Personal Opinions – March 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hello George,

Your last posting prompted me to write. Being suppressed by the cabal, by cutting us off, from our higher selves, telepathic, and paranormal experiences. Being cut off by your own families. Hope you don’t mind. I have been wanting to share an experience, and a photo, taken in 2009.

I had an inner calling in 2009. I was called to come to Mt. Magazine. That nagging feeling, It just won’t go away. I know you and the PAT understand what I am saying. This nagging was very persistent. I drug my feet for over a month about going. Finally deciding with the family, to make a day trip, to go and have lunch and see the mountain. Now I must tell you the family had no idea my motives, behind us, going to the mountain. [ I’m the crazy one here]

December 27th. One of the coldest days of the year. We drive up to the mountain. Have a pleasant lunch at the lodge. With a spectacular view. We finish our meal and decide to drive around to the different look out points, created for tourists. Stop at one look-out point. My daughter and I get out of the car to snap some pictures. Sun is shining, the wind is blowing so hard. You have to use your gloved hands ,just to hold your coat together. Jump back into the car and go on to the next look out. We stop, my daughter and I get out of the car. My spouse stays in the car. Daughter takes a picture, I want to go on, down the mountain path. My daughter won’t go and gets back into the car.

I walk on down the pathway, alone. Stopping here and there snapping pictures all along .
Get to the end of the pathway, stop and pause for a moment. This is just so beautiful to see. Turn around to start walking back up the mountain path. I am stopped, where I ‘m standing. I could feel a BIG presence. Within inches of my face. I could not see, only feel. A knowing. This presence or whom ever, was reading my mind.  My mind went blank. The only thing on my mind was to say “Hello Wind”,and I did.  Stood there for a few moments more. I felt the presence leave me, and  felt the presence, move on up the mountain. I have no idea what had just happened.

Walked back up to the car, Burrrr, it’s cold. Open the car door quickly and get in. My daughter blurts out. MOM! The wind just shook the car so hard. We thought the car was going to tip over. We were so afraid… I just look at them with a knowing. We drive back down Mt. Magazine, each in our own silence. Not saying one word. Something spiritual just happened to each of us. [no, I was never afraid.]

A few weeks later, remembered the pictures and down loaded them onto the computer. I about fell out of my chair, when I came upon this picture, with a rainbow orb. The picture was taken in the shadow of the mountain, as the sun was shining that day. Only windy and cold, as you can see the snow in the back ground. I have never gotten an answer to why I was called to the mountain. No answer about the rainbow orb. Is this what we will look like, after we have ascended? . Will we look like an orb?

You see, always questions? You may or may not believe this picture. I know in my heart. I was there that day. Only wanted to share, as we are on the cusp of ascension.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

Dear Georgi,

just a couple of updates on my activities and energy situations.

My new book The Magic of Numbers has helped me grasp more concepts when I reread some parts of Volume 2, especially the new derivations (ND) in the classical mechanics and thermodynamics chapters. It is as if, while writing my book, I channeled some parts of the German Volume 1. I am beginning to better grasp the chapter on quantum physics. Thank you for your volume 2 and your gnostic books.

On the day Anita ascended in spirit, suddenly I had more ideas on how to write the contents of the book during the Lunar New Year break. So Anita must have inspired me too. I can say my book is a collective work of the PAT.

Also, as I wrote my book, I keep seeing faint rainbows in my vision field when I close my eyes. It must be that my book is some kind of rainbow bridge much of the information/ knowledge in 3d-reality won’t make sense like units and measurement systems.

I just had a new insight that “objects of thought”, a phrase frequently used in your books is synonymous with the phrase “objects of imagination”. Imagination is a type of thought. Example: Mass is an object of thought that originated in our ability to compare. We imagine “masses” in our minds, so for me strictly speaking mass is an object of imagination. The ability to imagine is an element of our consciousness.

I also felt waves on the March 5, 13 and 14. Some waves felt like I am giving birth to something. I felt most of the waves on my forehead and the upper part of my tummy.

In love and light

Dear Aegil,

thank you very much for your update. It is very important that you continue writing as in this way you stimulate your active connection with your HS and realms and gets more inspired. The more effort you invest in your work, the more you will be inspired from above and the more new and deeper insights you will gain.

This is what most humans do not realize and resort to weird meditation practices, which are unyielding as they are not rooted in creativity. Communication with the HS is not a lazy, idle affair but is based on active contemplation. That is why I do not have a very high opinion of all Indian fakirs and gurus and their meditation practices as they do not yield any tangible results.

