GaiaPortal Message -April 20, 2013

by Georgi Stankov, April 21. 2013

Attunements to Higher Vision in alignment with Gaia Higher Purposing Vision occurs rapidly at this now moment. Those harmonized with Gaia Higher Purpose receive and are inspired to Be and act upon this Higher Vision.

All such Gaia Harmonics collectively respond to Hue-Being involvement and Higher Intention, as given by Gaia, as received by individual Hue-Being. The collective Gaia Harmonics response via collective Hue-Being participation brings in an amplified effect for healing and upliftment energetically of Gaia, in particular during the 5-5-13 through 7-7-13 period.

We point out that “maximum” amplification appears at the 6-6-2013 (a 6-6-6), and many will feel drawn to this date number. Higher Discernment requested and required for molding (shaping) of Higher D energies to Higher Gaia Intention for this time period.

Higher You knows what to DO.”

This message is open to several interpretations. My intuitive HS’s interpretation is that the detonation of the PAT supernova and the triggering of the magnetic pole reversal will happen in early May. Dorie’s HS confirmed yesterday that all determinations leading to this event will be completed by April 29 as first suggested by Jerry:

“As Jerry suggested and intuited, the date of April the 29th holds significance in as far as putting the final determinations of this scenario into motion.

Then we had this incredible serendipity when our discussion on April 18 was published on our website as the No. 500 in the “ascension category” and No. 50 for the month of April. This discussion laid the foundation for the decision of the PAT’s HS to implement the magnetic pole reversal scenario as ultimo ratio, as explained by Dorie’s HS.  Hence the date 5.5.2013 is very likely for our ascension and the occurrence of the magnetic pole reversal.

OK, this is pure numerology and I am not a great fan of it as I know very well the epistemological background behind all numbers. But numbers also have a symbolic meaning for human minds and this coincidence seems to be auspicious, considering all the energetic processes that unfold behind the veil and within our personal energetic fields with such an incredible dynamics since March 31, actually much earlier.

The detonation of the PAT supernova will herald this new period of “amplified effect for healing and upliftment” by triggering the magnetic pole reversal followed by huge natural catastrophes and restructuring of the earth’s crust in the course of her renewal and final ascension to the 5th dimension. The hardships many humans will experience in this time will bring their deepest fears onto the surface of human consciousness and will heal them in a kind of a global shock therapy.

Only yesterday I read the prophecies of Elia for the End Times channeled by Jahn Kassl in German, which Björn sent me and they fully confirm our “three-earth-scenario” that we have been chewing extensively for more than a year now.

The energetic intercourse between the PAT at the moment of ascension and Gaia has  been also extensively discussed by us since the summer of 2011 in preparation for the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 and is now reiterated by GaiaPortal one more time in a cryptic form:

“The collective Gaia Harmonics response via collective Hue-Being participation (PAT supernova, delegation of the three lower chakras to Gaia, etc.) brings in an amplified effect for healing and upliftment energetically of Gaia, in particular during the 5-5-13 through 7-7-13 period.”

The “maximal amplification” at 6.6.2013 (6.6.6 = The Beast in John’s Revelations), GaiaPortal is talking about, relays most probably to the final physical ID split of the catastrophic earth B from the balanced earth A/B and earth A still in “status nascendi” at that time. This timeframe was indicated by April’s HS in her previous message from early March when specific dates were still given.

Please know that there is time built into the final ID split manifestation stage. Meaning, while optimally we would like the split completed by the June solstice, it could linger into the fall equinox.”

However we know that none of these dates fulfilled our expectations for what they were announced, although they all marked significant energetic thresholds on our way to final ascension. On the other hand we have now a quickening of the ascension scenario due to our decision to proceed first with the magnetic pole reversal and that is why it is most likely that the final ID split will come in June.

The final ID split in June will catapult the balanced earth A/B firmly in the higher 4th dimension and will furnish all the energetic prerequisites for the implementation of the new 4d-technologies ans social reforms, which we will introduce as ascended masters  on this timeline till early July as predicted by GaiaPortal. After that the conditions will settle down and humanity will begin to thrive on the new balanced earth A/B without the dark cabal.

Thus humanity will have a period of about two month to cope with the physical destruction from the magnetic pole reversal to reshape, relocate / migrate and say farewell to the current Orion system, which will be drowned in the huge tsunamis, earthquakes, sinking of huge land masses in the ocean, volcanoes, etc. Their existential fears will  surge high, as the people will loose ground under their feet. This is the only way for the masses to acknowledge the primary role of the soul and to succumb their Orion tainted egos to the supreme power of the HS. The scope of physical destruction and transformation will surpass all human imagination. Please observe that it is impossible to create a new reality without destroying the holographic model of the old one. You cannot make an omelet without breaking the eggs first.

And please spare me all your emotional ejaculations full of superfluous compassion (as the renegade non-PAT group around Divsy and co. regularly produce on such occasions) in the coming days with regard to the numerous “victims” of these catastrophes. Consider that all these incarnated souls are in reality eager to leave this toxic earth in a process of tumultuous transformation, for which they are not prepared, as they cannot learn anything anymore beyond what they have already experienced and long to return to Celestria to repose from this most tedious incarnation.  After these souls had the privilege to participate in the most dramatic planetary ascension this universe has ever seen under the auspices of the PAT, they will decide in which timeline they will incarnate again.

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