Urgent Energy Update – February 17, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

This afternoon (18.00 p.m. CET), I felt all of a sudden the “quickening” of the ascension process in the “no-time”, about which April’s and also Dorie’s HS have spoken in their last message.

What is important is that you continue to monitor “the quickening” sensations of this process, as this will be your true guide, and it is ultimately by you surrendering into this wave of quickening/sensation of these ascension inducing energies, that your full release/merge will be realized.”

This happened, while I was writing my article on the BBC cover-up on 9/11. All of sudden I had a crystal clear vision how the facade of lies is collapsing and how this meltdown produced a full opening for our future mission of revelations as ascended masters and how easy and smoothly this disclosure will be accomplished.

Precisely, I had an absolute clear view into the near future, a kind of a highly stimulating intellectual breakthrough, where all obstacles were already surmounted. This epiphany   was associated with the blissful feeling of ultimate fulfilment that we have reached our final goal. This mental breakthrough was so overwhelming as it encompassed memories from my youth, present and future and moulded them into a complete vision firmly rooted in the everlasting present. It eliminated all linear time and made all my past efforts in this incarnation melting down into negligible rand notices of history. 

It was a most beautiful experience, during which my HS told me that my ascension is imminent and that I will finally begin with the realization of this vision; this notion seemed so familiar to me as if it already existed in this reality.

This is just a short energy report of today that is characterized by extremely high frequency and very powerful energies which carry me away from this reality into the higher dimensions.


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