You are right, every thought is imagination, so an “object of thought” is identical to an “object of imagination” and any idea which is not directly related to a material form we experience with our five senses, but is perceived at a higher level of abstraction, usually  through synthesis or analysis, is thus an “object of imagination”. In this sense imagination is a higher order of thinking, which is not directly evoked by sensual experience.

It is possible that with the departure of Anita there was a breakthrough in the veil of forgetfulness. But altogether the recent energetic waves are very conducive to stimulate the upper three chakras of intelligence (5th throat chakra) and transcendental mediality (6th spiritual chakra and 7th ecstatic chakra) with the help of which we connect to the Logos of All-That-Is. This is the highest from of communication for us as limited incarnated human beings. It is most of the time non-verbal, but of logical-symbolic character. Thus the information you get is valid for many sets of realities, forms, scientific disciplines etc. These are the primary ideas “about the last (or first)  things” (peri archon), with which the Neoplatonists have dealt a lot in Antiquity.

Carry on with the good work. It will bring you very far.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I am so grateful for all of the posts and direction that you have given us in the past and even more so lately. The post I just read from Catalin Panov was the most beautiful uplifting letter I have read. Your response was so loving and kind. I am amazed at how you were able to bring him up to date so clearly. The metaphor of being lost at sea {not in contact with internet}, is not lost on me. His Soul is clearly guiding him and others around him to the answers and it is beautiful to hear.

I have had many changes both physical, dream state, and in my personal life. I know all is well. It has been the hardest of late to let go of the ‘Savior’ in my in regards to my sons. The fact that my life direction is lost on them as well as all the direction I have tried to gently steer them in, is in stark contrast to the above mentioned letter. The letter reminded me that it is not ‘me’ but their unwillingness to listen to their Soul.

In reading Catalin’s letter I cried. He spoke the words I wish my son’s could speak. He spoke from his innocence and only his pure love for humanity and the world. Thank you again for this post, especially as I am sure I am not the only one who gained greatly from it.


Dear Jennifer,

It is not surprising that I also felt this same uplifting effect when I read the email from Catalin, to which I can relate very well as I have a similar situation in my family. But I was also reaffirmed by his letter in the righteousness of our efforts to try awaken human kind, wherever it is at this particular moment, even at high sea.

Let us hope that very soon we will be able to reach the hearts and minds of many more humans and thus show them the way to their eternal happiness. It is very tedious to save the people and promise them paradise, while getting all the time kicks in the balls. However this is still an evolution – in the past we were crucified for doing this. Humanity (small “h”) is indeed a very savage species.

With love and light

Dear Georgi:

Please say hello to Catalin from México, he moved me, we need a lot of people like him. I admire and I just love him.

On the other hand a quick report: I have been, very, very sad, I feel like my true myself isn´t here, like as if I had lost something. I cry everyday I ask to my HS what has happened and she told me (and I have a dream about it) that I needed that experiences because some people around me needed to be pulled up.

Well I hope you feel great, I can feel your peace and that for me it´s enough.

Bless you
Claudia, Mexico

Dear Claudia,

thank you for your appraisal  for Catalin.

I can assure you that I also went through some moments of deep depression in the last several days, which also led to the loss of my vitality and natural sentiment. These were periods of massive cleansing when we virtually scratched clean the bottom of the deepest cellular compartments of most humans by doing this with our bodies first one more time. Because there is no other way how to effectively cleanse past dross but to participate each time in the cleaning process personally, even though you have finished cleansing your physical vessel from these deeply ingrained past dark human patterns years ago. This is also how the new multi-dimensional programming is installed in the DNA-codes of humanity.

That is why I wanted to get rid of this kind of cleansing with my last decree, but we are still involved in this process in one or another way, till the final detonation of the PAT Supernova.

With love and light

Hi April,

I had a strange visit from you last night and I must say I’m not sure what really happened. I’ll do my best to describe it and hopefully some of it will resonate with you.

When you first appeared in a distance, you just ‘stood’ there and kept looking at me. I had the feeling that you wanted to ask or say something, but you did nothing. Even though I shifted my focus to you to listen.. nothing. Then you ‘went away’, but kept coming back 4-5 times, when finally you said:’ You need to work on me.’ I wasn’t sure what you meant, so I ‘checked you out’ energetically. Within your Source connection I saw no ‘disturbance’, but when I looked at the ‘outside’, I heard/saw that ‘a group has a hold on you’. When I saw this info the word ‘Independence’ started to echo from deep within you/from your Soul.

And as the word independence kept repeating over and over again, you shifted away from the group, far out to the Universe.

A few minutes later you thanked me, so I thought, okay, what ever happened it’s done.

