Personal Opinions – February 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor


I read with interest April’s and Carla’s latest posts. This past week has past quickly for me. I have been involved with social security and other governmental agencies. On the surface these agencies do not seem as hateful and mean as perhaps their counterparts in other countries and this is why the American population thinks they are benevolent. For instance Anita’s last disability check was stopped and will not be issued until paperwork is finalized and proof of her death is received, which will be weeks or maybe months. Of course it took no proof to stop the payment. These agencies require long delays on the telephone and appointment schedules, where they pick the time to call just for simple needs. Why do we the people tolerate such abuse? I expressed this to them and said I could not wait until the US government failed and asked them how they liked working for such an institution. Their reply was, they are thankful for their job. I hesitate to say more since a federal marshal would probably appear at my door.

My relatives back East, who I have not seen in over six years sent me airfare to visit and I reluctantly agreed to do so. I am to leave today for a week. I was thinking it would not matter since I would surely ascend by the 14th, but the universe had other plans. So I am sure, this is a part of the overall ascension plan. To reconnect one last time and maybe even ascend in front of them. Who knows?

This past week I have felt what I will call “gentle cleansing waves”. Slight vertigo and dizziness, noisier than usual ears restlessness, cramping in the intestines and of course fatigue. I always know when this phase has completed because my bowels then work overtime to eliminate all the dross. So today I feel somewhat better for now meaning a new phase has commenced. At night I still sleep no more than two hours at a time. I am not sure if that is because I am still in the caretaker mode or more ascension related.

I picture now Anita as healthier and eager to get over this delay. I have not grieved as much as I expected, but everything seems so quiet and empty. I got a card from her oncologist yesterday and it read.

” A tiny person, A big heart and soul. One of the sweetest persons I have ever met… No doubt an angel in heavens watching over us all now.  Dr. J

Let us hope this weekend he will find out just how true his words were.


Dear Jerry,

I am happy that you have written again. I was wondering whether I should connect you yesterday, but did not do it as I assumed that you are occupied with bureaucratic stuff and have no time. On the other side, I also supposed that you are in a constant telepathic contact with Anita now and that you would prefer to spend your time in seclusion. But obviously your HS has different plans for you and has sent you to visit your relatives.

Let us hope that by the end of this week we have made the first breakthrough. I suspect there is again a lot of perfectionism on the part of the HR in this final preparation, but if they want to proceed with the events after that with a sweeping tempo, they may need some more time now to put all the pieces together. Once the show has commenced, there will be no stop-and-go, but one devastating tsunami. Otherwise the cosmic power of the changes will not be felt by the people as such. The time of free will is over now and with our ascension and appearance, it will be substituted with a profound cosmic intervention.

In the 5th and higher dimensions, there is no free will for the ego, as there is no ego at all, but only energetic necessities, to which one responds with easiness and a great portion of automation, while enjoying other more pleasant activities. Difficult to describe. Hopefully, we will know it soon.

Enjoy your journey and I hope that we will see us soon on the other side of the veil.



thank you very much for your comprehensive reply, which indeed did help put more into context why revelations have started in Bulgaria as my understanding of the inner dynamics and logic of the end time scenario is limited. I know the End Time scenario is unfolding perfectly from intuiting my observations alone, although this doesn’t provide the background information which is essential for full understanding. My soul did actually remind me intuitively, after I had sent the email, that you had created this outcome with a dedication and persistence not displayed by anyone else and as a result created a most probable outcome, which you were destined to experience which cannot be argued. Your last paragraph resonates very strongly with me.

It’s quite amusing to consider that the rest of us are just coming along for the ride in your own personal scenario, although in reality it is infinitely more complex and we are all creator beings collectively creating the most favourable scenario from behind the scenes. I cannot wait until I attain my full awareness and understanding of this whole process, as the more it unfolds, the more I am reminded of my limitations, although I’m in good spirits. I am cautiously optimistic. I am also looking forward to returning in a light body two stories tall as described in a message recently. Possibly something to do with being “short” in this lifetime.


Dear Georgi,

great news from April and Carla, along with those from Bulgaria yesterday. It seemed to me that this is the right moment for the emergence of Georgi ascended master. Happy coming home dear Georgi.


Dear Daniel,

as a confirmation of your assessment read my latest article which I have just published:

Another synchronicity!


Dear Georgi,

The news of Boiko Borisov’s resignation touched me at the core. His withdrawal is a pleasant surprise in itself, but his straightforward rejection of violence against his folk is like a blaze in the pitch-black sky of the Orion political system. I saw him on TV and felt that this declaration came from the heart. I must say I’m not very optimistic that Hungary’s morally bankrupt prime minister might follow his example, at least not without an urge from the Higher Realms.

