Energy Update of the PAT – April 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Carla (This letter was also sent to Dorie and April for a check-in),

this night I had a recurrent dream, actually a message in awaken state throughout the whole night, as not to forget it. My soul uses this tactic regularly to give me an important  message.

The message came, while I was transmitting my third wave of codes to the Russian population. Don’t ask me what codes, but they were meant to awaken this part of the world. All of a sudden, I received an urgent message from the source  that I must immediately send the codes /keys for the detonation of the Supernova to all members of the PAT. I did this and then woke up, went to the toilet and then continued dreaming about this event throughout the whole night.

Let us hope that this dream is not a hoax, but I have not received this kind of recurrent messages in the dream state for a very long time and this is significant in itself.

As I wrote to Katrina in my latest report, last night I dreamt that I am an ascended master in my full radiance and magnificence and the British Reptilian queen came to me after she had abdicated. She came to me with my father who deceased several years ago. He was making her all kinds of stupid and embarrassing compliments as he used to do with all elderly women in his life and, to my greatest surprise, was highly welcome by them. Anyway, there was a lot of comic in this dream. The queen came to me and told me what a nice father I had, while he disappeared. I answered to her “Stop with this crap and listen carefully. I am the new ascended master and from now on we take full control over this earth. You must accept this”. The queen then started to lament how important she was in the past: “You know”, she told me ” the Scottish PM called me each day and begged me to save Scotland for the crown and not to allow its secession from the British empire as the National Scottish party wanted…and bla-bla” I laughed calmly and responded: “Can’t you give up this old BS. The times have changed now and you are no longer a queen and all this old crap is irrelevant now. Very soon we won’t have any countries at all. But you will have to take responsibility for all crimes you have committed on humanity on behalf of the Orion empire. They are all known to us.”  While I was saying this, the queen became smaller and smaller, while my radiance as ascended master increased, until she vanished from my eyesight. End of the dream, which was abruptly terminated by my dog who started moving in our sleeping room. Normally he is very calm in the night. Anyway, that is how I remembered this dream so well.

When I consider these both dreams and certain private, surprising, positive developments, which I will discuss later on, this all indicates strongly that we are now really on the cusp of our ascension.

I am writing about this so extensively as I would like to hear from you and your Elohim one more time how they assess the current situation.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

These dreams and the way they have been presented to you are absolutely incredible. My HS uses exactly the same style of presentation, an important message given over and over all night long, while I’m in a sort of half-awake and half-asleep state. I love it when this happens!

I just woke up now after a long sleep. I know that we were very busy in the dream state but I just can’t recall most details – usually the case when I am overtired.

One thing I do recall now is that there was a bright white light or fog everywhere. The word that I’m associating with this white sky/space is “firmament” if that makes any sense.

The energy is extremely calm right now and it feels as though the HR are waiting for something to occur. It feels like there is something that needs to be completed, something is almost complete.

I shall connect with the Elohim later this morning after an appointment.

Love and light to you,

Dear Carla,

excellent. I am eager to hear what the Elohim have to say to the current situation.


Dear Georgi,

Can the signs get any better? Your dream sequence was incredible! I especially enjoyed your encounter with the queen, giggle.

I know I’m here in Chicago to transfer codes to the masses/philanthropists here attending this conference. In fact yesterday during the plenary luncheon, one of the few times participants are all in one room, I felt waves of light emanating through me, out into the room. I felt these waves move throughout the room, weaving into and out of all. This was an especially good activity, as Obama’s ex-stooge Rahm Emmanuel was speaking during the luncheon. Lots of good, kind hearted people here, but somewhat ignorant as you can imagine.

I’ll try and check in with HS later, but with today’s schedule, it will be difficult. And my boss is here, so I can’t cut out of sessions. But let me see what I can do.

The plan is for me to be home by tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for sharing your amazing dream, and I do feel a VERY strong resonance to what you described.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

great that you have found time to answer my email. I did not expect you to have this possibility as I know how tight your time schedule is, but I am happy to hear from you. Rahm Emmanuel is one of the most sinister entities on this planet and surely an Anunnaki hybrid or clone, put to supervise Obama in the first term.

