW, who are just entering this playing field of massive cleansing of human dross.

I am hence not sure if it will be of any asset to the PAT to publish this message, probably with one important exception: The announcement that before August 2013 humanity will witness all these revolutionary changes that this source heralds. This coalesces very well with the anticipated schedule of our ascension and the triggering of the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal next month

I will read the text one more time and then make the final decision. But I will definitely make a link to this latest message of Blue Star, The Pleiadian, in the next report when I publish our correspondence.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I agree that there was no concrete new information, but more information on the addiction of humanity to the illusion as we have been discussing. I also felt in the ‘new children’ reference he was actually talking about the PAT. It was not as strong a transmission as in the past but had some good gems. I liked the smell of fear reference. When you encounter someone with fear your defense is to be “Fearless”.

You are also correct that the majority is for those still struggling with ascension. The answer is simple, raise your vibration in staying only in Joy. That is what makes one fearless. That is probably how it was sold to us in the HR before we incarnated here. Watching this play out and trying to change it is not possible in 3D, but only as masters of our own reactions {5D}. Few of humanity want to work this hard for the only goal worth fighting for. As you have often said or implied, This is not for the faint of heart.

Thanks for your impressions and time taken to respond.


Dear George,

I hope you are still experiencing a respite from the most debilitating waves, as you have reported in recent days. I also feel somewhat OK these days, but on the other hand, my LBP  and cleansing symptoms were never as severe as those I have been reading about from other PAT members.

In the interest of correctly following the latest scenario discussed between yourself and the PAT, I have been trying to reconcile some of the information shared recently in the last post – “Energy Update of the PAT – April 27, 2013”.

In the final video of Fenyés Áron’s e-mail to you:

there is a description and illustration of how the magnetic axis of the Earth is pulled to line-up with a more powerful magnetic body; in this case Nibiru.

So here is my quandary: If the Earth and Nibiru were at their closest point on 27th April (yesterday) then surely the Earth should at-this-moment be in the middle of this pole-flip, since this magnetic attraction should happen in “real-time” without a delay?

This presumes, of course, that the date mentioned is precisely reliable.

I have also some unease with GaiaPortal’s latest message from 24th April, in which she says: “Those promoting the “doom and/or gloom catastrophe” scenarios will find difficulty in expressing those ideas, as their time is over. The current energetic state of Gaia does not support, in any way, that type of energy intent”.

Of course, this may be a question of semantics, where GaiaPortal does not define the pole-flip as a doomsday catastrophe, in spite of the physical destructiveness of such an event. Nevertheless, I thought it might be useful to put these ideas into perspective, as you so often help us to do through the discussions you host on the website. Perhaps we should also consider that although we frequently quote the GaiaPortal message as a source of support for the PAT’s ideas; maybe this source is not always correct?

On a completely different point, are you conversant with Lyndon LaRouche and his LPAC website? I used to follow it closely but haven’t bothered for a year or two because I found them to be a mixture of some very good ideas and information together with many blind spots. Nevertheless, LaRouche himself is a very strong willed and tenacious individual in spite of his age (90 years) and a severe critic of Obama. Having been closely connected to American politics throughout his long career, he seems to have some reliable inside contacts.

I recently came across this refreshing talk he gave about Obama, being charged by the Federal Court, even though it is now two months old.

In Love and Light,
Henry Bizon

Dear Henry

This demonstration of flip-flop of the axis is a gross simplification and you should not take it literally. However I can confirm that there are huge magnetic alterations on the earth’s field that are also felt emotionally by myself and surely by many other people in the last several days, which are an indication for the impending magnetic pole reversal.

Now I am a little surprised that you still ask me to comment this sentence from GaiaPortal’s latest message when I have written and published two articles exactly on this issue and have also discussed it in all subsequent post. In think this suffices for the moment.

I heard this interview and still do not understand, respectively this man did not explain : 1) who made this indictment of Obama in the Federal court and 2) what are the charges? I think this man is making a lot of verbal foam, but has no substance at all.


Dear George,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Indeed you must be well and truly surprised by my question re. GaiaPortal’s message, when this was well and truly covered in your “Clarification” article, which I have just re-read – and the topic of much discussion afterwards.

It is both perplexing and embarrassing to me that I fell into this same hole, after the event, so to speak. I could blame my mental conditioning on years of Orion programming, but this would be a poor excuse, so I will hold up my hand for being, in this case, a fine example of the stupidity on this planet and humbly submit to you a most sincere apology.

With Love and Light,

Dear Henry,

this topic on personal honesty was also highlighted in depth by another article

Sometimes it is good to be one step ahead.



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