The Quiet Before the Storm Breaks Loose…. Doubt Killed More Dreams Than Failure Ever Would!

by Björn Kurt, Bern, Switzerland, March 27, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I had not been writing in a while, but I am very closely following ALL the postings on this website, which is one of my one or two sites I still look for in the Internet on a regular basis. But similar to other members of the PAT, I experience a heightened sense of most things becoming more and more mondain. I have a hard time motivating myself to follow the daily routines and my body lacks of substance. The successions of waves are putting me flat on the ground. Headaches, nauseas, 3rd chakra in turmoil, while my heart is opened so wide and in my meditation last night I saw Gaia in her sparkling new garment of shiny green diamonds. Breathtaking! I feel so connected and things are finally about to unfold – I am just here waiting.

I can feel the Storm – I experience the silence and the weight of the moment before the chilling winds starts to blow. They weight is tremendous and it takes a huge effort to focus on daily tasks and I am sick of all of this. Cannot handle this old reality, which is hopefully about to be shattered to pieces…

What strikes me most in my fellow human beings that come across me, is the incredible amount of indifference. Indifference is like a poison. Even when all the bad deeds of the Cabal will be exposed – most people (the well fed ones) will NOT rise and go into the streets, but the will sit put and wait it out.. (for the next incarnation cycle of 26500 years or so)…

So I cam upon this nice piece of information on the enlightened website of Lichtweltverlag. (Light Worlds Publishing House) and I wanted to share that one with you. It confirms that the saviour complex of the PAT is history and most of mankind will stay back on earth as they know or knew it.


by Jahn J Kassl

Movement, life, progress, healing and resurrection. All these processes that are happening now, unfolding on the Time and Space Line. Right now, this reality is about to be forgotten and ignored by many people.

No sooner has the “official time change 2012” seemingly uneventful passed, many people are turning away from the promised path of light and pick up their “business as usual” lives.

Nothing learned – nothing understood! This is what you can tell with certainty in the faces of these people – yet their eyes are blind and their ears are deaf.

Those who were always searching in the visible, looking in the obvious and who was disappointed in his expectations of salvation, does not care about the change anymore – which was and still is proclaimed by all Sources of the Light. This still is and will be the ONLY reality, even if the earth today, as yesterday seems to continue rotating.

To be anchored in the trust in God and in the knowledge of the nature all things means, to put aside all doubts and to have obtained a peek behind the veil. So then you can realize the deeper hidden things in the most obvious.

So now the time has come, in which many people turn away from the light and towards the darkness. Those that were vague and uncertain in itself, those who, in any case only from uncertainty and fear, from worry and vacillation, obeying the “good news of change” now return to their “old habits”, the old paradigms that they pretended go get rid of.

Somebody being disappointed in his hopes and expectations may react in two ways:

a) An ever deeper consolidation and absolute trust in the original source is being manifested.


b) to reject everything that reminds him of his disappointment.

And the second conclusion is widespread among men, now that many things happen which are invisible to the human eye. Why does that happen in this way?

Many of the people, who were now embodied on this earth, came with the potential to ascend, but not with the absolute order, with the absolute inner desire to do so. These people had neither a “one-to-one blueprint” nor the inner divine certainty which is inborn desire of an enlightened soul. This means many things to many people were possible, even Ascension, but not only, and not necessarily.

All those, who dwell in the deep inner certainty that in this incarnation they will complete their life cycle on 3D earth, will go with for sure into the light. All those, who have – prior to their descent on earth – opted for a certain “flexibility”, will now join the reality which they chose for them, after the events of World Destruction or Global Rise for Change have apparently failed.

A large number of people will now find their way into the light, but the amount of those, who turn away from the light is sadly huge. The truth is: This amount was anticipated and is the result of individual choice of the people.

No judgment, no evaluation, no sadness, no sorrow, No bitterness, no surprise, neither resentment nor Incomprehension – the spiritual levels of Being, the guardians of these and many worlds know about all potentials, which can be retrieved or ignored by the incarnation in a human body. As a matter of fact, it is the decision of each individual being among the people of this time.

Beloved ones!

The change was never more real than now, as the old reality again seems to enforce!

The change was never more powerful than now, because the old power structures seem to revive again!

The change was never more blessed than now, when God, the Creator in his love and omnipotence separates the worlds and merges them anew. A new force has prevailed in the world.

By the power of clarity, so that the final allocations can be taken and the last travelling passengers eager to travel into the light can be included. To start from the platform, leading directly into the light and to lead everyone in their new apartments.

Disposed and Given by the CENTRAL SUN



KALI YUGA is finally over – the energetic threshold is passed. Mother Earth is in a new state. As the Kali Yuga Area is finished, all Karma will be purged and we may all go home… in the spirit or with our bodies – such is our choice today. God bless and may you all have a safe trip home..