I can imagine what great light work you are doing in Chicago now, similar to Gwen in New York. We are now sent to ignite the spark before we appear officially.

After 15 years of futile efforts to publish my books, I have just received an offer from a small German editing house to publish my books and I have just finished my response to them. I used this possibility to outline one more time the new platform of an ethic economy, based on full transparency and openness without the current Orion principle of division and exclusiveness, such as copyright, licences, monopoles, etc.

I knew that my soul has given me this chance to magnetize one last time the new  program of the PAT before our ascension, so as to firmly establish the new ethical principles of the new economy, we will introduce after our ascension. It is getting very exciting by the hour.

Keep your spirit high and make the best of your visit to this dark city of Chicago.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I just knew I’d be hearing from you! I’m up late tonight and just checked my email. Thank you so much for sharing your dreams with me – the details are AMAZING! I won’t be able to check in with HS right now because I’m too sleepy, but I also want to quickly share a dream that I had during a nap today.

In my dream I was looking out a window and there was beautiful scenery in front of me. In the distance was an enormous tree, it’s limbs stretched out far and wide – it was spectacular, unlike anything I have ever seen before. Because I had never seen a tree like that, I began to wonder where I was, and that thought immediately brought my vision to inside of the window, where I saw that I was on a train of some kind. I was sitting with other passengers and I got excited because I realized I was with the PAT!! I shouted out, “This is the 5th dimension!” We’re almost home!

I’ll check in with HS in the morning Georgi and give you an update! I’m so excited!


Dear Dorie,

great! Have a calm sleep and beautiful dreams and I am eager to hear what your HS has to tell us.

With love and light


All my joints hurt. I feel like twice my age and somehow my sacrum feels out of place… or maybe it’s a hip. I dunno. Also I’ve been noticing my bones popping! Not kidding. I sit down to stretch at night and they pop everywhere. Mostly, I just feel achy all over. I just feel like I’ve outgrown this body. Also, physical exercise does not interest me. I attempt to do some, and then i just stop and walk. It’s very weird since I have always enjoyed running and weight lifting, but I feel like I just can’t. It’s a little depressing because I thought I was eating poorly until I started juicing and just eating fresh fruits and vegetables for the past 6 days.

I definitely feel more optimistic lately, as if the path is clearing up majorly, but my body is still so achy. Mornings are the hardest… it just takes me a couple hours to warm my body up before I can do anything and I’m pretty young to feel this way. It’s comforting to read others’ post the same symptoms.

Thank You, Kari

Dear Kari,

I agree with you that these waves hit particularly hard the bones and the joints and that it is very debilitating and a great hindrance in daily life. I also have problems to climb the staircases due to knee pains. I thought I had this symptom behind me many years ago, but it keeps coming.

I also think that we have made it and that our ascension can happen any moment from now on.

With love and light

Hi George

Glad to hear you are feeling tremendous and in good spirits. Yes, there was a big wave exactly at 2pm on Thursday and it hit me full force, on the emotional level, and for the next two days I was very depressed.

This morning I asked my HS to give me a goal to focus on (to manifest) to help me bridge the apathy and loneliness between 3 and 5D. What happened was this wonderful vision, given to me by a dolphin. It was so real and perfect in that I really feel that I am picking up parts of this other life already. It is full of wishes that I’ve been pining to fulfill.

Dolphin takes me through a rainbow portal and I end up on a beach.

– There I recognize a small, white beach house from a dream about ten years ago, and in the vision I live in this house (with a family I don´t have). It is somewhat isolated but right on the water where I surf (longstanding desire has been to retire and just surf)

– In the house was my “husband” (who looks a lot like my ex but is not him)-  an engineer and inventor. When I went to the top floor, he was drawing designs for a “EMF balancing/ monitoring tower” that blended in with the scenery to look like a tree.

– Then downstairs I saw my teenage son (I don´t have any children) and felt the bond between us very strongly. He looks just like his father. In the day, he goes to a school with other kids but it’s not a school. They go to be mentored and taught skills by experts as they work on real projects. They are brilliant (crystal) children. Again here, my instinct to mother and mentor young men in this life and a strong connection with teenagers in general.

