How the American Society Fell by the Wayside. A Historical Survey

Jerry R James, April 26, 2013


I wish to comment on your latest email response to Laura and also the video that was posted. I have to agree with everything that you said about American society now and in the 1960s. 

I know memories are often jaded through childhood eyes where we, as Wordsworth wrote, still experience “splendor in the grass and joy in the flower“.

I grew up in the rural South in the late fifties and sixties, so I remember well the situation in regards to race inequality that you are mentioning. To an unaware child like me, I did not comprehend the significance of the events around me. I was poorer than most blacks that I knew because of a combination of my fathers alcoholism, disability, and deafness. There was very little chance for women with small children to make a life, so most of them stayed in deplorable conditions and dutifully raised the children.

Despite my poverty I was never denied access to public restrooms and restaurants and I went to school with the most prominent kids. Blacks until about 1968 attended their own school in their own neighborhoods. Their neighborhoods in my small town were not drug havens and they most lived in families, much like whites with the father working and the mother staying home. The kids took pride in their schools and competed with other non-white schools in sports and scholastic activities.

The politicians, which were all white except a few that represented the black neighborhoods, were proud of their proclaimed “separate, but equal policies” This condition of course was deplorable and in some ways not much better than before the civil war.

Despite addressing some of these injustices, why has life become so much more burdensome for everyone? Why does social change or making a better life for oneself seem impossible. It is now impossible to even have a dream of a better life like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks did.

I watched at first with amusement the video that you posted about the petition being signed for gun control. Then tears came to my eyes as I realized the impact of what I was watching. The proof that most Americans have become completely detached from their souls or higher selves. Not only what they say, but how they look. Most of them in the video are young, but so bloated and out of shape, much like the display Laura described in her article. Even the baby in the carriage.

How did this happen in the ”land of the free home of the brave”. There is a healing modality called “soul retrieval“. I do not even know what this technique involves, but the name indicates what needs to happen in America and probably the rest of the world as well. But how to accomplish this? Certainly not through the normal course of events.  Even the recent natural and man-made events that have occurred have not made a difference. At this point it will take a sudden complete breakdown in the system to retrieve America’s soul.

Because of Marilyn’s appreciation of my last article I am encouraged to elaborate on a few details of how we came to this condition in America.

It is obvious that, although the founding of America may have at first been for the betterment of mankind, the dark cabal has used their influence to shape our society to further their own goals from the beginning. American society was generally influenced by wars. First the revolutionary, in which tyranny was overcome to allow us to manifest our destiny by wiping out Indian cultures. Between these wars daily activates and society in general was shaped by the outcome of the latest war.

The Civil War was next and used by the cabal to advance the power of the federal government. These wars always have to be explained to the general populace as altruistic, and this time it was to free the slaves where they could obtain second class citizenship and still be denied most of basic rights as before.

This continued through the world wars, where the objective by the cabal was not only to extend the power of the American federal government domestically, but abroad as well. From 1950-1970, our society was greatly influenced by the outcome of World War II. The “dark” had been defeated and now Americans could feel safe and concentrate on their true reason for being on earth and that was to achieve prosperity.

At first this seemed doable and everyone ran non-stop as to not miss the next train to abundance. But the star seeds began to come of age in 1970 and so the cabal did what had always worked before. Start  a new war. This time however it did not work because this generation still had a connection to their higher self. They demanded change and for a while it looked as if the cabal had began to lose its hold.

But they regrouped and developed new strategies for what would work and that was America’s newly acquired obsession with pop culture. Take something popular like pop music, television, movies, even fast food and so forth and turn it into a means for the advancement of their own agenda. They used the media to keep hammering the importance of staying up to date with the latest and best.

Even though wars still occurred and influenced unaware society, most of the pain was not in America. Young people whose peers in the 1970s had marched in the streets to end the draft were convinced that military service was a good economic option The media told the American public not to worry about the war and all the foreign casualties and only support the troops. Support the troops to do what was never an issue.

So here we are now. Bloated, fat, asleep and hopeless, yet as George Bush said, our best years are still ahead. MPR (magnetic pole reversal) please save us.


Dear Jerry,

thank  you for this excellent historical survey on “How America fell by the wayside” You are getting better and better at the end. I will see that I publish your essay today.


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