The Supernova of Ascension is the Culmination of PAT’s Heroic Efforts to Save Humanity

By Dorie Bowling and Georgi Stankov, March 17, 2013

Dear Dorie,

since several days I sense a strong and steady movement upwards and back home with strong infusions of old, unspecific, but very familiar underlying memories coming beyond the veil, from the core of my monad  Also the farewell mood is growing this time constantly and points out to our imminent departure. I have always been waiting for this kind of mood to come as a sure sign for the end of our sojourn on the earth. 

How do you feel now? Have you recovered from the shock after your encounter of the 3rd kind with the dementia patients? Does your HS tell you anything new in the last days that might be of interest to the PAT?

My vibrations in the night are such that I can actually ascend any moment from now on, but of course the HR are waiting for the optimal point in time. I have severed all connections with this world and my desire to communicate with other people and to delve into this reality even for a short period of time has reached its trough point of reluctance.

Last evening for instance my best friend visited me, with whom I can freely talk about ascension, the PAT, and all the accompanying processes, and yet I felt somehow distracted and annoyed by his presence for the first time, which is a sure indication that I no longer wish to participate in this reality under these circumstances and to invest energies in it. It comes from my HS and not from me, I am merely following his inner impulses.

This state of denial of my mind is fully supported by my HS as another clear sign that we are on the cusp of our departure. Also the relation to my family has been smoothed and harmonized these last days without my active contribution, which points to the fact that they also receive these energies and change rapidly, which is another good sign.

All in all, everything points to an imminent countdown, and an inevitable build-up that can no longer be delayed or postponed. Also my perception of the preparedness of the masses tells me that they are ready for the big changes and our appearance. There is a sense of finality, which I have never had so strong during all past ascension dates. I also no longer care when ascension will come, as I know that it will come very soon.

Wish you all the past in these last days

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Since the night of March 13th I have been experiencing the worst LBP symptoms ever! I have never felt so badly in my entire life and for the first time in 20 years I actually contemplated going to see a doctor, simply because I was so miserable, knowing full well that no one can help me alleviate the symptoms of transformation that are taking place within my physical body. As April said the other day, I know now exactly what you have gone through and experienced, Georgi! My friend, I truly do not know how you have endured it!

I have indeed recovered from my visit to dementia hell. I am no longer having nightmares from it. Would you believe that I actually had thoughts of going back and visiting with some of the patients because my heartstrings had become attached to some of them? But with our last decree and the ending of the Savior mentality we had been programmed with, I found that I could cut those strings and have a different kind of compassion for them without jeopardizing my own well being, simply by ascending and setting them free once and for all from the illusions that torment them now.

And this is where we are all at now. Cutting those heartstrings from humanity and allowing their own souls to take direction of their path. Like you Georgi, I also feel the longing for home so strongly now, and desire only to spend my moments In the Higher Energies. It’s been difficult for a very long time now to hold conversations with anyone for an extended period of time who does not hold the higher frequency of energy we as the PAT vibrate to.

During my time of working with the dementia patients I met some very wonderful and compassionate people, and while I could find moments of laughter and camaraderie with them, I always felt extremely lonely inside in not being able to exchange the same energy we all share as the PAT.  Like you, I can also say that I too feel an even deeper disconnect from this reality and wonder how we will be able to continue here much longer, when it’s obvious our energies have changed so much.

I’ve been contemplating that thought very strongly the last few days and find myself with a few last minute worries in trusting what HS shared with us, not because I feel that we are being led down the same old path in the past with HS, but because I simply want to go home and the waiting has become even more difficult. Funny that I still have these little worries even when I can feel my physical body transforming with every energy wave that comes through. So, it’s no surprise that I should receive an email from you asking how I’m doing and if I have heard from HS lately, as you always intuitively somehow know when information has come through me that I need to share.

So with that being said, I will share with you what I stayed up very late in receiving. It’s not necessarily ‘new’ information, or things we don’t already know. It was my way of seeking comfort and validation that ascension really is upon us this time.