– I have a studio behind the house where I spend the days painting (another lifelong dream, yet I cannot paint or draw to save my life!) Apparently a gifted painter and people hang my work in their houses. They don’t pay for them. It’s clear that this is my main activity yet there is no exchange of money.

– My son and I go surfing now and the Dolphin takes us to a secluded bay with turquoise waters and crystal caves. There is a massive pyramid portal on top of the ledge, looking over the water, supported by the crystals in the rock underneath. My son tells me that I built this portal when I was a “PAT”. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them interconnected all over the world. I am the keeper of this portal and the land in this area (Earth keeper). My job is to keep the portal free of debris. I was not able to find out what else the portal was for.

– When the vision ended, I understood that this is where I can appear when I ascend to Earth A. This is a very real parallel reality and the portal is how I will get here.

My vision was definitely uplifting and gave me something to focus on. I have been trying to trick my HS into giving me more info on the when ascension will happen by asking for goals to focus on in this reality. So I was expecting some mundane goals like “grow my business” or study German or take a painting class, and then I would gauge how much time I have. Instead, I got this, which confirms to me that we must be close.

Also, like I said, the synchronicities for me are startling. I must be drawn to these things in 3D life because they form part of a reality that I already know. Today I crossed over and witnessed the beauty of my life on Earth A; it made me a little homesick, especially for my “family”, but it gave me something to look forward to. Is it really possible that I have a family like this on the other side? Anyhow, interesting timing, I think, considering the latest Energy report.

Light and love,

Dear Debra,

this is really a beautiful vision of earth A and there is not much more to wish. Is it possible to have a family and this kind of life on the earth A? Of course, but I assume that you will be also able to have much more experiences than this one. This should be just a glimpse of what is possible with respect to your current intimate desires.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Just wanted to tell you I am feeling the light, beautiful vibes that are prominent now more then ever which everyone is mentioning in your blog. I am back in US and the day I was flying out of India, something interesting happened. I have had electrical stuff malfunction or die very often when I touch it, so much so that my loved ones don’t let me come near their electronics, phones, computers etc. Well the day I was to fly out of India, right before I left my house to go to the airport I was having breakfast in the dining room and was sitting right across from my mom’s small temple/shrine where she does her puja. There is an overhanging light just over a big statue of Ganesha, giving it a spotlight. I was staring at it, as I had my breakfast and was the only one in the room. The bulb suddenly exploded with a big popping sound, shattered glass everywhere. Completely surprised me. I took it as a good omen of energy having reached the crown. The day before this incident I had started feeling very raw, as if someone took the upper layer of my skin off and left me vulnerable to the atmosphere. I felt everything very vividly, all sights, sounds. It was as if I was even aware of the dust particles in the air and how they were a part of me. Blending into the surroundings or the surroundings merging into me is how I would describe it. All a part of me. Very sensuous!

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day here in US, and I took the kids out to eat ice cream after which they played on the playground. And once again the same feeling pervaded, the kids playing on the playground, laughing, giggling, blue skies with clouds spinning their magical tales, every step into the green grass gave rise to the spring bugs flying in the air highlighted by brilliant rays of the sun. Parents smiling, kids laughing with not a care in the world, a sense of All is Well and all of it a part of me. It is ultimately our inner peace and heavenly union that spills out to color the rest of the world in its beauty.

Sharing a short story I wrote recently about this inner landscape that I feel so strongly nowadays, a journey that am sure every PAT member is aware of having taken. May every Noah out there find their Elysa. (this story will be separately published, George).


Dear Pinakini,

thank you very much for your account after your return to the USA, which sounds very optimistic as if this country has entered silently the 4th dimension after the ID split. The latter has undoubtedly already commenced, but has not yet materialized in full force through the detonation of the PAT supernova. But we are on the cusp of this event.

I very much like your fairy tale /story “Elysa”. Noah’s search for Elysa is as elusive as our waiting for Ascension, very much like Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”, but this time it is definitely coming and will sweep over the whole humanity. It is no longer about us, but about the destiny of a whole planet and its population and also about the huge repercussions for many other transgalactic civilisations, which can only further ascend towards the source if Gaia has also ascended to the 5th dimension.

With love and light

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