Enjoy the Final Helter-Skelter if You Can!

by April Bender, March 22, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I’m sorry it took me so long to get an update to you. Another drama/scenario just unfolded, should have known they always come in 3’s, anyhow that side-tracked me away from connecting with HS yesterday as planned.

The message below was pretty helpful for me and I hope that the PAT finds it helpful as well. It does tell us a little more, but not a lot. I was able to get verification of 3-4 more incoming waves prior to detonation, as your HS told you.

As always, I look forward to your initial response and know that I will try for more info later this weekend prior to moving into the energetics of next week.

I hope you’re doing well today.

Much love and light,

HS Update 3/22/13

HS: Dearest April, I know the last few days have been tumultuous at best, but please remember what you are witnessing is a grand infusion of light, surging across and through the planet. The light is literally blowing old foundations, thought structures, belief systems, organizations/collectives of the old order/paradigm, clean APART! It is the righting, balancing, or redeeming of all that is humanity’s birthright. Since you are the frequency carriers, you yourselves may feel literally blown apart/away – as this further reflects how far along you are (the PAT) in the detonation sequence. There is a sense of compression/tightness that comes just prior to each infusion wave. And we know, there has been little respite for you, the PAT.

Your moorings are so close to being fully removed – so if it feels like the ground or rug has been pulled permanently away from under your feet, know that you can WALK ON AIR! You need not this old foundation or context anymore. For you are FREE! Let the old fall, allow portions of it to recreate itself, do not look for your place within it for your place will soon be ABOVE it.

I know you feel almost as if you’ve stepped into this very large and expansive brightly lit corridor, and the light is so pure and so bright you can’t see a darn thing (for some PAT they might experience this as the Void/darkness instead), and there is nothing for your feet to connect with, no rails for you to put your hands on, it’s all completely open. Are you standing? Are you falling? There is no gauge yet for you to tell. We know this can feel a little disorienting or make you feel anxious or confused, especially if still carrying on day to day activities within 3D, but try your best to relax, to meld and expand into it. REMEMBER, you’ve done this before. You’ve been born, many, many times before.

These sensations are being felt because you are now in the birthing canal, having just recently left the security of the womb, and are awaiting your moment of birth/ detonation/ release, as the energies hasten to this inevitable end/culmination. You being in the birthing canal will manifest itself in varied ways within your external reality – through dramas, catalytic events, triggers, physical sensations, etc…Know that these are only outer signs of your and Gaia’s imminent rebirth and change over into a NEW and HEIGHTENED reality/perception. Off-setting this experience might be ones of great bliss and expansion. It is quite natural to flip back and forth between these two types of experiences while in the birthing canal.

The next 3-4 waves will see this to completion. From this period now until the end of the month, 3-31, will see this grand finale or new beginning fully manifest, as the old continues to crumble and/or is recycled in more harmonious ways. Again no dates will be given, aside from the original timeline, but know your inner compass on such matters will lead you to know exactly where you are within the process.

The masses have cleared a tremendous amount of fear based programming in just the last couple of weeks as I’m sure the PAT felt within their fields. They are ready and only final alignments and infusions are left to take shape/place prior to the PAT detonation/ supernova. By alignments we mean energetic in nature as well as celestial (hint).

As you can already feel and ascertain, all is moving along very, very rapidly. You are so close and the waves are almost finished with you, just hang in there.


Dear April,

“…And the waves are almost finished with you…” should actually read: “And the waves have almost finished you.”

Thank you for your latest energy update from your HS. It has come just in time to compliment Jerry’s instructions on our final preparation for ascension. Actually the situation is crystal-clear and we all feel at present breathless, while still strangled in the birthing channel of whomever or whatever, it does not matter anymore. We are now about to lose any orientation, while hammered by these relentless waves. I did not expect anything else in our final days on this planet. If our higher selves cannot kill us, they will have to ascend us, as there is no way back.

Fortunately, I am just beginning to recover from my last knock down this evening and also to recuperate my gallow humour. I have no idea what kind of earthly challenges are sweeping over you now, but I pray for you that they will be soon over. Our drama must come to an end, so that the world drama can commence. If we are not dead on March 27th, we will live happily ever after. End of the fairy tale!

With love and light

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