GaiaPortal Messages – March 17


by Georgi Stankov, March 18, 2013

The following two messages posted yesterday on GaiaPortal validate what April’s and Dorie’s HS have already told us and what we have discussed in the last two days including in my latest comprehensive article:

The PAT Unity Field of Divine Authority is the Cohesive Thought Field of Messianic Light and Energy around the Earth that Triggers Ascension

where I analyse all the energetic prerequisites necessary to trigger the event horizon of the PAT Supernova.

GaiaPortal Messages-March 17 with short commentary:

“Entrance to Galactic and Stellar portals has been aligned with increasing consciousness of the Master Gaia population. At this current moment, energetics are supportive of travel via interdimensional gateways.

Restrictions on movements of Galactic-aligned Gaia Hue-manity (PAT) have been removed. Await the signal (green light for ascension), while honoring the potential for change.

Higher vision (cohesive thought field of the PAT bringing about the event horizon of the PAT supernova) is valued at this time.”

Rapidly transforming potentials for change affect every organic being upon the planet at this moment. These transform potentials alter strength and frequency moment to moment. Flexibility in decisions is essential for movement into higher Dimensional realms (as discussed and recommended on our website).

Gaia proper transmutes the last remaining dark corners of her body to Light, and clears dross connections. Planetary consciousness now supports such transmutations (see latest messages from April and Dorie).

Waves of Chaos are to be expected as transmutations proceed. Yet High Planetary consciousness enables smooth riding of these waves (PAT appearance as ascended masters will mitigate the chaos due to the collapse of the old matrix) .

Sudden clearings of Inner individual and group Light worker issues occur as waves of Chaos bring issues to surface (This is what the PAT and also other LW currently experience.).

Nodes of Calm will be available as multiple Waves of Chaos intersect (The ubiquitous presence of the PAT members the world over will create such nodes of calm).

We say, “Be in Joy on the ride.”

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