My Last Decree

by Georgi Stankov, March 4, 2013

Dear PAT Friends!

Below you will find my “Last Decree” which I have started to declare loudly three times a day for the next week and as long as I am on the earth. I recommend you to follow my example. We must officially, in the full and unlimited expression of our personal free will, liberate ourselves from all our duties and obligations towards mankind and Gaia.

The PAT must decide as Divine Authority and in the name of the Law of Oneness that our mission on the earth is terminated once and for all.

This is the only way I see how to accelerate our ascension. The logic behind is that we can no longer be forced to continue with our mission on behalf of humanity. Thus we shall no longer be of any help to All-That-Is, and our retrieval from this holographic model will become an energetic necessity. As long as we believe that we are obliged to do anything for humanity and Gaia, or for ourselves as incarnated personalities, we will be kept on this toxic planet. Please keep in mind that we could have ascended many times in past and that we have fulfilled all requirements for ascension, e.g. fully merging with our Christed selves.

My Last Decree – March 4, 2013

Herewith I decree that I nullify all my vows and commitments which I have made as a multi-dimensional personality to help Gaia and humanity ascend in the current End Times in all my previous incarnations, parallel, alternative and future lives and throughout all dimensions. This decision is irrevocable and my divine right as a creator being. 

I make use of my free will and reject immediately any further participation of My Self in any kind of cleansing waves and other energetic activities on behalf of humanity and Gaia. All such energies that may eventually flow through my field and body will be immediately blocked by my free will and emotional rejection, and returned back to the source. I no longer allow my physical body and etheric fields to be associated with or misused by this kind of energetic work imposed on myself against my free will and will delegate these negative energies with all my force as ascended master back to the source and humanity.   

I declare that I have accomplished my mission on the earth to the best of my abilities and knowledge. I am ready and demand my immediate ascension and returning back to the source, respectively my unification with my monad and my pristine realms. My mission on the earth has been herewith irrevocably terminated. This is my final and irrefutable will.

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