Energy Update of the PAT- April 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

I can also report that my headache of 3 days is finally gone! I can’t say that I have the same blissful feeling that you are experiencing, but I can say that the energies are much more pleasant now, the vibrational frequency definitely seems to have changed as well, and I am feeling MUCH better! Whew!

I have a busy day scheduled for today, but sense many new insights coming in from HS and I’m hoping that I’ll have time to connect soon. I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better my friend! That’s good news to me!

I’ll be in touch as soon as I can!

Much love to you!

Dear Georgi,

I experienced the same sense of extreme bliss, well-being, and shimmering lightness today.I wasn’t sure if the day would end up that way though. As this morning it felt like a classic cc-wave was incoming, only to have it vanish mysteriously late morning to be replaced with this most amazing bliss.

I feel as though yes, we’ve indeed crossed the threshold! And I actually made this same mental note to self earlier today. It’s as if our boats have finally reached calm, inviting, beautiful new shores. And now, we are finally able to look fully back across the length and breadth of our journey, to see just how vast the distance was we crossed.

My internet at home has been spotty, and I’m sorry I was unable to reply sooner. I had a very lovely weekend!

I will try and get more from HS tonight, especially on this new space we find ourselves in, but I must say I feel that you already called this one correctly. We have arrived at last. We are there.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

I am glad to hear you have had a lovely weekend and have also experienced this blissful wave. I am eager to hear what your HS has to say to this new development.


Hallo lieber Georgi,

I just want to check in and send a life sign. I totally agree to your last energy update (April16). I was hit so hard since Saturday, that I was indeed not able to write emails.
Things are changing so rapidly at the moment, that I guess we all have to use all of our energy at the moment to be able to adjust (as good as possible) to those waves, emotions, situations.

If I am not completely knocked down, I just try to stay calm and support my family members, friends and people around me at this point, as even the ones who seemed to be so far away from the ascension process are slowly but surely tuning in.

Also my emotions, feelings are on a roller coaster at the moment. One minute I could kiss the world, a few seconds later my body is going crazy, next moment some fear waves are coming – but I give my best to balance, balance, balance. What really makes me stunning is this speed… Things are going so rapidly – I just can say “Woah!”

In regard to the financial system – I am sure you have heard about George Soros. Here is an interesting interview about Europe, himself and also about gold prices… (German)

Reading your post and this interview – I had a good laugh when the reporter asks him – are you a good guy or a bad guy?

Well – whatever comes next… I am prepared and I send you and the PAT family many good thoughts and hugs. Let us hope we can start the reunion party in the other dimension very soon… Where there is a strong shadow, the bright light is not far, right?

Love & Light,
Katrin, Germany

Dear Katrin,

good to hear from you again. I have just been hit by another wave in the afternoon (April 16) and had to sleep. But I woke up in a better shape than before. The waves are sweeping over us with an incredible speed and change every minute. I can imagine that many people have difficulties to cope with them. It is the final heating and there is no doubt this time we are heading towards ascension and ID split. But probably some more dramatic events must happen. This is my feeling now.

Soros is one of the worst gangsters and he has been replaced long time ago with a clone. He is only a facade.


Dear George

I have just read your latest posting and energy update and I already said that I thought today would be significant for the PTW so have they got together today to try and block something that we, the PAT, are doing?  Either way I feel that today will be of significance. I have woken up with a headache, on the right side of my head/brain. I have also had very bad stomach pains this last few nights. Paul, my partner also says that he feels ill.

Let’s hope that today heralds a new beginning for us all!

Glad to hear that you are feeling so good!

In love and light

Dear Maria,

I think that yesterday (April 16) was a very significant day already, with a huge shift for us to higher dimensions and today will be of course the continuation of this movement. The masses are about to reach the turning point when revolutions explode as they no longer are willing to accept the lies of the elite. They are now beginning to awaken rapidly and this will bring about the changes. I have participated in several revolutions and know very well when the tipping point is reached for the masses to storm the Bastille.


Dear George,

Just a final note of well wishes to you and your elect members of PAT- the Dorie, Carla, and Jerry´s -, and all those ready and waiting for final takeoff from this our sordid world. While Truman and I may be groundlings ,we are pleased and quite thrilled to read all the current postings, and do hope you soon reach the point of departure and ascended state of being that you all now feel is so near. Enjoy those countryside walks with your dog  while yet in the current scheme of things…, and  I do hope that you are taking all those best things along with you! Again… GODSPEED!…

We shall look for you in the light,

Michelle and Sir Trueman
from Mexico

Dear Michelle,

thank you for the good wishes. We must have indeed moved a lot higher in the last days and this is only the beginning of the end, but nobody knows exactly how this will unfold. But I have a very good feeling that most people will profit from this huge energetic change that is looming now on the horizon. The people are awakening and they no longer believe the lies of the elite and react critically to all terror acts and deceptions they try to instigate to push the masses down the catastrophic timeline they will have to take.

This will perspire very soon. I have participated in several revolutions and know when the turning point is reached before the revolution explodes. We are at this tipping point now.

With love and light

Dear George,

Just writing about this sensation of a lot of moving energy / energy being moved. I feel really a lot of it, like we reached a new phase in the process. It is very easy to move as well, regardless of the big amount/intensity. Like we only say what must go where and how, a kind of logistics work, but all this energy does not use us to do the heavy work of moving, it moves on its own.

I have difficulties to get more details right now.


Dear George,

I am writing to confirm my receiving of this latest wave which has been going on with me since this afternoon and yes is so thick and rich feeling. It feels so good and I am so thrilled to be feeling it and am pinching myself to think that this is really happening now, even though we have been so eagerly awaiting it. I always knew my excitement would just go through the roof!! I got back on the site early evening to see your updates and I am just so, so crazy excited right now that I want to go out and sit under the stars and clouds that are rolling in all night and just watch the sky. Well, have a great night and can’t wait to see or feel how this plays out!!! Love to all and thank you of course like always for all this great info!!!!!!


Dear George,

Did the tarot for our ascension: 8 of wands upright, speed, action air travel, swift change, world turned upside down, stretch goals, endure challenges along the way…

Outcome for me: I asked if my husband would be there – the page of cups, a messenger, creative beginnings, synchronicity.. nice. It’s a go!

Love Cindy

Hallo George,

last night (April 16) I felt an incredibly uplifting wave that I can only describe as pure love energy from source. I almost thought that something might happen during the night.

What happened instead was another false flag from the dark Orion minions. This act should actually belong to B, post ID split, however, now it means that we might have to face more cleansing. Not cool, not cool at all. Unless this act will bring out truth for all to see, which I doubt as the MSM would not report the truth in any case.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

This was not another false flag attack but a white flag of surrender that is planned in the End Times. I have just published an article on this issue.



As always, of course you are correct with regard to the incoming energies.

My husband was knocked into a near state of depression since last night, 4-15-2013 here in Minnesota. After I explained the effects of the CC waves to him, his depression lifted.

So it is not just the PAT, everyone is feeling them, but not everyone knows how to handle them. And this is why we are still on the ground.

So, Captain, lead on.

Much love and peace,

Dear Charlotte,

this is a very important empirical information for me that confirms my energetic assessments. I have a new, very positive one that I will publish soon after I have checked it one more time.


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