With love and light

HS Message – March 17, 2013

Its been a long road, but the road has reached its destination point. Since the beginning of your ascension journey it has been a constant roller coaster ride to stay focused, to stay on the ride and not jump off. Oh, you threatened to at one time or another, especially after one disappointing setback after another, yet you always intuitively connected to your mission at hand and that ‘knowing’ from within is what has always been there to keep you going. And if you became too weary from all of the struggle, there was always someone who could step up to the plate with a words of inspiration or reminders of truth. You truly supported each other not just as a team, but as a family of Light.

While it’s true that HS pushed your emotional and physical bodies to the brink of collapse, the cohesiveness that you have created as a result of your journey together as a team has now culminated in the imminent PAT “Supernova of Ascension“. This term was used not just as a metaphor, slogan, or visual to create and maintain focus amongst the PAT, but as a description of the process that would occur as an actual energetic event to prepare humanity for an event that they will very soon experience.

Soon… there’s that word again! You are now at that place on your journey again where you are wanting to trust that ‘this time is it’. While each of the members of the PAT have a strong connection to HS, what has been hardest for some is to believe, once again, that this time really IS it, especially when HS has proven to be not so very trustworthy in the past. And while you have those little worries yourself, it is even more challenging for those who cannot hear or see what you can easily connect with and see taking place beyond the veil.

But even when scenarios did not go as planned, when dates were given that did not pan out, there was still a trust within this Magnificent Group of Light Beings, because what was constantly being displayed by each one of you was integrity, courage, and faith in sharing what you were feeling, hearing and seeing, even if it meant that what you were seeing and hearing was not to come to pass in that moment.

There are no other Lightworkes on this planet who have been willing to stick their necks out on the line time and time again, who are willing to take accountability when that information is a little ‘off’. But then, in having those very characteristics, the PAT is the only group of Lightworkers who have accomplished what you have accomplished in becoming fully connected to and working with Source.

It’s that very trust that has now connected you all as a Unity of One Consciousness. And now the visions you’ve created over the past two years, and the focus that you’ve held has produced results you can see, results that are finally filtering their way down and manifesting into 3d reality, as clearly evident in the global world of events, but even more evident in the magnetic attraction you have now become to those who have just recently awakened.

While you have certainly given up the attachment to dates, and while you are no longer concerned WHEN ascension takes place, you can no longer deny that it’s here. Even if 3D illusion seems as if it could continue on for an even longer period of time, it IS just an illusion, and you are the ones who were sent here to dissolve it. You are the ones who created the vision of the PAT Supernova so that it could be.

It was for this very reason that this last wave of Source energy that you just experienced was such a strong one for you. It was strong not only because there needed to be an intense acceleration of ascension energies to come through and cleanse the last remnants of darkness that needed to go, but also because of the needed ‘push’ required for those passengers who have bought a last minute ticket ride to paradise. You had reached the capacity of those you could successfully take along for the ride, and so an extra little push was needed so you could disconnect those final heartstrings, move further and further away from the desire to participate in 3d reality, because you have now increased your vibrational frequency to such a degree that this reality no longer supports it. This is why you feel such a desire to spend all of your time in the HR, where you know you truly belong.

So while you have, over the last few months, said your last goodbyes and your final farewells time and time again, we are asking you to put your necks out on the line one more time, and from this moment forward put your total focus and energy into detonating the infamous PAT Supernova of Ascension, not just because the energy is right and the planets are in alignment, not just because you have succeeded in overcoming every obstacle that has been put in your way, not just because you fought to remove evil from every corner in every dimension, and not even just because HS says it’s FINALLY time.  Do it because as Sovereign Creators, that’s what you came here to do.


Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for your latest message. I have just published April’s message, which I received in the meantime and it fully coalesces with your message and also discusses the same issues.

There is indeed not much to add at this moment other than we have made it and now must patiently wait for all alignments to come to a conclusion, so that we can trigger the PAT Supernova. We do not even need to make any extra efforts to reach this goal, but just let being carried by this all-encompassing process that is engulfing the PAT, earth and humanity.

Obviously the energies will be of a better quality next week when an equilibrium between masculine and feminine energies will be reached, and, if I am sensing it right, the PAT supernova can be detonated around full moon on March 27th.

But there is no doubt that we are in the last throes of our ascension process and that there is nothing that connects us anymore with this waning 3d-reality.

With love and light

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