Personal Opinions – February 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

I have experienced a shift, a personal shift. It is one of omniscience and omnipresence.  This has happened overnight (Feb 5). I do not have any words to explain. Have you or any others also noticed anything of this nature?

Deep love to You,

Dear Carla,

I experienced this personal shift of mind many years ago – in the 90s, so that I cannot confirm this shift these days, although I have added some more octaves to this omniscient state of the mind in the following years.

However, it is true that the energies are now very conducive to reach a remarkable mental clarity, to detach from marginal details and to see the reality without any distortion. My last article on Obama is a clear example of these energies.


Hello George.

Twice in one week I write you. Well you were in my consciousness last night as I lay awake for some reason. I have a feeling of having crossed a hurdle of some kind and that I am now in preparation for what is to come.

I was feeling early this morning that there are those on the forefront of this incredible movement to consciousness and that my time is upon me.

That there is something moving me easily every night and everyday towards this state of being that I know not and yet it is inevitable, that it can not be stopped and that it is right in front of me.

Felt the need to share this with you Georgi… I know not why and yet I am to just follow my feelings.

much love
Anthony Kane

Dear Anthony,

we all have crossed the last threshold (dress rehearsal) this weekend before our ascension. The whole process is much more complex and intricate than anybody of us could ever imagine. And  yet, there are some vague outlines that show me that we are in the last throes.

All star seeds move now into a group consciousness as the PAT has done this last year in an evolutionary manner. We all are coming together for the great event, which will be the beginning of human ascension this month.

The most surprising aspect for me though is that I know that I have reached the final goal of my incarnation and actually I should be very excited and happy about this fact. Instead I am not able to experience any real joy, but just reside in a calm state of inner conviction that everything is as it should be and has always be. This neutral state of the mind and the psyche has the propensity to delete all painful past memories and to instigate the wrong impression in my mind as if my life has not been so hard and challenging as I have experienced it.

While I welcome this deliberate modulation of my memory by my HS, I stay quite attentive not be thrown in another delusion, as we all have been thrown before we made the crucial and most insane decision to incarnate on this toxic planet at this particularly disastrous time. But as we know now that we have made it and somehow survived against all odds till the final countdown, it is legitimate to be lulled into sweet, uncritical memories.

I am not sure if that is what you actually wanted to tell me, but this is also part of the human maya up to the very last moment of our full awakening as pristine, multidimensional beings.

With love and light

Dear George,

Sunday and Monday were difficult days for me. Today I feel much better. Your article on Obama this morning, February 5th, is extraordinary. Your comments:

“Even the mainstream mass media could not close their eyes to the fact that Obama is making his “KILL LIST” strategy permanent in preparation for his life on the catastrophic earth B:”


“Considering all these facts about the most criminal and last US-president and their growing, critical discussion in the mass media, I am very confident that the opening of the hearts of the masses, even the frozen hearts of many an established journalist from the mainstream mass media, has now reached the necessary threshold to begin with the revelations on a new, much higher level. This can only be done with our first ascension and appearance in front of humanity.”

make it obviously clear these are the final dark acts and the pre-ascension momentum that has been awaited in the US….

In Light & Love,

Dear Marilyn,

I have been guided by my HS to be very vigilant and critical about Obama. In fact with my articles about him and I have already sealed his destiny, contrary to the weird expectations of many LW that Obama may unleash the change. It is true that I coached him´between 2007 – 2010 in the dream state many times, but then I stopped doing this, as he had sold his soul to the devil. My current revelations on Obama are only necessary clarification for those who “do not see the trees from too much wood” as the Germans used to say in this case.


Dear George.

Another poor soul went off the kill list today – Phil Marshall. Author of 2 conspiracy books. You probably know, but 2 children and dog were also killed, shot through the heads. Bloody awful.

