Personal Opinions – April 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor

April’s HS Confirms the Necessity of the Impending Magnetic Pole Reversal

Dear April,

both Dorie and I have confirmed in our latest energy update that we have finished with the cleansing waves and are steadily ascending now. Carla has also confirmed this upward movement. Have you managed to establish contact to your HS and asked how far we are now on the ascension ladder? I would say – pretty far.

Read also this channelling message that confirms ascension between April 25 and May 25, as I also wrote in my previous report, when three eclipses will take place:

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

It seems as if we are two ships passing in the night lately. When you are being banged around by waves, I’m feeling the bliss, such was the case last week, and when you’re feeling the bliss, I’m getting banged around, like right now. I still can’t breathe due to sinus and bronchial congestion, and am incredibly tired. Emotionally, I’ve fucking had it!

So I guess I’m still in cleansing mode and wait longingly for the 5d bliss I experienced last week, before the shit hit the fan with my message. Wait, was that 2 weeks ago?

What the hell is going on? Time seems to be flying by, and that’s good because it’s just one bullshit thing after another right now. I’m hanging in there, after all it has to end sometime. But damn!

I did get some information from HS today, but unfortunately could not stay connected long enough to get more details on our ascension. Instead just more clarity on the reversal, which we didn’t really need, but I guess we had to start somewhere.

Message from My HS:

The magnetic pole reversal is not doom and gloom, but a prerequisite ordering of energy, frequency and resonance to that which can allow ALL to flourish, in a higher dimensional state of being. Therefore the reversal must happen, the only real question was when, in relation to the timing of your ascension. Also, one has only to open his eyes and his heart to see that the reversal has BEEN playing itself out all along. This is not something that happens in one day.

Look at the rise in earthquakes, sinkholes, volcanic activity, the animal/fish deaths, the severe weather changes, the sounds coming deep out of Gaia, etc… and they say “catastrophe has been averted”. Really?

If the faint of heart cannot even see and sense that much, then they surely cannot believe, or are afraid to believe that they are immortal, interdimensional, divine beings. For that simple faith would instantly dispel their shock in the “doom and gloom” reversal scenario. Indeed, if they truly believed in who they are, they would be joyful in anticipation of the wondrous reordering that is to come with the reversal, and they would easily sense this within them innately, as it has ALWAYS been part of the plan, that everyone chooses their final destination. No one is saying yes to death, instead an opportunity is given to choose life, a higher one.

It was pretty difficult to get this little bit, but hopefully this fog and congestion lifts soon.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

I am sorry to hear that you have been hit so hard in the last days. These energies are so powerful that they demolish the physical body. Every morning I wake up with a kind of cold, with a closed nose and sinusitis due to the high intensity waves in the night, which recedes a couple of hours later. The intensity level is too high now for our humble human vessels and the only consolation is that this all is coming to an end very soon.

The message from your HS is a very good confirmation of the magnetic pole reversal, why it must come, and why one should see it as a positive event and not as a harbinger of death, which will be the continuation of the human existential fears that hinder an understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of existence in All-That-Is.

I wish you a quick recovery, so that you can experience the 5d-bliss again in anticipation of its true coming.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

This afternoon (April 24) I spent time catching up on the postings that I had missed and very much enjoyed them all. Thank you.

I would like to confirm Daniel and Rogers experience of yesterday evening that was reported in the energy update of today, April 24th.

I also noticed these golden flame energies last evening that Daniel spoke of and Roger felt at the same time, around 7:30 pm PDT.

It was a really unusual experience because my bathroom faces due east and when the sun rises and shines in through the high 6 foot tall window the light is a beautiful golden yellow and the room is aglow. Its absolutely stunning.

Last evening at 7:30 pm  I was in the shower at the time these energies came in and they were so bright, dancing around like flames, and I felt so high – like the energies were going to literally carry me up and away.  I felt a huge rush of ecstatic joy.

For one short moment I was thinking that it was morning and the sun was on the rise when I suddenly realized the absolute beauty of the moment – it was evening time and the bathroom was aglow in golden rays as powerful as a rising sun!  It was spectacular!

What a beautifully blissful and ecstatic shower!

This evening it is calm, the sky is pale blue and the setting sun is a pale rosy-pink.  It seems all is now complete and there is nothing more to do.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

thank you for this latest personal energy update.

