How The EU Bank Robbery of the Greek Cypriots Will Lead to a Global Financial Crash Next Month After the Detonation of the PAT Supernova

by Georgi Stankov and Dennis Dingemanse, March 20, 2013

Hi George,

Some hilarios news:

I think it was indeed panic that the EU bureaucrats were trying to confiscate money from Cyprus. No power whatsoever wanted to deliberately steal from many funds of the Russians, who are heavily into Cyprus. One could argue they wanted to pick a fight, but I don’t think so, they are far too weak for that.

Thank god someone posted information about Don Alejandro. I watched the movie Shift Of The Ages and was really impressed at the end of the movie. I knew about him and Maya’s, and the Hopi families as well. But it was still powerful.

The latest message of Benjamin Fulford really shows his allegiance: his ramblings about the new pope taking care of the poor really makes no sense at all. I took this opportunity to post my salted opinion on this matter at David Wilcocks for the last time.

We’ll see how the last days and minutes unfold.

With love and light,

Dear Dennis,

I am still pondering on the real motivation of the West (IMF) and the EU (Germany) to decide to rob the bank deposits of the Cypriot people and to sell this most heinous crime to their peoples as an attack on the Russian oligarchs and mafia, which prompted the stern response of Putin at the highest level. Do the Brussels bureaucrats want to open a real financial war against Russia? This is a very risky pull on the international chest board and the EU may very well suffer checkmate very soon. Was it a decision out of fear? – It most probably was, as all the big EU banks are already bankrupt. No need to name them – the usual suspects.

Was it a deliberate action to begin with the NWO? Highly probable. Did these bureaucratic cabal in Brussels miscalculated the real energetic and psychological situation of the masses on the earth? They definitely made this crucial blunder that will break their neck.

This is the stuff of real revolutions when a seemingly localized decision leads to the collapse of the whole house of cards, intentionally or unintentionally. The bottom line is, it does not matter anymore what the initial intentions of the cabal were, as the whole Orion system is doomed to crumble because the holographic matrix behind it no longer exists and supports this collective illusion.

All the negativities humanity now collectively produces, while still sustaining this illusion out of inertia, are directed to a new holographic recycling model, where they are immediately transformed into light, so that these negative patterns are no longer fed into the new crystalline grid of the earth. The old Orion grid has fully collapsed after we opened the stargates 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 last year and can no longer sustain the current human dross. The astral planes of the archons are also sealed from the current earth’s holographic model, which is now rapidly evolving towards a 4d-balanced earth A/B.

This would say that when the threshold of matrix destruction is reached, even such a stupid local decision to allow the banks to rob the depositors on a small half Mediterranean island will be sufficient to trigger a chain reaction of irresistible financial crashes that will destroy the whole Orion monetary system overnight.

The most likely scenario in this case will be that the Cypriot parliament will refuse to vote this criminal bailout agreement with the EU and Germany as to avoid riots on the island and we will have another stalemate as in Italy and Spain. The Cypriot banks are now closed this whole week, but they cannot keep the people without money for much longer, unless they want to trigger the next Greek revolution on this island. When the Cypriot banks will finally open, there will be a huge run on the banks and the people will take all their monies from their deposits. They will be stupid not to do this and the Cypriots are not stupid in this regard. In this way the banks will finally go bust.

After that the only solution for Cyprus is the Iceland solution – default the banks as the actual culprits for this crisis, eliminate all fiscal and external state debts by a sovereign electoral decision of the people and make a new fresh start. Iceland did exactly this and thus they avoided all the severe austerity measures, ordered by the dark financial cabal in the EU centres and by IMF. Instead of impoverishing the people, Iceland now has a booming economy of 5-7% GDP growth and prosperity has returned. Of course the banksters abroad had to swallow this decision and their losses willy nilly, as they believed that they would be able to contain the contagious decision of the people of Iceland to this small northern island.

But now Ireland is expected to follow the Iceland example. Cyprus will have no other choice, but do the same, then comes Italy and Spain as all their exorbitant fiscal and external debts were deliberately created by the dark Orion cabal to impoverish humanity and establish the NWO in the End Times. None of these debts can be paid back by austerity measures, even if all the people will be degraded to poppers, so that the clean surgical solution alla Iceland is the best and only solution.

This will automatically lead to the collapse of the house of cards of the Orion monetary system for ever, However, I do not believe that this scenario will unfold before our ascension and after that the financial crash will be inevitable due to many other reasons.

The most devastating financial WMD are the CDOs and other virtual derivatives which the big banks created with a unique criminal energy of greed in the 90s and after 2000. The total sum of these virtual derivatives exceeds 60 times the BSP of the world economy. None of these obligations have any real value. In addition come the state deficits of all countries which are 120% of the world BSP. Then we have the corporate and private debts which are also enormous and exceed many times the physical production and capacity of the world economy.

Not to forget that all big banks are bankrupt since 2008 and now only function because they were bailed three times by the tax payers with trillions of dollars and are allowed to print money out of thin air – for instance borrowing money at zero interest rates from the Fed and then buying state bonds and earning several percents interest rates from the state for nothing. The difference of this scam is paid by the US taxpayers. Each month the Fed is printing 90 billion $ out of thin air and has no avoirs at all. All the gold is gone in the underground bunkers of the cabal, where they hope to survive the ID split.

Hence the Cyprus crisis is the famous flutter of the wings of a butterfly, which is sufficient to unleash a hurricane in another part of the world according to the chaos theory with regard to highly unstable, dynamic disequilibrium systems.

The greatest systemic blunder the dark cabal in finance and politics are now committing and will continue to commit due to their stupidity and robotic behaviour is to believe that they still have business as usual and that the masses will continue to support any heinous crime they invent in their pathological minds. They do not consider the game changer, which is the PAT, and the huge high frequency energies we have transmitted from the source to humanity and Gaia in the past three months since the opening of the last two stargates.

Now we have a completely new situation on the earth, where any action on the part of the dark cabal based on service-to-self will immediately produce destructive results for them as the era of prolonged karma is over now and we have entered the zero-time of immediate creation and its experience.

The dark cabal is now fully severed from the new timeline A/B and the new crystalline grid of the ascending Gaia, and also from the web of light of the PAT. In this way any negative decision or action is fed into the new holographic recycling model that will pertain to the catastrophic timeline B after the ID split, which they will occupy very soon.

The crashes they will unleash with their decisions to impoverish and enslave humanity in the End Times as to reap their soul harvest will only hurt themselves in a feedback loop system, as the rest of humanity will soon move on the balanced timeline A/B and experience prosperity and abundance based on new 4d-technologies and a new social and economic order, which we will establish as the new human ascended masters and Earth Keepers. This is what we are preparing now all the time behind the veil.

I hope that I have given you a succinct analysis of the coming End Time scenario on the ground that will satisfy your quest for a better understanding of the energetic mechanisms involved in the impending economic and financial collapse that will occur immediately after the detonation of the PAT Supernova end of March.

By the way, today is another calm day and the information I got this time from my HS is that the announced huge source pulse for today and yesterday was actually triggered by the PAT on March 16-17 when all of us experienced a massive ascension test run. Now we are all connected to the source and it is a rule that we first experience these energy surges before they are transmitted and reach humanity. This was the case with me in the last 2 years when I was the only one to be the nexus to the source. Today I rather feel the balanced masculine/ feminine energies that blend harmoniously with the energy field of Gaia’s womb.

With love and light

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