Also read that a people’s group in the US had filed a lawsuit on behalf of everyone on the planet against all major banks and corporations acting against our interests without our knowledge, and they have voluntarily capitulated. How true this is I don’t know, but we keep being told a lot has been going on behind the scenes to bring the PTB to account and to pin the puppets down legally.

I have had a week of fluey symptoms – same as bug described in USA blogs. Lots of people suspecting its genetically engineered which is very likely. Also many have said its one of the “boomerang” viruses that keep coming back and bite you on the bum. The cold/flu viruses have been like that for the last few years I have noticed. I have lots of home made treatments I can chuck at them so I won’t go under. Feeling better today – ready for the next wave!

I have just decided I will ascend with loud music playing – Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” . Ironic title for current times, but mainly because of its uplifting guitar work by the most amazing David Gilmour. What a light worker.

Love light and hugs.
Lynn x

Dear Lynn,

never heard of Phil Marshall and could not find anything about him on the Internet.

I personally do not believe that there are any viruses involved in our flu-like symptoms caused by the LBP and the ongoing cleansing. Viruses can no longer affect our high-frequency, almost crystalline bodies and they have never done this in the past, unless our soul has modulated our astral program of body regulation as to allow this to happen for whatever karmic or other reasons.

But this does not make the flu-like symptoms less severe and debilitating. This will stay so till we ascend. Therefore let us do it asap.


Dear George,

Just wanted to report some physical intensity that I experienced this past Sunday, February 3rd.

It started with general weakness and a headache Saturday, and the headache intensified throughout the night. I woke up Sunday morning (Feb 3rd) with all over massive head pain, and also in the neck and shoulders, in addition to the shakes, a low body temperature (for that time of day), and queasiness. I cried from pain/tension, and to process who knows what else. I haven’t thrown up since food poisoning around age 4, but I did again on Sunday (just clear fluid), and it was definitely not food poisoning!  So for someone who “never” loses her stomach, this was quite unusual. I could do nothing the rest of the morning and afternoon but lay in bed. Twice during this time in half-asleep mode, my body jumped (presumably from when the soul starts to project but then snaps back into the physical vessel). After 3pm, I woke up and could resume normal activities again, even though the headache and back pain remained through the day, but receded to a tolerable level. The typical daily ear ringing started up again at this time too.

This was one of the most physically intense episodes I have experienced, but also one of the shortest in duration, for something of that strength. And although it was tough physically, dealing with it and the recovery afterwards were both “easier”, in a way, than the typical non-physical (mental-emotional-psychic) energy processing that I have done.  At the very least, if this were due to something nasty such as a virus, then the short duration suggests that my body is capable of healing itself at a much faster pace than before, when a bug would typically affect me for a week. At the most, if this were due to an energy wave/release, then this suggests that something of new is happening behind the scenes…

I finished reading the Sandra’s post in your Feb 5th Personal Opinions just now – seems to confirm the above (energy wave).  Oh, and April’s report too, sounds intense.  My oh my…

Time to sleep. But for you it is probably time to say “Good morning.” (Hopefully it is a good one!)

With love and light,

Dear Michelle,

this is the classical cc-wave with a headache that also affects the third chakra and often leads to nausea and vomiting. This wave is exclusively associated with huge energy downloads from the source, which you transmit further to the ascending humanity through the web of light. You are now all beyond the stage of personal cleaning. You are now pure conduits of light for humanity and this is even more stressful than personal cleansing. But during such downloads, the emotional field is not that much affected. There are other typical cleansing waves which are physically not so debilitating and painful but much more unpleasant, as they affect the psyche very badly when human dross enters your field. Normally these waves alternate – first comes the cc-wave and after that the nasty cleansing wave with skin and inner burning and a lot of negative emotions.

I am having these waves for years, but now you all are connected to the source and this is the price you have to pay for this energetic ascension. The more one evolves, the more workload one gets from heaven. The good news is though that we are soon coming to the end.

With love and light

Thanks Georgi for your reply Re: Stony Brook University. I hope it works out in the best way for all.