This night (April 25) there was the most powerful source pulse /energy descent from the source into my field. The vortex energies were of such incredible intensity and power that I thought that this will be the long expected detonation of the PAT Supernova. And from my understanding it was really the first incremental act of final ascension and ID split which I expected at full moon on April 25.

The energy wave hit my 3rd chakra so badly that I could only crawl in my apartment,  trying almost in vain to breathe deeply as to mitigate the pains in my stomach and liver. I was dizzy and nauseated and my body was in a process of total dissolution. When I was able to go to bed again my only thought was that I may not wake up in the morning and if so my body would be completely devastated.

However, although the energies from the source continued to flow through my body all the night and to fuel the PAT supernova, this time with less vertigo and pain than before, I woke up with an unusually refreshed and invigorated body. The level of vibration is still exceptionally high and there is a strong pressure on my left brain portal. The pitching noise is high and deafening.

This was absolutely the most powerful pulse of purest source energies without any cleansing components whatsoever which I have experienced as an ascension test run so far that must have commenced the detonation of the PAT supernova and also initiated the magnetic pole reversal. The plateau of harmonious 5d-energy intensity which I have reached this morning is as high as the Himalaya and very steady. With each pulse the vibratory level is  further augmenting. There is now only one trend of the incoming energies, and it is ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension and their split from the current dense 3d-timeline. I expect some collapses and other significant events in the coming several days.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

What an incredible energy surge and all the accompanying symptoms – it’s unbelievable how intense these energies are for you.

I retired early last evening (April 24) as I could feel the effect of the full moon building and I wanted to brace myself for the arrival of this energy.

Sure enough, I am very nauseated and dizzy and it has even woken me up out if a deep sleep. The sound is deafening right now as I’m typing. My head is in pain but it’s bearable at least for the moment.

Remember back a few months ago when you had discussed what octave you were at?  Have you any idea where you currently reside in frequency compared to then?

Well, I sense your understanding of the process in terms of these energies’ effects on the PAT supernova and the magnetic pole reversal are probably quite accurate and I am sure we can expect confirmation of these two events shortly.

Last year when you appeared to me in your light body and to others through other means including visuals, auditory and telepathic contact  as I recall, does tonight’s energy experience compare in any way to that experience of last year?

The full moon is huge and glowing with almost a platinum overtone to it as it floods my apartment tonight. I can’t wait to see how these energies have helped to mould the unfolding of the events that follow.

With love and light

Dear Carla,

I have no idea what octave my field has achieved in the meantime and I doubt if we are able to properly asses it  But as we all are connected to the source now, our fields must vibrate with the maximal possible frequency /octave for physical bodies and their ethereal fields in this universe.

I can definitely confirm that the source pulse this night was the most powerful I have ever experienced so far, stronger than around Dec 21  or at March equinox this year. But as the energies are now of pure quality, they do not affect the body so much, respectively it recovers very quickly.

I have now also very pleasant daily sensations out of nowhere, which I have not had for decades and only remember to have had them in my childhood. Somehow, I have a very good memory of past moods and can trace them back to my early childhood and know with what kind of situation they were associated.

It is a well established fact that during early childhood the amnesia of the incarnated entity is not fully developed yet, so that children enjoy an open and very pleasant contact with the HS and the HR. Contrary to adults, they do not worry about their future as they know intuitively that they are fully protected and invulnerable. They are always accompanied by numerous angels. Otherwise these children will not survive on this toxic planet.

My childhood has always been my anchor and a safe heaven during my prolonged LBP when I had to cleanse for years negative dross and fear based patterns, first for myself and then very soon for all humanity. I use to resort to these nice memories from my childhood when I was able to experience spontaneously prolonged moments of natural bliss.

I have developed a very effective technique  of towing these pleasant past emotional states into my present and substituting with them the negative fear-based patterns I am cleansing at the “Now” moment. Even when this substitution may not be fully successful, there is aways a marked improvement in the mood and the actual fear sensation that is being cleansed at this moment is significantly mitigated.

The logic behind this technique is that there is no such thing as past, present and future, but only an infinite array of emotional states, which one may choose to experience at each and every moment in the Now. You must only cherish this repertoire of positive moods, just as many human beings cherish during their whole life a repertoire of entirely negative feelings, moods and attitudes, as is the case with my mother for instance, Most of the time this is done for no apparent external reason –  these people are simply trimmed to generate negative moods all the time.

