Energy Update of the PAT – April 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hi George,

This morning (April 19) I woke up with an enormous depressive mood after I hardly slept the night. Then I read on your website April’s message and your mood. But I am sure that my sentiment did not come with me message from April, but I rather felt the mood of the whole PAT.

This morning all of this did not really make sense to me, especially after what I’ve got the night before, which showed me that things are getting very close.

I am not really a friend of announced dates – but I did get a clear date, Now if only for my own situation, or for the entire PAT …. just feel yourself to see whether there is any resonance to this. It began with a dream that remained so vivid in my mind:

The New German Chancellor was about to be elected but in the opinion of the people none of the usual candidates were eligible (due to total lack of credibility). Then someone told me I should put up myself as a candidate. I found this very funny and joined in with the fun, because I was sure that this would not work anyway. Then the evening came when the media announced the name of the new Chancellor and it was MONIKA SINGER – myself. I could not believe it, but the ones standing next to me congratulated me.

Then rode to my parents on my bike and in the street was a person who said, “Our new Chancellor on a bicycle, well: That’s pretty eco (logical)! Then I came to my father and told him, “Do you realise who you’re talking to? With the new chancellor!” He did not believe it and said I was crazy, until my brothers came and told him to turn on the news, then he would have the proof.

Then followed a preparation for the speech and so on. I was sitting in a room, next to me a man with light blond curly hair. We were dressed up and prepared accordingly… Then I woke up and had to smile about the dream, but it was all so real. And then in the waking state I got a date:

The new beginning is the 25th April!

Which surprised me very much because I was completely awake. (And it’s a day after my birthday).

If I read about the events of today, I think that this date has something to do with it, The new beginning and since then the dream has a special meaning for me. Maybe it cheers you up a bit, because everything is running well. I rely only on my soul and what it shows me maybe you should all do that instead of listening to what another one gets and then being depressed about it.

Kind greetings

Dear Monika,

I think your depressed mood originates rather from mankind as our mood last night had clearly improved. Many souls do feel now that their end is near.

Your dream is great and I like it very much.

The April 25 is a full moon and Wesak – the celebration of the Ascended Masters, and is hailed as the most powerful of all by astrologers. Myself I am ignorant in astrology but this time it may work.

Kind Greetings

Dearest Georgi,

Many blessings and good tidings and all…. but it sure has been a helluva past couple of days, hasn’t it?  I have been in a rather fine state of being, until I have to interact with anyone. I feel like my fuse is so short. So I started to wonder why, what is this malady?  Is it only mine?



I am so frustrated because there is one very simple point that humanity refuses to get as a WHOLE. And that point isn’t about the dark cabal, or the heinous things that happen… or even our ascension. Rather it is the inability of the Collective to realize it’s all connected. Everything. That nothing is mutually exclusive, nothing is purposeless or haphazard. Everything effects everything else.

Most of us who have felt separate from the rest of humanity, for most of our lives; have noticed this connection… or thread that holds the fabric together. And while most individuals are wallowing in their own egotistical single mindedness; the sensitive, observant empathic people are beating their heads against a wall trying to share the magnanimous nature of our connections.

“People dying on the other side of the world has nothing to do with me…”

Bullshit. Pain and anger are such strong emotions. We share the water and air with the rest of humanity… we FEEL THEM.

Perhaps this is why the PAT has not been given the opportunity to really share what it has to offer. Too many people are still in a belief that says “all of that is conspiracy. Nothing is connected.”

Obviously we know they are wrong. We feel it deeply in our bodies, minds, souls, and heart spaces. We wake up everyday knowing we are connected to this great big whatever, and there are still so many handy distractions that lead this knowledge into the gutter.

People watch movies like “Butterfly Effect” and think…. “hmm that is a neat concept, what an interesting movie.”  THIS IS THE MOVIE – THESE THINGS ARE CONNECTED AND EFFECT THE EBB AND FLOW OF EXISTENCE!

I resonate with April in taking this personally, though I know I shouldn’t. And I have felt that conflict rise in me in these last few days as my beliefs have been attacked by people who I know, some of whom are very close to me. The same people who cheer me on for expressing myself freely, seem now to be retaliating with such force, as to tell me they can’t believe I “believe this crap.”

