After the Three Days of Darkness We Have Entered Paradise

by Georgi Stankov, March 29, 2013

The last missive of the Manuscript of Survival – Part 292, March 29, 2013 has just confirmed on time what we already know: That after the “three days of darkness” we have just exited, we have already entered paradise. The dynamics of the current events is incredible. 

I was sensing another cc-wave this morning as announced, but then it stopped suddenly and now my emotional field is flooded with optimistic feelings and anticipation of the bliss that awaits us after our impending ascension. This is the time when miracles happen and it is up to us to invite them enter our inner space of personal creation of fulfilment, abundance, and spiritual completion.


The manuscript of survival – part 292 . Mars 29, 2013

So here we are dear friends, ready to begin another day in paradise. For that is truly what it is, is it not? We do not say this in order to offend anyone still in the throes of the last birth pangs, we just say it as a little reminder that you are not left out, any one of you. For you are already in paradise, and even if you for some reason have yet to come to the same conclusion yourself, let us just say that deep within yourself, you have, and soon, the rest of your awareness will follow suit.

Let us explain. As we have stated on so many an occasion, if you venture to look for paradise outside the confines of your own self, you might find quite a lot of traces of it, in the beauty of nature, and in the loving look from another soul’s gaze. But if you focus on what is still abundant around you of sorrow, misery and mismanagement, you will come to no other conclusion than that you are still living in something that for many can only be described as a nightmare. But again, it is a nightmare, for it is truly an illusion, and as such, the moment you yourself fully awaken, you will see it for the shimmering haze of make believe it really is. For that is not permanent, not in any way, and all of that will start to dissipate as soon as you start to emerge from this cocoon of transformation. For when you do, you will see that you are permanent, as you are in all ways and manner immortal. And so everything else are just undulations of energies, ebbing and flowing around you, but no more than a chimera.

In other words, once you are truly reborn back into this, the truest version of you, you will begin to look upon what surrounds you with a far more discerning eye. Then you will see that there are no absolutes in this so-called ”reality” that seems to be pressing in on you. For it is but a fiction of the human mind, put up as a sort of play acted out under the pretense of being real. But it is not real, no more real than what play-actors present on stage in theatres. And just like a play, no matter how popular it has become, it will sooner or later have to go out of production. For a play will only continue as long as there are people willing to come and see it. And now, as you awaken one by one, you will leave your seats and exit this ”theater of life”, as we like to call this third density performance of ”reality” that you have been avidly watching for so long.

For remember, you have all had an affinity for this play, for at first, you too were an intrinsic part of it as actors. But as soon as you started to open up and go within, you left center stage and gradually retreated into the stalls, where you kept a close eye on what was going on at the stage. But now, the time to leave the playhouse altogether has come. For now, it is indeed time to re-enter the real life, and start to live in manner that befits your new status as creators. For that is truly what you are, real life creators. For yours is no longer the role of obedient actors, catering to each and every whim of those dictatorial directors, shouting out from the wings. Nor is it the role of willing spectators, engaging hungrily in every nuance of what is being played out in front of you, gasping in horror or chuckling in delight at each cruel joke or nasty barb being uttered from one of the actors.

For now, you have your own life to play out, and as soon as you understand this, you too will realize that it is time to leave your seat in this old and run down ”theater of life” and go out into the sun and start to live you own life as a free citizen of paradise. For it is indeed a paradise that you are living in, and this becomes apparent as soon as you open your eyes and open your heart and start to drink in all of the beauty that is already here. Not only in Mother Nature, but also inside each and every human being you come across. For you are truly citizens of paradise, and you will make this whole planet into a veritable paradise as soon as you stop looking back over your shoulders at the actors making their desperate attempts to entice you back into their cramped and airless little playhouse.

For you have yourself now, with which to play out the full and free life you have always dreamed of. A life that is not incomplete in any way. And you have everything at your disposal, there is no lack of funds nor of resources, as you are once again connected to that all-encompassing life source that is running throughout All of creation, and the sooner you realize this, the better. For then, you can all start to create from the heart, for that is where this true connection resides. And once you start tapping into this truth, you will never ever run out of steam. And then, you will start to engender so much, not just from yourself, but from this whole web of like minded, or rather free minded, souls that are starting to emerge all over your beautiful planet. For you will all see just how overwhelmingly satisfying it will be, not only to finally be out in the fresh air, but also how unbelievably satisfying it is to finally get to create something that is real and true and everlasting. And that, dear friends, is the true paradise you have just entered.

Channel: Aisha North

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