But then, other ‘members’ of the group started to show up, basically asking me to ‘do’ the same for them. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I went along with it. Everything was happening so very fast I wasn’t even able to follow…, until I saw the outcome of it.

The final image that I saw was, all 20 to 100 as I sensed ‘members’ of the group transformed into Independent Powerful Beings, holding their own ‘space’ out in the Universe.

I do have an overall feeling/understanding of what I took part of last night, but I’d rather leave it to you, to take what ever information resonates with you from all of this.

I hope you are doing okay…?

Hugs to you,


Dear Eva,

Thank you so much for sharing our recent encounter. Unfortunately I do not remember this visit, but your message is indeed very timely. No, I’m not doing the greatest and have debated whether I should write in to Georgi, or other PAT friends like you or Dorie, for some advice, but didn’t want to bring anyone down you know? And there isn’t any one thing (event, person, circumstance, etc…) that I can point to as the stimulator or trigger. So it’s even hard to describe the problem/issue.

I’m just feeling very, very sad and disheartened. I’m feeling very alone. And I keep trying to source it or shake it off, neither of which is yielding any results. This has been going on for about 2 and ½ days now. While I’m still very much in touch with this sense of Oneness of All, and the incredible love/divine feminine energy that has become so pervasive lately, I’m also feeling a lot of confliction.

I guess one way to describe it is that I feel incredibly sensitive and vulnerable now, almost raw as I’ve been so enveloped in these higher frequency energies that experiencing anything less feels highly abrasive to me. I just see and feel EVERYTHING so much more deeply, and that is saying A LOT because I’ve always been a highly sensitive empath and always felt 3D to be abrasive. But since our connection to Source, and the fact that these waves have lifted us so high, and purified our vessels so much, that now it’s almost unbearable. I finally know what Georgi has been complaining about all this time, since he connected to the nexus point of Source on web of light, before the rest of us did.

I KNOW I am a divine sovereign creator being, but my immediate reality seemingly does NOT reflect that, and no-one near me can resonate fully with the vibration of love that I carry within my heart. And the masses are dealing with their own triggers and confusion, so I don’t look for them to resonate with me so much, but I MISS IT. I’m longing so strongly now for Home, and you’d think since we are on the cusp of it, that I wouldn’t feel this as longing, but instead celebration. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Maybe this is just a final part of the clearing/merge/alignment process, who knows. But any light you could contribute on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you don’t mind that I copied Georgi in as well. Obviously your note is a sign from HS that I should be communicating this to you, and Georgi.

Thanks so much Eva for reaching out, your intuition was right on.

Much love and light,

Dear April and Eva,

we have all gone through some very intensive days this week and it is quite normal to feel depressed and out of touch. The reprogramming of humanity that has to go first through our energetic systems was so immense and intense that it had to lead inevitably to such depressive emotional reactions.

Just before I received and read your email correspondence, I commented on this same issue to Claudia from Mexico who also complaint about very heavy past days (see above). Here is what I responded to her. I hope this elaboration will help clarify the matter as today is a new day and the energies are much more uplifting and better to bear.

With liove and light


See my letter to Claudia above

Dear Georgi,

I am also experiencing the energetic waves today… but they have not hit me so hard that I cannot function, which is kind of nice.

This morning on Facebook, I noticed a comment by an old friend…who is a staunch Catholic….that she was “So excited about the new Pope!”…and then her sister, who is also Catholic chimes in and says..”and he’s a Jesuit too..Yay!”.

I just shook my head and thought, wow, they have their heads so far up their asses, that their heads are actually back up on their shoulders!!

So I just posted the article from Niels on Facebook. That should get their dander up!

I’m just sitting back watching everything fall apart here in the US…

Thanks so much for keeping the website churning… the articles are awesome!

Love and light to you Captain!

Dear Vicki,

I just watched the new pope’s first mess in the Sistine chapel in front of the cardinals in Italian language as I wanted to gain a personal impression of him. This man is such a crook apart from his Jesuit’s origin that it was really an embarrassment to listen to his sermon. Even the cardinals could not hide their annoyance. And this is just his premiere. But most probably there will not be much more to come.

With love and light

Do you realize you said “mess” instead of “mass”?  LOL…it certainly is a mess!

No I did not, but this is a classical Freudian misspelling.


It really hit me hard yesterday as to just how many people will be in “Shock” once the revelations and disclosure starts happening.

Not only by the number of people still under the sway of the “Pope” business in Rome, but within my own home.

After all I’ve done to share info within my own family, they still cannot envision a scenario where the U.S. Dollar will collapse.  In fact, I was told that my type of thinking would “get me killed”.