They then gestalt their life accordingly and experience the repercussions of these negative moods as an ongoing external confirmation for the appropriateness of such subjective bad thoughts, e.g. how bad and unjust the world is towards them. This is the classical negative feedback amplification in the current 3d-reality.

This kind of creation works of course also in the other direction, towards more pleasure and joy. But I have met only a few persons that are able to follow this path in an easy and natural way. The upward spiral of positive moods is very seldom employed by the people on this planet, but this technique is as equally or even more successful in shaping our reality as the more common negative attitude. During the LBP when the negative patterns to cleanse prevail most of the time, it is indispensable to establish a healthy emotional equilibrium between good and bad feelings as not to go under.

I am aware that this was not exactly what you asked me and expected to hear from me, but it deals with an important aspect of our lives as huge vacuum cleansers for humanity and I wanted to address this issue at this final time.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you very much for this invaluable lesson on consciously drawing on past remembrances, where simple clarity of happiness in the heart had prevailed.

I have always naturally chosen this approach in an unconscious way to the point of once being told that I “laugh too much” and that I’d “probably laugh at my Father’s funeral”.

How jaded we become over the years by aligning with those of negative ilk and expecting to change them in their persona and naturally then in their outlook on life.

This has been my big test in this lifetime, to move away from anyone that wreaks of fear and embrace my joy and purity of spirit in my heart. There is no other.

This is a reminder to never place our happiness as a responsibility of another. Our genuine happiness lies within our own Being and cannot be guaranteed by another.

I am feeling fantastic this morning (April 25) as the golden-pink sunrise is flooding my home. Today is the first day this year that I have heard the American Robins sing their beautiful song, only sung in the early hours of the day. This auspicious sign signals a new era for me.

With much love,

Hi George,

Just checking in. I am progressing along the process in my own unique way, but can confirm energy wave dates and some symptoms / effects, but none 5D, like reported.
Glad we are not playing Bridge or Chess with our HS and the HR any longer. Didn’t feel the drama of sorting out the info, but did feel some sadness & depression after I knew
the decision, but have always felt this was the only way to play it out.

A question about Gaia in this process. Doesn’t part of Gaia’s soul/spirit need to agree to stay with catastrophic Earth B in 3D ? Always wondered and didn’t remember it being discussed. Thanks.

With Love and Light,

Dear Robert,

you address a very important issue – will the catastrophic 3d-earth B be a soul planet as Gaia or will it be a dead planet without a soul, but only physically existing at a minimal energetic level as is the case with Mars and even Venus?

From what I have read and sense, the 3d-earth will be a desert planet and will not have the current collective soul of Gaia. In this case I am not even sure if it will pertain to the omni-earth. There are some sources that say that the cabal and some unripe souls will go to a new planet, but this may be actually earth B, stripped of its soul, as earth A/B and earth A will move not only to higher dimensions, but most probably also to a different place in the universe and will have nothing in common with the remaining earth B. But these are all speculations based on some external information and also on my intuition, while the reality may be much more complex.



I hope you never doubt your abilities as a teacher, like you mentioned couple of days ago. I would have been lost if I didn’t stumble on your website during the Lion’s Gate 2012!
Remember, what you have done, no one has ever done before! That should say it all.

Happy Wesak!


Dear Katrina,

thank you very much. I must admit that I never doubt my pedagogic abilities, but sometimes have to extend them with some actor’s abilities. After all life on this planet is a staged theatre.


Dear George,

Briefly I wished to comment that thanks to your fine article and Jerry’s fine article we now have CliffsNotes on our website.

These summaries are extraordinary and valuable study aids for newcomers/students who don’t have the time or patience to research this website at the cusp of ascension. It is also helpful for those unfamiliar with Gnostic Teachings, and for those who are conceptually challenged.

Regarding April 25th Urgent Energy Update I wish to confirm the golden flame energies that are being discussed by you, Carla, Daniel and Roger. This phenomena occurred last week or earlier and I failed to share this with PAT.

Much Love to you the beautiful PAT Family,


Dear Marilyn,

we have gone a step further  – we have now CliffsNotes of CliffsNotes:

A Clarification of the Clarification.

The merry-go-round rotates merrily till our final ascension.

With love and light


David to me: 

 Photographer Roger Hill described this massive rotating thunderstorm as ‘the mothership’. He photographed it over Clinton, Okla., on April 22, 2013. (Roger Hill Photography)


Dear David,

Thank you, very impressive. See also this video:


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