Urgent Energy Update

by Jerry R. James and Georgi Stankov, March 18, 2013


I can barely type this but I have to get it off to you. As you know I am an old warrior and have been hit by many ascension waves over the past years, but never have I experienced the intensity that I did last night. 

It really started early in the evening with restlessness, but very fatigued and I could not sleep. Later in the evening, around midnight, I was hit by the most intense wave ever. It started as a cold clammy, yet hot sensation followed by the noise of what sounded like a thousand cicadas. The intense energy settled into my third eye and eye brow area making me extremely dizzy and I kept twirling faster and faster.Much like Dorothy’s house in the wizard of OZ tornado.

All the time I became very nauseous and my chest and gut area were also contracting violently. In fact I began to vibrate intensely all over. This lasted for about four hours and, while not really frightened, I was a bit concerned to be so ill and alone. I could not even get up from the bed to get a bucket that I was sure I would need to vomit.

However I did not vomit, but was eventually transported to this different environment. It was like a park or resort with a large reception area. Anita was there working in the reception area and we greeted and I stayed a long time and talked about many things most of which I don’t remember the all details. Anyway we kept getting interrupted by new arrivals, many with families until I left to find my way to my cabin.

I was having great difficulty finding my cabin. The cabins were arranged among many large trees along rustic trails. People were showing me their cabins and they were nice, but simple. I could never locate mine and suddenly was transported back. I am still very dizzy and can barely stand now, so I am back to bed. Very hungry which is unusual for me, but can only manage a few crackers for now.

I left many details out because I am still so ill. I wanted to keep you informed however. The ascension dreams that I have had in the past, always seemed to be in the future, while this was not really a dream, it was happening real time


Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for this very elaborate energy update. I can only say that last night I was also hit by highly “agitated” energies. I stress the word “agitated” as this time they seemed to have profoundly affected my emotional body and I felt as if I had quarrelled with many groups of people at once. In fact I dreamt all the time rather unspecifically that I had very intensive and exhausting conversations with numerous souls in the higher realms and was trying to convince them in my plan, but they somehow failed to understand me or did not want to do it.

All our discussions revolved around our ascension scenario. I woke up as if I had a hangover and my energy field felt rather compromised for the first time in a while. It took me a lot of effort in the morning to calm down my nerves and to center it again in the womb of Gaia, i.e. to anchor it firmly in Gaia’s field through my root chakras, which are deep below my feet. This helped indeed a lot and now I feel much better and can write about this overwhelming night wave. I have only very seldom experienced such type of waves before.

There must have been some very massive purging of human dark dross, terrible human aggressions, nastiness, hatred and the like all at once. To back up this conclusion, yesterday, on Sunday I got more than 15 emails from paid Internet trolls again, which was a solitary peak of dark attacks. Their exorbitant, unmotivated hatred and ample angst, even panic what will happen very soon with them and the earth, was emanating from their idiotic comments very strongly and this was another powerful evidence for me that some very intensive purging has been accomplished yesterday and last night. This was fortunately announced by the HS of April and Dorie, so I was not unprepared for it.

Let us hope that we will see this week the flooding of earth with the feminine source energies that will blend with the prevailing masculine energies on the ground and will finally bring the necessary equilibrium of unity, we have been striving for so long.

The fact that you are now in a constant contact with Anita is a very good sign and you are surely guided by her and many other angelic supporters, so that there is no way you could get lost prior to the detonation of our Supernova.

Now I am eager to see what will happen tomorrow as announced by this unknown “Fatima” source from Spain. I find it remarkable that our PAT Supernova was described so precisely in this message, when it is obvious that this person has never heard of the PAT or even know that such an event is in the making. That is why I evaluate this source as very reliable.

Hold on another couple of days or even less, if we are lucky.


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