Why the Magnetic Pole Reversal Must Come

by Jennifer Tritch, April 23, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I am in agreement that the only solution left on the table is for a Pole Shift and Gaia releasing the rest of the dross. I think the reason I have felt some depression as of late is due to my working so hard to cleanse myself and others, so this would not be the outcome. I had to realize that in my whole life of working on this humanity I have not experienced one person who was willing to ask me for more information or at least show interest in what I am about. Mostly I have just been thought of as kind to all, but very odd. Perhaps I have planted seeds that grew, yet am unaware of this. I can only hope. My sadness comes not only that many will have to suffer yet more, but I cannot help but feel a failure to help humanity change.

I do not watch TV and am unaware of what most people receive from their news. I do read Internet news of various sources when seeking some truth to a situation. I do not follow most stories about ‘disasters’. That being said, I did follow the Boston Play with much interest. I did go to Alex Jones site and watch videos of the staged event. With so many people taking pictures on their phones now, it is impossible (or so I thought) to hide the truth. I think Infowars.com is preaching to the choir. For awhile I thought this is going to be the event that brings down the lies. I do not think so anymore.

The past two days, I spent talking with neighbors about this situation in Boston. I always waited until they brought up the topic. I was amazed at how the whole story was just accepted as told to them without any question. It is true that people are told what they see and then they see it. I do not know if this is because everyone is so poisoned by actual drugs, food, or TV news.

As an example, I would ask how they thought a man who had lost both legs could be alert and holding his own leg and sitting in a wheel chair??? He not only would have lost enough blood to die most likely, but that he is not in shock, he is not on a stretcher??? No amount of common knowledge prevails… they are told what they see and they see it. Even the FBI at a press conference told everyone only to look at the pictures they presented and none others. Huge Red Flag!!

I think the whole event was to see how people would react. I watched it unfold and more lies come out every day. The people do not care. They think that if three people died, then these two suspects should die also. By those standards then what does it say about Americans who look the other way when US drones are killing women and children in many countries every day with our drones.

I do not think my neighbors are evil, but they do not want to wake up either. Now take the groups involved in this Boston Lie. Are they evil or brainwashed. Really could all of them be. After seeing all the police at the event, were they safe? When I think of all the groups of people who on a daily basis lie to the general public in words or actions I feel sick. How can news people, pilots dumping poison in the air, military flying drones, the medical community, all believe they are doing a good thing? I really believe that the only thing that will come of this event is that the PTB know they can go forward because the people bought it and will willingly accept Marshall Law.

Gaia needs to shake the whole world at once and strip us all of everything, but our humanity and our Soul. Then there will be a level playing field, where there are no other options but to go within for the answers. It will be a cleansing like no other. The whole world going through “withdraw” of 3D. An addict cannot be a user sometimes but must cold turkey it. So must we. It will be rough on humanity for awhile, but being free of the influence will bring such bliss.

I had hoped for Divine intervention for so many years. I know now that we have all as a collective agreed to wake up and do this on our own.


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