I have zero doubt why it was Bulgaria’s minister to go first, and this certainty warms my heart like I haven’t felt for a long time. I feel like the firm grip of the past week’s heavy energetic rampage is finally resolving tonight. A few hours ago, I managed to create healing and empowering energy ripples from within, which I’ve been unable to do the past two years.


Dear Zoltan,

The resignation of the Bulgarian PM surprised me also a little bit, but on the other hand I was expecting something to happen this month, as I have always considered my first appearance as ascended master to be in my homeland, which is my backyard. It was not a coincidence that only several days ago I gave the PAT some background information on the recent political history of Bulgaria in conjunction with the brilliant film comedy “Mission London“.

In order to appear in Bulgaria I have always known that I need a political vacuum to fill in as ascended master and take over the leadership of this country. Now this condition has been fulfilled in a very precise coordination from the HR. This will be the new paradigm to follow and then comes Germany and other countries in a domino-like effect. I have cherished this scenario for two decades before it could be realized this month. Now the events are stipulating as planned and this is another sure sign that ascension is knocking on our door.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I sincerely wish that your vision of first appearing in your homeland comes true soon, preferably by the weekend. Everything seems to fit perfectly. The revolts prove that the Bulgarian people have a very deep longing for freedom, which makes you, as a former dissident the perfect choice to bring about order and freedom. It will be a huge moral boost for them to realise that the First Ascended Master has once walked among them in human form, which will also inspire them on an individual level, stimulating their personal evolution. Ascension, and the breaking of the Orion deadlock is at hand now.


Dear Zoltan,

exactly! When frustration is beginning to ravage the people, then they will readily follow us as being their only salvation. The energies of the Savior and the Messiah are the energies of ascension, as this recent channeling message confirms:

This is what the PAT will soon embody as the “Second Coming of Christ”.


Dear George,

The matter of Mr. Obama appears to be a blocking point for many light workers.

Mr. Obama is not real. What we see is a clone. A clone is a machine whose programming is under the control of a certain group. A clone is a machine, whose programming can be hacked by another group. So Mr. Obama will do this and Mr. Obama will do that. When he does evil things the emotions pour forth from those who hate him and when he does something that “appears” to be good, they gush forth with praise. Both emotions speak life into something that is not human.

I don’t think that we should focus our emotions on Mr. Obama as if he is a real person because when we do, good or bad, we continue to give life to the persona that the controllers are attempting to create. So, just for clarity, when we speak of Mr. Obama, let us always be clear that we are speaking about a clone, a machine and it is the controller group or groups whose policies are the point of discussion.

The real Obama is most likely long since removed from the U.S. But who knows? My point is that the old matrix will fall faster if we are more concise with our own description of things. The masses must learn about the prevalent use of clones as soon as possible.  Making these distinctions more often will help that along as the revelations continue to pour forth. This will help the still slumbering ones connect the dots and branch out in their thinking.

By the way, I am experiencing all of the LBP symptoms and changes being discussed on the forum for the last 3 days as well. I was amazed to read about the vision blurring as well. The last few days its been very strong.


Dear Charlotte,

this is correct, but the name “Obama” simply stands for the criminal policy of the American elite on power and, by revealing his crimes, we are revealing the crimes of the US cabal. There must be revelations and a clear understanding among the masses what has kept these people on power for so long time, and Obama is thus only the focus that exemplifies this very complex and sinister situation in American politics.

We know that most of these political puppets on a string are either clones or shape-shifters, whereas the latter have already been retrieved from the earth into the astral planes last year as they can no longer withstand the new powerful source energies of light, love and transparency. This was also one of the main reasons why the pope had to resign all of a sudden as his clone is no longer able to function. He, himself, has retreated long time ago.


Hi again George

I know you would be busy with emails following the recent revelation, however I felt it important to highlight this quote half way down Professor John McMurtry’s article for those unfamiliar with not only the severity of atrocities of the US state and ruling elite, but also their psychopathic mindset. As a new father, this was unpleasant to read again when you first brought it to my attention last year in one of your articles and to be reminded of how calculating, forward looking and apathetic these “people” are.

To think someone would have been reading this document, sitting in their oak trimmed office, sipping their morning coffee grinning, while thinking it’s all going to plan, all the while justifying any doubts – if any – with the supreme moral good of all mentality is just beyond me. Despite this and everything else going on, I am generally in good spirits knowing that all will be set right in the near future and have just noticed you posted some news from April and Carla which I will read now.


Hello Georgi,

Because of the huge amount of 911 data available on the Web, I have decided to sort the links that offer the best overall view of those 911 events for the PAT and readers of your Website.