Godspeed to All of You – Hope to join in with you in the higher Realms

in love and light

Dear Björn,

thank you very much for your valuable contribution to our ongoing final analysis of the energy surges leading to our ascension this week. It could indeed be interpreted as “the quiet before the storm breaks loose”, if one is a passive observer of these most dramatic energetic events.

However we, the PAT, are the active creators of this whole storm scenario and there could be no feeling of calmness for us. This night, for instance, I was shaken again to such an extent by another powerful wave vortex from the source that it almost demolished my stomach and 3rd chakra. I woke up several times from a stabbing pain in the liver and needed an extensive deep breathing exercise to calm down the waves and mitigate the pains.

This could have been as well the last final push to physical transformation, and to my estimation, I was indeed short of it. This morning there is another heavy cleansing wave of a lot of human rage and aggression, which is part of this final stage of the ascension process and the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

This is also the topic of this latest channeling from Jahn J Kassl from Vienna, which I red shortly before I received your email and your excellent translation. Thank you for your effort, I will publish this message today as it is of great cognitive importance for all of us.

This man is very clear and consequent in his own way of thinking. He may not be fully aware of the ascension process, the way we, the PAT, are, but he is a man of a pronounced social consciousness (ausgeprägtes soziales Gewissen) and morality and his personal political commentaries on his website are always to the point and express a very critical and indomitable spirit. This is a very rare phenomenon among light workers, as we all know, and that is why I value this person and his clear channeling messages, even though they seldom render any concrete information.

I can imagine how difficult it is for you to carry on with the professional duties in the full consciousness that this reality is about to crumble any moment and that all these activities have no meaning at all, but only foster the old Orion illusion.

Let us hope that this week this pitiful comedy will come to an end and the new cosmic show can commence.

The topic of this message is crucial in these highly vulnerable period in the history of mankind, when many people succumb to their doubts and discard the inner faith and knowledge that ascension is the only real thing in this waning holographic model. Ultimately, it comes up to the personal virtues of each and every individual and how he/she copes with the present time of uncertainty, where the only guide could be the inner voice of the soul.

All nasty human traits are now looming high and cause a vivid, emotional chaos on the earth, in which many a soul will be trapped and drowned, thus losing sight of the new, bright future that lies before humanity.

I must admit that I am so happy that we have pulled the brake on time and have issued our decree as we would have been otherwise fully caught in this eruption of emotional cacophony that is now encompassing the whole humanity. Any prolongation of our mission due to a false interpretation of our dominant Savior complex would have led to another prolongation of the detonation of the PAT. Now the epoch of Kali Yoga is indeed terminated by our firm decision and unanimity and a new chapter will  be opened for humanity by the PAT next month.

With love and light

Dear George,

thank you for your precise and deep response to my translation. Indeed my body is suffering as I write this email. From nasty nausea to half sleepless nights with intense headaches I feel the change very physically indeed. And as I look forward to the moment of ascension, I do not cherish the thought of the side-effects of the LBP, which is about to hit me soon. If the mass ascension is going to take place that part of humanity also has to transform their bodies in order to join the 5th dimension..And I have no idea how much time there will be left to accomplish that. I feel like a punching ball between physical suffering and intense spiritual bliss. Hopefully the later will prevail. Yes it will, since I proclaim so as a Creator Being…

Your description of the coming crumbling structures is very much to the point. On one side I can touch a building and it is physically there. On the other hand I do feel exactly that the root-support for this reality is no longer there and it is a kind of a ghost town in a post-apocalyptic future. Who wants to live there?

Ignorance may be bliss – so much for the masses and there comes back this quote which I like ( I can’t remember who is the author):

Doubt killed more dreams than failure ever would!

(das wäre ein vortrefflicher Titel für einen ganzen Artikel… this would be an excellent title for another article…. )

Going back 20 months to August 2011, when I joined as an avid reader of your website, you manifested that humanity cannot be helped on the physical level and therefore we had to perform the miracle such as the famous Baron von Münchhausen, who is about to drown in a swamp and simply pulls himself out by grabbing his hair and lifts himself out of his misery… a wise man.

So I do not know where you took the knowledge of how things are going to be, but you gave us a goal and how to achieve it. The PAT came in one by one joining the platform and soon events were buzzing on an energetic level (in the subtle worlds) and portals where built and protected. Tons of Christed Light poured into the dark corners of the world until the miracle happenend. Bit by bit, the events took place. Portals and Bridges opened up and under the guidance of “Georgi-Gandalf, the Great” the fellowship of the ring achieved the incredible…

As you mention, the emotional cacophony of the world breaking lose in one emotional outroar, it is difficult to imagine how else without any coordinated effort such a feat would have been achievable..

Thank you for your great job. I was last weekend in Munich and I was hesitating to contact you, since I have a sack voller “Fragen” (full of questions)… but eventually I refrained from that idea, since I felt you must be way too exhausted to see any visitor so close to D-Day…

Be well in the meantime and we are all looking forward to the great Day

In love and light

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