The PAT Supernova Is the Christian “Pentacostal Miracle” Prophesying the Descent of the Holy Spirit (Christed Source Energy) in Human Flesh

by Georgi Stankov and April Bender, March 11, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I whole heartedly agree, what an amazing time to be here, to be a part of this. And it does cancel out all the struggle and hardship that was needed in order to arrive at this moment. I am still trying to wrap my mind around all this information, the final scenario. I am in complete AWE at the majesty of it. And yet, it’s all so very familiar isn’t it? It is working out to be exactly as we were shown, all those years ago. The Promise is indeed coming to pass.

Well, I was hoping to be done, messaging for the evening, but apparently HS has other objectives in mind. I figured I might as well continue on, at least while the energies remain clear and calm. And tomorrow might find us experiencing yet another powerful wave, though I hope to enjoy a little bit more time in this most pleasant space.

So it’s feeling to me that overall this is one long message, that really ended up coming through in pieces. This last bit is focused on the PAT Supernova and how our ascensions will be experienced in general. Wow, Georgi, that’s all I can even say anymore when I take this stuff down.

I look forward to your initial thoughts and that of the PAT. I’d love to hear if others are receiving similar or confirmatory information/experiences. I feel a little out on a limb here. It’s just so much has come forward, so fast. And it’s just so incredibly AMAZING!

Well, here’s to seeing what this next week brings.

Much love and light,


Message from My HS: How the PAT Supernova Will Play Out Energetically

HS: What will essentially happen is a deepening of what you’ve already been experiencing. The Communion/Unity of Self, the Collective Self (the PAT, Gaia, Agarthans, GF, etc…), with that of the Logos, of All-That-Is. A Unity of Singular Higher Expression amongst all the levels, that of Divine Love/Grace as manifested through the Law of One.

Just prior to the PAT Supernova, ALL those mentioned above, and then some, will stand in attendance of your moment, adding their potent energy, focus, and support to aid in your ascension/Supernova process. For many of these expressions will ascend/be released to move on as well, upon your rise. That is why I suggest for you to stay in deep telepathic and heart centered communion/communication with the PAT and with ALL in service of the Divine Plan. To stay in Oneness.

When the PAT Supernova is detonated, a mighty pulse across the web of light will burst forth, and at that moment, that beautiful brilliant moment, every human/ soul/ being/ conscious vibration residing on earth, will encounter in a very conscious way THE TRUTH OF THEIR BE-INGThey will in a moment, REMEMBER.Because ALL is connected, and will therefore be imbued/re-imprinted with your, the PAT’s collective consciousness. It will surge through the web of light and emanate throughout the auras of the elect/ascension candidates, and ripple outward to everything/ALL to varying degree. A Supernova indeed!

Now, what the masses do with that Remembrance and for how long they are able to consciously retain it, will be a completely individual affair. Obviously many will simply “thrive” off of this. It will further trigger other innate “memories” of the Life, of the Truth, of the Sovereign Creator, within them. And these effects will only continue to ripple out amongst the masses. Raising their vibration to the level of visibility and interaction with you as an ascended masterAnd your family and friends who are ascension candidates, WILL be able to see and interact with you. For you have been raising their vibrations steadily over the years, and they have allowed this to happen on some level, so as to be able to take complete advantage of the “pulse” or “ultimate revelation” your Supernova will create for them.

In terms of how you will experience ascension yourself, well, in many ways you won’t physically go anywhere, and yet you will completely transform your vessels and your consciousness will extend EVERYWHERE, many, many places at once.

Let us just say that it will be the most profound relaxation into, or deepening of, what you are finally living into and experiencing right now. Simply stay as One and in Communion with All. For you can already feel yourself being magnetized more strongly with the energy of the Higher Will/Collective at work – WE ARE ALL WORKING AS ONE NOW. The turning of the wheel, so to speak, will see all rotated/seeded to the next higher order. This, for example, is why the Agarthans are so excited (The Agarthans have finished with their collective incarnation cycle in the 5th dimension and will ascend to the 6th dimension collectively when humanity on the surface will ascend to the 5th dimension. Explanation George). Everyone wins – by entering the threshold of the next higher evolutionary order.