I have no fear of death, so such statements have no meaning to me.

However, I found it very interesting. Through me, my family is exposed to much more information than most people and yet my husband still has a problem believing that the all mighty U.S. dollar could one day disappear. This is from a man who agrees with a great deal of what I have to say and who expresses his own frustration over the corruption in our banking system and yet, even he cannot imagine the dollar collapsing. What does that say about the masses who have not be exposed to people like us? Mind you he is not aware of exisiting reports from within the government that cleary show that the U.S. and the Federal Reserve Banking system are both bankrupt. But still, there should be enough signs out in public view for folks to know that we’re broke.

Our ascension must be very near. There is no other way. We must have all of our powers and gifts online in order to be of further assistance to others. Their slumber is thick and strong.

Much love and peace.

Dear Charlotte,

I have just discussed this issue with Silvia from Austria  and will publish our discussion today. What we now observe is a peak of collective human fears in anticipation of the coming revelations and tribulations which are known to be imminent by all humans at the subconscious level. This intuitive, hidden knowledge  makes them resist this truth even more at the level of their daily consciousness. This is a robotic survival reflex based on angst and will melt as soon as the events will begin to unfold very soon.

In this sense the dollar will not collapse some distant day, but either this month or surely next month – in April. You could confront your husband with this truth and gauge the level of resentment. Then you will know how close we are to this event.

With love and light

Dear George,

I read the discussion shortly after I sent the email. It was extremely helpful to me to gauge the synchronicity that abound.

Later today, as I read the comments from the Muslim Brotherhood in response to the U.N. proposal for changes to women’s rights, I thought about what has happened to the old and new testaments with the revelations of the Khazar DNA study and Ratzinger’s admissions that the Church lied about Christmas and the details of Christ’s life. This same type of revelation will have to be made for the Muslims, but in a much stronger fashion.

I will mention the collapse to my husband in a few days. He appears tremendously agitated. I believe that his failure to quit smoking will begin to accelerate the decay in his body at a quicker rate now. Subconsciously, it appears that he has made the decision to give up. He has no willpower to change. I am at peace with whatever he decides.

On another hand, the senate committee’s recent release of their report outlining how JP Morgan Chase lied and misled the government was interesting for one reason, the senate has always been an almost entirely bought and paid for group. This report will do nothing to quell the anger rising among the people. They will either have to take real action against Chase or risk their own survival.

All of the chemtrails in the world will not stop what is coming if the PAT does not take control soon. People forget how Mussolini died (He was executed by partisans. There is an excelelnt Italian film on this event, comment by George)

Much love and peace to you and all of the PAT,


Yes, ascension test run happening here and I am also nauseous  Did you see this from this GaiaPortal message, March 14. What does this mean? Is she ready to go?

Love & light,

“Gaia and all of her inhabitants currently experiences energetic separation from all previous time agendas. Light influx from Higher Source brings eventual illumination to underlying reasons for such. Yet not always visible until post-separation.

Gaia herself reminds all that these separations are accompanied by grand (and clean, energetically speaking) new beginnings. Gaia herself undergoes such separation and is poised to receive maximum resonant Illumination.

Such resonant Illumination has been requested by, and indeed is essential to, Gaia and humanity general.”


Dear Sheryl,

I interpret the latest GaiaPortal message that we have commenced today (March 14) with the final ID split of Gaia and humanity, which will culminate with the PAT supernova later this month. This message fully coalesces with my assessment that this ascension test run is the dress rehearsal before our ascension and I wrote this before you made me aware of this message.

With love and light

On the latest ascension test run

Dear George,

I was hit two days ago in the evening very hard with energies, which caused my physical body to dissolve. This is nothing new but especially my left arm and wrist were hit hard, so that it felt very weak and painful, and I was not able to lift a simple glass of water with this arm without enduring pain. Like everything including the bone was dissolving. The situation improved a little bit after a night of sleep, but it was still very much the same until last night I was healed in the dream state. I experienced this healing very lucidly and after waking up and sleeping for a long time all the symptoms were nearly completely gone.

I slept through 7 am CET and woke up hours later with some of the usual symptoms, but feeling much better than the days before. The dreams were indeed very busy. Especially the first one I remember was important: I walked into a “room” with several others, to announce that “we did it!”, as if we completed some kind of important mission. This was the first good feeling after a few days of depression, and after this followed several other dreams like the healing I described, flashes of a lot of Italian text although I do not really speak this language, and more. For me, this means the test run is a full success, although it is still ongoing. The first part of it must be the difficult one, and if that is completed the rest of it is guaranteed. The test run feels much easier on the body this time, the energetics just as strong but like I am more prepared.



