Ascension is Infinite Expansion of Our Light Body Fields

by Georgi Stankov, March 3, 2013

This is the latest channeling of a new German website called “light world edition” which I have only recently found. The author and editor Jahn J Kassl is channeling and also writing excellent political comments on actual topics, revealing the lies, crimes and deceptions of the current Orion system from an enlightened and critical point of view, very much in coalescence with our approach on current events and topics on this website. He comes from Vienna, Austria and seems to be a highly educated man with a broad scope of intellectual interests. His channelings are very similar to those of John Smallman inasmuch as they do not contain much factual information, but rather read as a sermon. However there is a gnostic depth in Jahn’s messages which John Smallman cannot reach. 

I decided to publish his latest message as of today as it has a recurrent motif, on which I would like to draw your attention. Ascension is essentially the infinite expansion of our light body fields in order to merge with the universe. It is not only an increase of frequencies in order to incorporate the spectra of all dimensions – from the third to the 12th (the source), as the PAT has already done, but also to expand in terms of 3d-space-time of the solar universes.

I have discussed on numerous occasions in my gnostic books and publications on this website that expansion of light bodies means increase in frequency and light, while contraction means decrease in frequency and increase in density. Fear is contraction, while love is expansion. That is how the density on this planet has been created step by step by introducing new denser, fear-based patterns by the former PTB, who had only one aim – to dumb down humanity and sponge on their soul energies.

In April’s latest message, her HS is explicitly referring to the expansion of our fields in this last phase of the ascension process, after we have already merged with the source energetically:

I know you can FEEL it my dear, how your complete metamorphosis is so close you can taste it, even dabble and explore the periphery of it. I am sorry that it’s coming with some physical discomfort, but that cannot be avoided – for you are EXPANDING even further (as the PATs reach grows and intensifies) in unification of Self and the Collective (PAT) Self, in the remaining time prior to your transition.”

The physical manifestation of our ascension and transmutation from physical, biological beings to crystalline light entities will be our expansion, which is also currently responsible for the “quickening” of linear time, for its distortion and sudden elimination into the void of the NOW. This is also the leitmotif of Jahn’s message below. I doubt if the author is aware of this physical background, dealing with the elastic nature of space-time as assessed by the Universal Law in mathematical terms, but precisely this fact makes his message even more reliable and authentic.

It clearly confirms that we have left the phase of distortion of linear time, which is a holographic illusion, and have now entered its extension phase, which will be suddenly terminated “with a jerk” into the infinity of the Now, when we will ascend and merge with All-That-Is. In simple words, we will be able to be everywhere in this universe by establishing simultaneous inter- and intra-galactic connections between various galaxies and dimensions in this universe, including within our galaxy – the Milky Way. Although this knowledge should be basic to the PAT, it is worth reiterating it one more time on the cusp of our ascension.


by Jahn J Kassl, March 3, 2013

Translation from German language into English by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones!

God is calling you to join him! God is waiting for you and opens the doors to the light, go through, you hesitant ones, what awaits you afterwards is eternal life.

The time turns out of this hologram – it is at first “Distorted“, then “Expanded” until finally, with one jerk, it will drop into a vacuum, until the planet finds itself in time-and spaceless Being. We are currently in transition from the state of “distortion” to that of “expansion“.

That is to say, certain states of anxiety exit the energy field and are released therefrom, for expansion is always associated with an increase in cosmic Light, and where the light is increasing, there is no fear.

What in the “time warp” comes up, boils and is, and is now ebbing.

However, at times of transition, when jumping into a new era, a lot of events are messed up, entangled in each other and occur at the same time – because the two planes touch.

That is to say: chaos is reigning because people sense this time as chaotic.

But in this chaos there is absolute divine discipline, order and logic, Only for the people on the ground it is almost impossible to discern this, since they are mostly focused on the linear perception of their field of experience.

What can I advise you in this so unique, crucial and for you so consuming time?

To expand yourself with space and time, to extend, which means: To open your heart and to embrace in confidence the cosmic Light.

The new hologram of Earth requires aligned and attuned people. And attuned you are, as long as you vibrate with the light of creation and welcome this divine light unconditionally in your cells.

This time demands Everything from you! This time gives you Everything!

A long way is now finding its continuation. And as you expand your hearts, extend and open, you are bestowed with a deep inner peace, which the divine light currently provides – for wherever unrest and disorder exist, also peace and order are the opposite and disproportionately present.

Where there is light, there is shadow, so long as a planet has fully reached the timeless Being.

The “expansion” of your planet is underway. Expand, extend and open your awareness for this process, then it goes along with everything that is now within your reach;,in this way you stay involved in the process of ascension, which is now entering its crucial phase.

The new hologram is created, the new man realizes what is, what was and will be.

Blessed, you beloved gods of the present time, honored you are, and this beyond all measure.

I Am
The Logos of this our galaxy with the name:

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