Yesterday, February 12, PAT Was Finally Released From its Cleansing Activities. First Ascension Wave Bigger Than Expected. No Complications in Sight.

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, February 13, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I just woke up about 20 minutes ago, and feel strangely amazing this morning (Feb 12)! This is extremely unusual for me as usually I wake with a little anxiety having returned to 3d, sinus issues, and always a little bit of an upset stomach. It usually takes 30 to 40 minutes for all these symptoms to settle for the day.

But this morning I feel awake, alert, at peace and yes, even fairly joyful. I feel very light almost weightless. And most importantly I had the immediate sense that something shifted or deepened last night. I truly feel as though the entire landscape or the energetics associated morphed in some way.

Then I propped over to the website and saw Carla’s message! I just wanted to additionally confirm whatever it was that she and Anita did last night. I can absolutely feel a difference today. Would love to have more clarity about this, then again this could be the further descent or our Christed Selves.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

what better way to find this out than to check one more time with your HS. From now on, I guess, my ascension can happen any moment, but I suspect that first my elderly daughter, who has now visited me, must return to Munich, which means, this night is the optimal ascension time for me.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Haha, I just knew you were going to suggest that. What a good and consistent mentor you are, chuckle. I should have some time while at work today to try and connect.

Enjoy your time with your eldest as I do feel you’ll be transitioning over very very soon.

Much love and light,

Dear Georgi,

If you’ve not ascended yet…

So I took your advice and asked HS if something did in fact happen or shift last night to cause my wonderful morning experience. And I am sure glad that I asked! Below is HSs response. It doesn’t really contain anything new other than additional confirmation and clarity, but if you think it would be helpful, please share it. If it sounds off, or you have questions, please let me know.

HS didn’t say specifically, but I did get the impression that this final prep period would last on average between 24-72 hours, depending upon the soul/individual.

I hope you’re feeling well today at the time you receive this, and have noticed a deepening of the more pleasant ascension symptoms.

Much love and light,

HS Urgent Update – February 12, 2013

Me: Today has been such an interesting day for me. I awoke this morning feeling the best I have in literally years. Usually I wake with a little anxiety, lingering sinus and tummy issues, but nope, none of that today! I was actually quite delighted to greet the day, but not overly excited, just feeling joyful, light, expansive and at peace. Late in the afternoon, I did start to feel a little frustrated and irritated from sitting at the computer all day, but that soon passed. This evening, I find myself still up in spirits, and can still very much feel the energy continuing to surge within me. It seems to have intensified a bit within the last hour or so, and my body is rather restless as a result.

What happened/ shifted last night to change the energetic landscape so much? And can you also clarify that I am on the ascension wave this week as I think I’ve intuited correctly from you?

HS: Yes, you are scheduled to ascend on this wave. You will be ascending with Georgi, Dorie, Jerry, (I believe also Carla and Daniel?), to name but a few among several others. The first wave will be bigger than you realize at the moment, let’s just say more than a handful, and the waves will just keep coming. Georgi will however, still be the first amongst your group and there will be other souls that perhaps you don’t recognize from this incarnation, but you will recognize in spirit, you could say members of the larger/extended PAT family that just haven’t formally checked in with the group during 3D earth life.

Last night (Feb 12), you of the first wave were OFFICIALLY released/relieved of your former duties. This perhaps explains why you woke up feeling wonderful, light, awake/aware and ready to greet the new day! Not to mention the further descent of your Christed Self which should also be palpable to you.

The LW community as well as the masses are now ready and able to withstand the full force/brunt of the highly potent, transformative energies streaming in right now from Source/Great Central Sun. And to help “buffer” these energies for them will be the LWs and remaining PAT members (including crystalline children).

Each progressing ascension wave will see more of the PAT (including extended PAT) transfiguring/ ascending as the LW community begins to step up to become a large part of the buffering process (relieving yet more PAT), leading into mass ascension around the equinox. You see, we need many masters operating on many different levels leading into the final ID split.

This relief of duty for this next ascension wave however, could not have happened if not for the success of the clearing/opening processes that you all have contributed to extensively. Both within yourselves (final template releases) and humanity at large.

It is now time. The complete descent of your multidimensional Christed Self has now fully entered its FINAL phase, and this is also why you have been relieved of all your former duties. FINAL preparations in many areas are happening behind the scenes to support you as you prepare to enter the nexus point of the web of light and cross the bridge/ threshold into your newly expanded sense of Self and role/mission. We do not anticipate ANY complications at this time. This final preparation period will last according to each soul’s need and each soul will transition/ascend within their own moment/time of “completion.”


Dear April,

I can definitely confirm that I have been released from my cleansing activities since Monday, Feb 11th. This is a fundamentally new experience for me after the drudgery in the last 20 years. Now I only sense the beneficial energies of my soul family and monad, respectively of the source in my field without having to transmute dark human dross any more. This is a very delightful contrast to what I felt only three days ago and, of course, I need some time to adjust to this new positive shift in energies.

Yesterday, I also realized that the first ascension wave will be bigger than expected and that complicated preparations are now taking place behind the veil to coordinate this most crucial event for humanity on a global scale.

It is very comforting to hear that this time there are no complications. This is also my impression. This kind of complications have become our nightmare in past ascension test runs and the source of infinite disappointment.

I also get the information that once the ascension process has commenced, it will proceed very rapidly and there will be no pause in between.

Now Gaia and humanity are receiving source energy without any restriction, as the last GaiaPortal message also confirms, so that those remaining on the ground will be able to fully process this energy pulses without our presence and massive help.

I have always eagerly expected this point in time, when we, the PAT, will no longer be needed on the earth as huge vacuum cleansers of human darkness and generators of purified, higher frequency energies, so that we can finally ascend. Anything else would be a waste of energy and Source does not waste energy.

Now we have finished with our job and it is irrelevant when the first ascension wave will begin – today, tomorrow, or the day after. We know and feel now that we have been released from our duties and that our present human incarnations have irrevocably come to an end.

Thank you very much for this important validation. Let us now begin with our real mission, for which we have come on the earth in the first place – leading humanity as first ascended human masters to higher dimensions. This is the promised “return of the masters”, the “Second Coming of Christed Consciousness” on this planet as heralded in all mass religions and esoteric teachings.

With love and light

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