This whole experience feels like a group project assignment for school; only we didn’t get to pick our groups and as it always happens, some one ends up doing most of the work, while the slackers get the good grade.

Perhaps this is only a retaliation of sorts. Like when someone tells you a hard truth, and the first instinct is to argue and become defensive. To take it personally, and to fight the inner knowing that they are right, there are things to work on.

We are frustrated, and though we shouldn’t be, because we know better. It just seems like we are doing all the work, and not getting any of the credit.

What does it matter right? Our rewards are already in Heaven. But FUCK ME!  I am tired. I am sick of people telling me “they just want to see me happy.”

Happiness seems so superficial in this world. I am content in myself and that is fine, but few things anymore fill me with a happy anticipation.

What would really make me happy, is to not have to explain to people that we are all connected, we are all effecting one another; whether or not we realize it. That one thing would take a HUGE chip off my shoulder, it would fill an empty space in my heart hole.

I know it inside, and I am fine with that, but nothing changes for the rest of existence until that one simple point becomes obvious to everyone. From there we can move on with some semblance of common unity (community) and common action connection (communication).

Perhaps this is something that is calling for our focus in our hearts as a priority. I don’t want everyone to think exactly like me, or to have the same opinions on everything, but I do want us all to realize we are all One, and there is no way that we can move on until we have more people believe that one Seed of Truth.

PS: My email to you inspired this blog post.

Lieber Georgi,

ein Hallo aus Berlin… I so resonate with Dorie’s last message.

Please correct me, if I am wrong. But in my opinion, we are ascending during those last days!!! I am so far away from being concerned, worried. The detonation of the PAT Supernova has not taken place yet, meaning as a big bang. But in my opinion and feelings, we are in the middle of the ascension process.

I feel very relaxed, very calm, I watch all around me with a “no feeling”. This means, I just am – but my old ego, thoughts, mind comments have been calmed down so much, that they do not interfere with my inner energy anymore. 3D body symptoms are still there, but also they do not harm me anymore. Daily situations, meetings with other people, conversations have changed significantly during the last days. They have reached a completely new energy/quality.

My body is still 3D. But everything else is so, so much different It feels like we are on our path already, just the last minimal parts of our 3D bodies, basic energies to be able to survive here are left. I do not have any feelings of judging anything anymore. All is as it is and is OK. I try my best to guide others around me, by just being me. Hm, it is hard to explain in words actually.

It feels like being gone, but also being here. Having the knowledge and sensual feelings of the other side, but not being able to fully use them, while being in my old body here. I hope you understand, what I am trying to say? I think we all should relax now. Not think in the old 3D way, when, how the detonation will occur. Because the more we do this, the more we get caught in the old environment and might even delay/block the detonation.

Maybe just try to stay balanced, focused, but without any pressure or wanting. At least this is what my HS keeps telling me during the last days. Relax, accept, be – the HR will do the rest. The more calm, relaxed, not wanting I am, the better and easier the detonation will be able to take place. Of course based on the facts, that all the other parts are getting into the right energy, situation etc. Including Gaia.

Let us just enjoy our last time period here, let us relax, calm down. Clear the expectations and then the big bang should come pretty soon…

With Love & Light,

Dear April,

Your contribution to the ongoing discussion on the website has been invaluable and has given much insight for all of us to understand the different dynamics of what we are dealing with – Don’t under estimate this. I admire the fact that you (along with Dorie, Carla, Daniel and any others out there) have this gift and bring it to us – It is a courageous thing to do in terms of putting yourself out there in a most vulnerable way.

Love – Light,

Dear George,

That’s why there’s so much mental and physical sickness in this world. People do not let their emotions flow freely. The creation of stupid rules in politics, religions, and other doctrines is one of the best weapons the dark cabal has used to control humanity. A good example is monogamy… among many more. I’m not a physics expert but I have learned that if energy is blocked from its natural course, something not very nice would happen. It’s a no-brainer!

I have always resonated with the magnetic pole reversal scenario. I remember talking with you about this. I’m afraid “lache people” need to be wiped out. Most of them don’t even know they are lache, so there’s no hope these people could wake up any time soon.