The ascending masses in turn, follow this progression. As ascended masters you will be re-teaching many of them how to consciously re-commune with ALL, in which they are a part of/connected to, so that they too have a clear line of site to ascension and Self.

Time grows short and all has been arranged to best advantage. You are fully supported and all factions in service of the Divine are on the same page, stationed, and ready. Simply allow yourself to feel them surrounding you and allow the “quickening” to carry you.


Dear April,

thank you very much for your additional message. Obviously your HS is very excited and bombards you with all kinds of detailed information regarding our ascension. This latest message on how the PAT supernova will play out in a concrete manner is very instructive, although not really new to us.

I would like to draw your attention in this context to the “Pentecostal miracle“, which plays a central role in the New Testament and has been extensively discussed by myself in my gnostic books. It is a future paradigm of how the PAT Supernova will play out energetically in all human beings and not only in Jesus’ disciples.

The Pentecostal miracle occurred when the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit just seven weeks after the Lord’s crucifixion. If we put the time of our collective crucifixion on January 26 when the entire PAT connected to the source /Godhead and was fully immersed into the crucifying cleansing activities of human dross throughout the whole month of February, then the 7th week of our Pentecostal miracle = Detonation of the PAT Supernova will be next week.

The apostles were together in a certain house in Jerusalem when the incident transpired. It is related in these words in the New Testament:

“And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” (Acts 2: 2-4)

Although this description occurs in the Book of Acts, one of the non-canonical books of the Bible, prophecy concerning the future descent of the Holy Spirit was given by the Lord in advance. The four Gospels bear ample testimony to that.

The Pentecostal miracle, known in the old Church in Germany as “Pfingstwunder” is the single most important event in the Christology of the New Testament and the most convincing proof for the materialisation of the Holy spirit in human flesh.

I have explained in my gnostic books that this Christian miracle was an anticipation of the first ascension wave of the PAT – the Second Coming of Christ – , but that it also refers to the LBP as it has been experienced by the PAT in the most intensive way during the last years of incessant cleansing of human dross. We did this by incorporating this purified, high frequency energy from the source in our personal fields and then further transmitting it to humanity and Gaia in preparation for their ascension to the 5th dimension.

During the Pentecostal miracle all apostles experienced all of a sudden an epiphany, a sudden expansion of their awareness and thus were able to recognize themselves from past incarnations and began to speak in previous, old languages which nobody around them could understand.

This will also happen to the entire PAT, but this time in light bodies and not in carbon-based, biological vessels as was the case with the apostles. Hence our transformation will be much more profound and everlasting. The actual Pentacostal miracle as described in the Acts actually refers to what will happen with the masses.

At the time of the Pentacostal miracle, the masses were not affected by this descent of the Holy spirit in the physical vessels of the apostles. That is why those who observed this miracle thought that the apostles were drunken. It is the most succinct description of what will happen this time with the whole human population when the PAT will detonate the Supernova and will flood in the blink of an eye the minds and physical vessels of all incarnated human beings on the earth with the Christed light from the source. This will also include the dark cabal to a certain extent, even though this energetic opening will not save them from remaining on the catastrophic earth B

No doubt this will be the greatest miracle that this planet and its dumbed down human population have ever experienced in their long and very dark history. After that no human being will remain the same. The energetic change will be so profound, even when some people may forget this sudden expansion of human awareness later on, as it will create new fears due to the dissolution of the physical identity of the still incarnated human personality.

Please bear in mind that this energetic process was discussed by myself more than 10 years ago in detail in my gnostic books and we are now on the cusp of experiencing it personally. Due to the long awaiting, prolonged by numerous delays in our ascension scenario, it is now somewhat difficult for me to fully immerse into the emotional  state of joyful expectation without any reservations, but there is no doubt that this time we have finally made it.

With love and light

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