Here is an article that I thought “might” be of interest to you:


Dear Christine,

thank you for this link and article. I do not know the background of this psychic session/ information, but these people should have known that at present there are many natural portals on the earth and the most important, and the first active ones were opened by the PAT members in 2011 before opening the stargate 11.11.11 when we discussed this issue extensively on our website. Now they have merged together and have already created the new 5d-earth.

From that point of view, this article is far-fetched and of little value. The Pirin mountains are the oldest geological mountains in Europe and build a common massive with the  bigger Rhodopes to the east and Rila to the north. I have wondered in all these three mountains and know them well, and they are magic indeed. They are the birthplace of Orpheus, the first known mystic on the old continent. There are many stories about him.

Between the two WW, Pirin and Rila were often visited by the founder of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria Peter Danov (Deuno) as he is known in the West. He was one of my predecessors and I have written about this in previous articles. His group were, among others, sun worshippers and they climbed on top of the mountains to experience the sun rise and make special gymnastics. Deuno has written a lot of esoteric books and you can find a lot of information about him on the Internet.


Dear Georgi,

It is clear from this article how much US government cares for its people. Under the guise of terrorism government puts people into invisible shackles. Dark cabal holds US in bondage and that is more than obvious. With the information which they are served daily it is hard to believe that people will “wake up” and change their way of life. That would be equal to a miracle.

In Croatia, the ongoing campaign collecting money for little Nora who has a chance to heal her disease at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. EXPERIMENTAL drug/healing costs were set to 575k$ and just a day or two before little Noras trip to US, hospital increased costs to 837.000$. Just another sign that “recovery” in US is not in sight and it seems they are doomed to Earth B.

Yet, my fellow Croats although demolished by this artificial created recession, still show a big heart by donating money to little Nora.

Hope that this mail finds you OK. Also sending Jerry and Anita good thoughts and wishes.

Best regards,

Dear Marin,

this comment  in NJ Times on the leaked paper (memo) yesterday, about which I read and considered publishing another article, but then decided that it does not bring anything new, is a very good sign. This is the first time that the mainstream media stand against Obama and his “kill list” policy. This also proves how timely my article yesterday was.


Dear Georgi:

A few days ago I sent you an email that you have apparently not received. I try to send this Email by your site and I can´t.

There are many things to tell, but I will be brief as usual. The symptoms come and go, today is a day with especially strong energy for me, there appeared a new symptom that is too difficult for me to explain in a language that is not Spanish.

Today (Wednesday) in my meditation I received for the first time in a while a communication with HS, It has been a long time without receiving any communication. The fact is that she literally said “confirmed, everything is ready.” I wanted to ask more, but I did not get more responses.

I also want to tell you I’ve been praying for Anita and Jerry, it is my greatest desire that all is done ASAP, for the good  all of us.

My personal life has changed, but oddly enough, I feel so calm, almost nothing and it is irrelevant to me, I just feel a strange peace, trying to divest myself of any emotional attachment.

Georgi, as always thank you for continuing to publish this site because it is what gives us strength and made us strong as a group.

With love and light

Claudia, Mexico


Dear Claudia,

I can confirm that we had some problems with the website and with the email address in the last days, but we have resolved them now. However you should send me your emails to this private email address at best.

Today (Feb 6) is another strong cc-wave with a headache, stomach pains and urinary tract inflammation for me and I suppose for most other PAT members, as I have received very few emails today. This is a clear indication that most of them are also hit very hard today. According to my estimation this is the beginning of the full scale ascension test run announced for the beginning of next week. It is now coming earlier, just as the dress rehearsal last week, which was planned for the weekend also began earlier on last Wednesday.

Thank you for your confirmation by your HS that everything is ready for go. This is also what I sense. Let us hope that next week we will witness the first ascensions of human beings – that of the members of the PAT. Our lives/incarnations have definitely come
to an end.

With love and light

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