HS Instructions for Our Final Preparation for Ascension

by Jerry R Richard, March 22, 2013

Thank you, George for your latest updates. Yes I fully agree. We had a slight respite yesterday part of the day. The impulses are getting closer together with very little between.

I am getting from HS that the date of our ascension will be between March 27th and March 31st with all completed by the 31st. It will happen so quickly as in my dream of the bus, which I struggled to handle, but then suddenly just stopped on its own, without any effort on my part. 

We may have “three days of darkness” between 28th and 31st, but I am not sure what that term means. These constant waves are extremely taxing on the physical, so we have to do what we feel like is best, but I am getting: The way I feel, I cannot say that I would think I can last another ten days on the ground, but that is what my HS is saying

1. Rest often, but for short periods about two hours then move about for short periods as able.

2. Eat often as desired, but small amounts at a time.

3. Drink plenty of tea and water.

4. Bathe often, but for short periods.

5. Don’t put off doing anything that you have been planning to do. This includes making amends with relatives.

6. The harvest has already been divided. Do not waste energy explaining to those who do not ask about the ascension process, the reason for your fatigue or anything else related to this process. Just state facts, if you need to. “I am too fatigued to participate” is always a good answer.

7. There is really just nothing left to do except look after your own comfort as best you can and do not resist at all ascension when it comes. For a brief moment we will be putting our total self in control of forces we do not understand and if we let it, this can be scary even for a brief moment. This will be a process similar to the moment of death, birth, or when we first faint or go unconscious.

Its time and these are the advices that I am getting from HS. I am feeling so different this time.

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