Yesterday, April 20 2013 I helped organize a “consciousness event” with some unconscious PAT members in my area who met for lunch & discussion on the Fluoride subject I have been working on for some time. In anticipation for this event  I advertised the meeting on a university message board in hopes some awakened souls who frequent those boards would show up and contribute their energy to our awareness project. Instead what I received was a massive wave of shit for having a sense of self, which I was reminded instantly of in reading your recent post “The Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The irony to Be a Paid Internet Troll.

I laughed out loud at your post as no one can quite say it like you, George!  I do not recommend reading the ignorant and self-destructive messages written by the “Unripe Baby Souls” who defensively attack my character for standing against this heinous state policy of poisoning the people as it would only give you a massive headache and disgust for the masses, but if you were to dive to those depths, it is like a microcosm of the massive & disgusting job the PAT has undertaken. Seeing the responses to my empathy for humanity as the disgusting virulent hatred it was, gave me a new appreciation for the pure crap you must see in your inbox from time to time. I normally don’t pay them any attention, but cleansing their robotic thought patterns & transmuting the bullshit through my energetic field seemed a worthwhile endeavor in the last week, for whatever reason the HR came up with.

Ironically I haven’t been able to post anything new about this on my blog for some weeks  because of a malware which was installed remotely onto my site servers.  It has taken me two weeks to resolve this issue which happened at such an auspicious time when the Launch Sequence for the PAT Super Nova had just been announced & you were publishing articles on the physics of ascension. I don’t have any evidence it was the Dark US forces, but like you say nothing ever happens on this earth without a purpose and an inner meaning, not even a spontaneous fart!  So to commemorate the resolution of this stupid malware problem and the Magnetic Pole Reversal Scenario I will publish immediately this aforementioned article about the internet trolls that had me cracking up!

Peace on Earth,

Hi George and to the core of the PAT and all the members,

Amazingly well done!

Knowing that you get so many emails, I’ll keep it short. I like to add my experience about the meeting, Dorie told us – though I didn’t bring back such an exact picture. I remembered my obvious and total disinterest in the speech. My next dream was about my yelling “NO” and even saying “no”, in BIG LETTERS”  –  so I felt, this was my absolute “NO GO” to a continuation in this way of “being the savior for the masses”.

So I am fully in resonance with Dorie’s outburst  –  days in frustration, anger and the feeling of “I am done – I want to get rid of it all” (this peak I felt the days before the 18th).
The past days I am rather in a vacuum. My body seems to rejuvenate somehow  – definitely less pain the last 3 days. And my boys suffered just before Easter from typical symptoms the last time.

The 18th – not knowing, but intuitively I was watching the unfolding of the 18th of April. I agreed to a date (I knew, this is to do now, which took only 2 hours) and then I – literally  –  was driven to meet “old friends” (after 8 years having no contact). We have been talking 3 hours about our past experiences and resonated fully in the actual events and understandings of the waves affecting our bodies and this inhuman symptoms, enduring a survival mode in all these years etc.  When I departed them, I even expressed, that for me our coming together (which wasn’t in my mind at all before) is definitely a sign/an expression for something that is happening behind the veil now. I was filled with energy the rest of the day, couldn’t find relaxation. Only since yesterday I feel less tension and in conscious connection again.

I want to give my appreciation to this creative and exploratory exchange, perception and interpretation of the unfolding – especially the honesty and transparency in the communication.

In deep estimation for being companions in this endeavor.

with love and light


I’m excited about this two messages:

BIG SUNSPOT BOOSTS ODDS FOR FLARES:  The rapid growth of sunspot AR1726 continues. Invisible only two days ago, it is now a behemoth more than 150,000 km (a dozen Earth diameters) wide…


Gaia Portal’s new post:

“Solar gateway activation and re-activation is occurring. Dormant solar energetic gateways are being re-activated and new solar communication gateways are being created and activated….


Dear Moni,

I read about the two huge sun spots yesterday but the latest Gaia Portal message fits very well into this development and leaves no place for doubt that we are in the  final huge preparations for the detonation of the PAT supernova and magnetic pole reversal.


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