This is the Final Stretch!

By Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, March 28, 2013

Dear Dorie

I have now three days in a row every morning a very nasty purging and rejection wave associated with very unpleasant energy patterns of extremely high frequency that permeate my body and burn my skin and inside. I am in a constant emotional state of being totally pissed off by anything, and everybody, and this whole reality without any concrete reason. There is a physical, bodily rejection of the whole 3d-reality that is so strong, almost animalistic and I need a lot of will and effort to calm down these energies somewhat as to live through the day without a conflict with my wife or a personal crisis. It is really inhuman, especially today.

The intensity of this highly unpleasant physical and emotional state decreases somewhat in the afternoon and the evening. I am not sure if these are the announced waves prior to the final surge of ascension, but this process of burning, needle stitches all over my skin and epidermal and visceral extinction /hellfire of most negative human patterns of rage and aggression, etc. is exceptional in its duration and intensity. There is nothing near to harmony or loving energy in the last several days. Although I am used to such nasty periods of cleansing, I personally expected that it will get better towards the end as we have allegedly finished with this job. It feels as if I am permanently roasted in the worst department of hell.

How do you feel? Do you have similar waves? And do you have any feedback from your HS as to how far we are now in this final, rotten process?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Just a quick note to say that you are not alone! While I do not experience the same physical intensity from the incoming waves that you experience, I am experiencing that “pissed off” feeling you are talking about. I can’t tell you how many times in the past few days I’ve wanted to email you just to say, “Georgi, I’ve been mentally shopping for a pair of really nice kick ass boots, because I really want to kick someone’s ASS! What is wrong with me?” I could really feel that energy coming from you as well, even more so, and I started sending you love and light since yesterday – I think I need to send myself some too!

I will check in with HS and see if I can get a quick update. I’ll be in touch in soon!


Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for this confirmation. I am sorry to hear that you have also been hit by these nasty waves, but I expected it somehow. I have just published an urgent energy update with April that the final wave of ascension has commenced. Can you please ask your HS for a comment if possible.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

I have a short message from HS that confirms we have entered the last most intensive wave. What is it you always say? “And if they don’t die, they will live happily ever after?” LOL! I don’t think we are going to die, I know our HS won’t LET us, but it sure may seem like we are coming close these next few days! We are SOOO very close to ascension now! All the signs are definitely pointing to it and HS confirms it…so let’s get the hell out of here!

Much love and light to you!


Me: Just checking in HS. Boy, I’ve not been feeling well this whole month, and I understand that the Ascension energies are now fully upon us, but the intensity is becoming overwhelming, especially emotionally! I am still not feeling well, and I’m COMPLETELY agitated with most everyone around me. Can you give some explanation to the process we are now moving through… is this it? Are we in the final stretch?

HS: This IS the final stretch! You have described it PERFECTLY! You have entered the last, very long and intensive wave. You are all now being stretched to the furthest points of resistance and you are feeling it not just within your physical bodies, but within your mental and emotional bodies, as well. Remember, you are not just dealing with your own transformation, but the final purging of the dark programmings still within the minds of humanity. It is like pulling weeds out of hard soil – the roots are firmly established, so there is intensive work being done to remove them, in order for new plants to be put in their place. You are dealing with minds who know that change is coming, change is upon them, but they are resistant to change because THIS reality is all they have ever knownYou are now removing the primal fears of survival that have been keeping all that’s unknown from them.

The energies of the full moon are assisting in this,bringing those agitated, depressed, anxious, lunatic energies to the surface, and this is what you are feeling in your own energy as it’s being released by humanity. You are in the process of your own final detachment from this reality, as well, so in a sense, these nasty energies are fueling your ascension as you continue to move away from that which you know is not real and into the higher frequency energies that truly are real. The process is painful, but the reward is almost here!

Hang in there. These last few days will be a little rough, but the soil will be fully prepared and fertile to plant new seeds! Continue to take rest when needed, drink lots of pure water, and visualize just how beautiful your garden will be!


Dear Dorie,

It pretty much feels like your HS has described it – extracting the molars without painkillers of all sleeping entities and dark Internet trolls as paradigm for this lunatic, dark portion of humanity that would rather continue living like somnambulists than awaken for the bliss of heaven and enter paradise. So much the worse for them.

We will somehow survive these last few days full of pain and dis-ease we take upon us on behalf of the sleeping humanity. But the reward will be immense – for us and for many human beings. After all we are now doing service-to-others and not service-to-self as the dark cabal on power do with their dark secret services and their stooges – the scum of society, the Internet trolls – to harass all enlightened people in their blank despair about their grim future next month.

But we now observe a huge progress. In the past they murdered us for what we are – light gestalts and star seeds coming from the source. At present the only thing they can still do for a few more days, before they are mouse-dead and disappear from this planet for ever, is to bark like scared dogs, while the human train is speeding up towards heaven, leaving them back in their own hell.

Hold on, this is indeed the final stretch when it can get very nasty for us, before it really gets infinite more nasty for the dark cabal and their minions next month. That is why they are now stricken with panic and shitting in their pants.


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