George’s Visitations as a Light Gestalt Around the Globe

by Michelle from Mexico, April 3, 2013

Dear George,

Greetings. I am the same Michelle in Mexico that first contacted you in order to express my gratitude and appreciation for your being and your work (see article “The Wisdom of the Crystalline Child“.

I truly surmised that my initial contact with you would probably be my last. However, you and PAT have remained in my thoughts. Also, I was somewhat hesitant to even check for news on this website until the intensity of the past days had passed! ha … I actually wondered if perhaps you would even still be around for posting on the website.

And while selfishly hoping that somehow your news and information would still be kept available, I also hoped for you and the PAT to have escaped the stale-mate of waiting and hanging around the doldrums of this pseudo-reality now.

Myself, being the kind of person that tends to ´´hide and watch´´, I generally maintain an attitude of ¨let’s just wait and see what happens¨…, so it was not until yesterday that I took a look-see at your website to read the current postings. And while I am very leery about making myself sound a freak or in any way making mention of anything that would seem to mock or undermine your current efforts…

Suffice it to say that I am awkwardly unsure about how you might take what I have to say. HOWEVER, given what I read yesterday on this website, I really, really want to share what I experienced. At worst, you just may get a good laugh out of it and chalk it up to a silly individual (me), possibly having a hallucinatory experience which I believed was connected to you and the changes being brought about in the structure of existence these days.

Okay…I suppose by rambling and typing on…I am stalling….excuse all the above mentioned crap, and Now I will just state the occurrence… I wish I had a way to draw it, but I will try to put in words what happened.

I do wish to add that I am NOT a person that meditates (don’t have the patience for it, I guess), I am not a psychic or a sooth-sayer, I have no stones or crystals or magic balls. I do not search for substance in shadows, nor do I see ghosts or spirits lurking in astral form. And when I do get a few rare glimpses into greater realities, it is never because I asked for it, looked for it, or even believed in it. Sometimes things just happen, and when they do happen, you just know that you know, and it is what it is. Regardless of what others may think of these ´’occurences¨, unbelief does not equate with it being untrue.

I don’t take drugs and I don’t wear glasses. But I SAW something as visible to the naked eye as everything else I saw around me in the room at the time. I saw it clear, and it was so clear that I could not doubt that it was really happening. I saw it in broad daylight in a well lit room and I was NOT thinking about anything in particular when I saw it, although when I did see it I THOUGHT OF George and PAT. I’m going to take the risk and just say that what I saw seemed to have some kind of energetic imprint that made me think You. It was kind of like seeing a snapshot of a person for the first time and somehow instinctively knowing who this person was.

Odd, yes, I know. Forgive me, I feel very odd in stating this to you. Geez…please trust that I have no hidden agenda in saying this to or about you, it just is what it is. And after reading the recent posting on the website, I feel that you may be doing or being more at this point than you sense. Maybe it IS happening and maybe I am insane. But again, I am stalling over just stating a very simple thing… what I saw… and that was… A pattern of lights, not a shimmering, glimmering pattern, but a solid visual array of patterned lights. Crystal clear in color, perfectly symmetrical in their arrangement. Their arrangement being somewhat like a flower, with dots of light clustered together more closely in the center (like the center of a sun flower) and another perfectly concentric circle of dots evenly dispersed around the center. However, the actual circumference consisting of these light dots had more space between them than the dots of the center cluster.

Fascinating to watch the movement, as the inner pattern was moving in one direction, while the outer circumference was moving in the opposite direction. And the movement was so smooth, so precise and calculated, that it was almost a solid movement… having movement, but without visually being able to detect the movement, the motion was just too synchronized, too perfect, almost like watching still waters flow, so serene and absolutely Intense and Truly I cannot describe this accurately. I just can’t.

It came and it went. It neither faded in nor faded out of sight it just was there, and then it wasn´t. I am not saying that I think this was You George, and I have no real reference base to draw on as to what it might have been. Although I do have some sense about this, I truly wish to present it to you in pure raw form and how it appeared, as for your own thoughts to decide on or to disregard as you deem fit.

I can only say that immediately upon seeing this object, I felt that I knew it had something to do with you. I apologize for this forward-sounding statement. But had I not thought of you upon seeing it, I would not even be relaying this occurrence to you at all. Also, I truly do believe that regardless to what it may seem like is happening or not happening that You are definitely showing up on the planet and in ways that other beings like myself can see. You  may choose to disregard this, and I will Not be insulted if you do as it is just my own personal belief. But I believe what I see, and I saw it and I knew.

Sincerely and Most Respectfully,

P.S. By the way, in response to your earlier question about the current age of my son -he just turned 13 years of age. However, he informed me a long time his early days of training pants and diapers that he is much older than me. ha ha. I also never was a believer in past lives, reincarnation, old souls, or other existences and beings, I never wanted to believe in it. But this child has taught me, alarmed me, and amazed me. He has already taught me so much more than I could ever teach him. He also told me at a very early age, that He did Not need a mother, but that I needed a father. He tolerates my ignorance and my parental arrogance, fits and arguments, but truly he does not seem to need me in a mothering-type role. We do seem to co-exist better than our assuming roles of my being the parental authority and him being a subservient child.


Dear Michelle,

I very well understand your surprise and excitement about seeing me, encountering me as a light body gestalt in your room. But if you have regularly read our website, you must have known that this has happened many times in the past and that many members of the PAT have reported on this website and personally to me that they had seen me in light body in their homes.

For instance I regularly appear to Carla, Dorie and some other PAT members with whom I am in close contact, but these appearances are not exclusively related to PAT members. Only yesterday somebody told me that I have appeared in the dream of a relative of this person who at first rigorously rejected my personality and the work I am doing. After the dream this relative changed his negative attitude towards me.

In addition you should also consider that what you have seen, is not only my energy field, but also the unity consciousness field of the entire PAT, which is omnipresent on the whole planet and will be much more so after our imminent ascension.

But I thank you very much for your vivid and authentic description of my “apparition” in light body as these are the kind of miracles which we, the PAT will begin to create for humanity in the days to come as ascended masters.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you for your kind reply, While having read certain info on your website, I had no idea that this pattern of light was the light body, etc. that may have been spoken of by your members, etc. Having never seen such a display, I could not readily identify with what the other reports on the website may have been describing. I apologize for not have the sense to recognize the same.

However, I actually thought it was some kind of portal or gateway or some such science fiction sounding thing… although I was definitely assured that it was directly related to you and the PAT. Thank you for opening my eyes in many ways.


Dear Michelle,

what you have seen is the same rosette of superimposed light  of my energy field / portal which I regularly see above my head when I close my eyes or open them after meditation. It is both a personal field and a portal at the same time. The optical form is though of secondary importance. It was more important that you associated this energy field telepathically with my presence and the PAT, as this is what personally touches the people. Such energetic contacts will vastly increase in the near future and will be the norm on the new 5d-earth.

With love and light

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