Dorie’s HS: The Energies Are Now in Perfect Alignment, Detonation Is Occurring Right Now, All Members of the PAT Will Dematerialize at the Same Time.

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, March 31, 2013

Dear Dorie,

I have just published a message from the Elohim channelled by Carla. They confirm my initial announcement that we have successfully ignited the ID spilt two days ago. 

As today is the deadline announced by our HS for our ascension, it is urgent to have an update from them as to when shall we leave our physical vessels and appear in front of humanity as ascended masters. Easter and other religious holidays are almost over. They don’t want to keep us another month on the ground, as was the case last month, do they? On the other hand the energetic events seem to stipulate. Hence a new update will be very helpful before this weekend comes to an end.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I apologize for not checking in with you sooner, but it’s been very busy in my home these last couple of days! I’ve been reading and going over the recent messages from Carla and April and I love delving into the scientific aspects of the ascension process, but was feeling blocked in receiving any information that could be added to what is being given to us.

THAT IS, until I read your reply to Carla’s message this morning. I kept waiting for you to use the word “dematerialize” because that is the word that has been coming to me over and over again for the past 3 days. And THERE it was in this morning’s posting!

My HS has been trying to share information with me in regards to the dematerialization process and how it will unfold. I have had this question in my mind of how we will all ‘detonate’ at the same time, especially with the PAT being spread all over the world and in different time zones.

My mind has been trying to understand it from a linear point of view, and with the “thought” that we would most likely have to be sleeping in order for ascension to occur, as certainly all of my test runs have been, while I’ve been in a state of some level of sleeping.

But what I have been hearing from HS is that it is not necessary for us to be asleep in order for ascension to take place – that was the most likely scenario that we talked about, but we have reached the point, where we have altered our frequencies to a place where sleep is not a necessity.

Forgive me, Georgi, if this is not making sense, but the human brain I have now just cannot wrap around the technical information that HS is trying to share with me, so I will simply share what I have been “seeing” for a while now, and it is exactly as April and Carla have shared, and you have then explained to us.

This is the image that HS is sharing with me.

What I am seeing is the PAT as one vortex of energy, like a big tornado, and the velocity of that tornado increases to such a speed that it begins to dematerialize from the top to the bottom, just like when you turn a fan on to a higher speed and you can no longer see the fan blades spinning, so they seem invisible.

I‘m ‘seeing’ everyone dematerializing within our group at the same time, so not everyone will be sleeping, some will be wide awake, maybe in a relaxed mood, altered state of some kind, but it will happen all at once. This is what HS says to me:

The energies are now in perfect alignment, detonation is occurring right now, which means you are beginning to dematerialize, so hence the reason why you are sleeping so hard and then coming back to 3D completely disoriented as you try to put the 3D holographic molecule illusion back into place upon waking. As the process continues, you will begin to experience this disorientation even more so in your waking state and know that ascension of your physical vessel is only moments away.

I don’t hear or see that there are any delays, just that this date is significant because of the perfect alignment and energy fields required to finalize the whole process, so we should be able to dematerialize at any time now, whether we are asleep or wide awake.

I can absolutely feel the arrival of the newest energy surge of energy that you are speaking of today! I am feeling so excited, Georgi! Let’s hope this is the final surge we need to transport ourselves into the higher dimensions and out of THIS illusion!

I hope this information offers some new validation that we are almost there!

Much love to you my friend!

Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for this additional explanation and validation from you and your HS regarding how the PAT will dematerialize from this reality simultaneously regardless of the daytime when the PAT supernova will be detonated.

Now that we will all ascend at the same time, it will indeed no longer be necessary to go through this transformation in the dream state, but can do it at any time of the day and under all possible living conditions.

It is a great consolation for me that your HS confirms the actual energy build-up leading to this event and that according to your intuition and information there is no delay in the current process of ascension.

This is what the Elohim also told Carla today, but without giving us a precise date.

Let us hope that we will end this earthly charade this weekend.

With love and light

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