I have been hit hard the last few days. So fatigued, dizzy and gastrointestinal distress. A little better this morning so far even though my head is buzzing like a saw. I dont know what is happening and never have but something as my body is amazing that it is still here. For the last two mornings I have heard Anita call my name between sleep and awake. It is so real that I answer.  I miss her so much and dont still understand why we had to be separated after her going thru the same symptoms as me for years. It just doesnt make sense. If one of us why not both.  I had a dream last night that I was in college and it was a Th like today. I could see my best friend as he looked back then and I was telling him that since this is our last weekend in school we should go into town and have some fun on Sat.night. Is this an ascension dream message? George I know you are hit hard so dont feel the need to answer.


Dear Jerry,

I think that your dream is an ascension dream as I had a similar one this night. I agree that it is a conundrum why Anita had to go earlier and you have to stay on the ground. But I am sure that very soon you will know the answer to it.

My feeling is that we are now on a crescendo path and that this time the energies will sweep away the old order and heave us to higher dimensions. The build-up is enormous and everything is coming very timely as announced.

Hold on a few more days before you can rejoin with Anita.


Dear George,

Thank you for your confirmation today.  Yes, I feel very bad.  I will be homebound today, maybe going back to bed.

In Love & Light,

Hey Georgi,

I was woken up by the test run, in the here probably at 2AM EST. Its wasn’t immediately powerful, but this morning I started getting ear aches like deep inside my ears like a kind of sinus pain meets ear ache and it luckily only hurt off and on briefly.

It was pretty obvious a test run or test going on and I’m not doing anything today, so it doesn’t bother me. It kicks up alot of karma and or frustration about my economic situation and dealings with people in the past for whatever reason. I haven’t been able to draw the link between these test runs and my own inner thinking activities. The other main activity today in the AM and in the past few weeks is intense heart chakra activity. Thats a weird, weird feeling because I never had that going on before, at any point in my life.


Today the final confirmation of the Higgs Bosom was released from CERN. The mystery of the God Particle is solved and will catapult science in the next Millenium.

Robert Thorpe = Anonymous

Are you a real cretin or only pretend to be one as a paid Internet troll by the dark secret services? Read my theory on the Universal Law of physics to understand why the Higgs Boson does not exist and is a scientific fraud, a camouflage for other experiments that will bring nothing to the already dead cabal. You do not want to be also dead in the coming months, do you? Why then believe this crap?

Dr. Georgi Stankov.

Thanks Georgi,

… So I talked to Jerry and we are going to catch up this weekend for dinner or something, not really sure what we are going to be doing exactly but it will be good regardless.

Anyway, I feel you on not focusing on timeline B too much but was curious as to your thoughts on the new Pope.  Not sure if I am understanding this the right way but am I right that he is sort of a “pope elect” until the the 19th when it becomes official?  Even if it is official now, I think it is good in the sense that I see it as an indication that we have changed our timeline.

So today (March 14) I turned 33 years old.  33 has always been my favorite number so I hope this will be a good one.  I bet you can guess what I am wishing for (all of us PATsters) this B-day is of course the first wave to kick off.

Anyway, I had a dream that Jerry and I do something great together but I didn’t know about it until I read your website in the dream and you mentioned something about Jerry and I.  I was flooded with dejavu but could not remember what happened only that you had mentioned it and I had a very familiar feeling like I was reliving a dream I had had.

I will keep you posted…

Love and Light,

Dear Jon,

congratulations to your 33th birthday. I remember when I was young I used to frequent a Swedish “club 33” on the Black sea coast in Bulgaria in the 60s. This meant that people older than 33 were not allowed an entrance. At that time this age seemed to be very old for me.

I am glad that you have established contact to Jerry and will meet  him. He needs this kind of distraction and to be among like-minded people and you will surely also enjoy the meeting with him.

I have just published nan article on the new Pope written by a young Belgian who contacted me today for the first time. Very important information, you must read it.


Dear Dr. Stankov.

I’m interested how the response was from the Universities you have offered a huge donation for verifying the Universal Law.
Do you have already a contract?

I know a private University which would be interested to take on this task.

Please let me know the status.


Dear Glenn,

I have sent more than 200 emails to individual professors and lecturers in physics in 11 universities in the USA and two in GB and have not received a single response. Not even a negative one. They are like paralysed mosquitoes trapped in my spider network and do not dare to move out of fear that will be devoured by myself, which is true of course.

You can send my email which is published on my website to this private university, but now they are running out of time.

With love and light

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