Video of WTC1 & WTC2 collapses

Video of WTC4 collapse

Images Pentagon Attack

911 Timeline of all Events


Hi Georgi,

I’ve thought about writing you many times over the last week or so, just to comment on daily experiences or interpersonal shifts which confirm or re-confirm the ascension scenario. I guess since things are moving so fast now, it’s hard to have the energy to translate into primitive written word what has been witnessed.

So instead of burdening you and myself with what would surely be a long winded e-mail I have decided to condense some of the more relevant and distinct happenings in a bullet point list. These are all things which have happened in the last week or so:

– BLURRING of vision – I couldn’t believe it when I read GaiaPortal and later that day it was as if there was a film over my eyes. It reminded me a lot of my college swimming days where I would be overexposed to Chlorine but of course it just happened randomly and coincidentally the day of the GaiaPortal report

– TONES – I have probably heard 2 – 4 very distinct tones intermittently over the last week. I was recording a new report for my fluoride effort and actually thought my new microphone was picking up the tone but I asked someone else to listen to the audio and they heard no such background tone – it was only in my ears!

– CC-waves, usually coming around 9pm EST which flow throughout my body and especially my head. These waves sometimes are so powerful I have to lay down and may even call it an evening early. I have to let the process work and can just feel the energy throughout.

– At 9:18 on February 15, I felt the most visceral energetic smack in the forehead and subsequent glowing sensation right in the center of my forehead. It happened quickly and then my whole head felt sort of disembodied, as if it would just float away… But then everything seemed to stabilize and I was only left with the glowing sensation.

– Powerful glowing energy in my solar plexus.

– My grandmother who is fully in the LBP spoke with me on the phone and was relaying her recent experience at the DMV. She told me she was sitting there, and felt as if she was watching a movie – witnessing all the soulless sit there and comply with the ridiculous DMV and their terrible treatment of citizens. This immediately reminded me of a post I made Sept. 9, 2012 where I expressed the very same sensation:

“Personally there is a convergence of different scenarios coming to fruition in my life right now. Signs like these, and other synchronicities individual to my own perspective have told me I am going on the right track. Coincidence and deconstruction of the matrix is increasingly apparent as I constantly find numbers such as 111, 4:44, 3:33, 12:12, 11:22, 9:11, 1313, 222 appearing in my experience. Experiencing the creation is increasingly like a game, or watching a movie play before me and therefore so enjoyable to BE a part of.” (

– Waking up almost every morning with serious headache

– At the exact same time my girlfriend (who is unaware of LBP) and I report a feeling of fullness in our head… like the brain is swelling and pushing against the forehead

Peace on Earth,

Dear Corey,

thank you for your energy account. All these experiences are now common for all ascension candidates and they clearly show the culmination of this process, which will begin to unfold this weekend as I have just published. At present one must be blind and deaf not to sense the coming huge changes.

With love and light

Dearest Georgi ,

like always I hope that you are well! I know that you suffer from headaches a lot and this is why I am emailing you about the energies symptoms. If you read the manuscript of survival 271, it talks about the energies that are being beam down to us and that we should be feeling ill, and to take it easy, take time to rest. I am a bit confuse because I am not feeling too bad. I do feel somewhat fatigue, headache at times and my left ear is having a high pitch, although not like I felt in Dec.- Jan. where I was dizzy/fatigue so much from the energies and was a victim of not being able to leave my home due to the symptoms. If you scan some of the light workers blogs, they are having a hard time with the energies. Should I be concerned? or is this what was discussed on your web site about the light workers taking some of the load. Thank you for your time in advance!

In love and light

Dear Rose,

the PAT was disconnected yesterday (Feb 19) from these cleansing energies fully, while the other LW were fully connected to the source for the first time when I published about this huge energy pulse from the source, with which the ascension process has commenced. Today (Feb 20) I also feel much better and my energies are very harmonious. I hope it will stay so till the final physical transformation.

With love and light


The commencement of Ascension, as these private messages were announced to you, may well be what I experienced on the morning of the 20th. The intense pressure I felt on the left side of my head, neck and torso were unlike anything I have experienced.  I remember being conscious as the pressure was intensifying because I could feel as if my whole head was warping, while the left side of my body was in a paralyzed state.  Pressure slowly subsided throughout the day but was left in a daze. Let us finally see our efforts come to fruition ~


Greetings Uncle Georgi!!

I will that all is well with you and yours and that this message reaches you in hi spiritual health. Just checking in with THE PAT family to see how things are with EVERYONE and to get a temperature reading. I’ve not had any “extreme” LBP’s happening lately, just fatigue and some slight irritations, however still stepping forward to our ascensions. I’ve noticed a change in the people I have encountered when I, the hermit. comes outside to play.

Like yourself, Uncle Georgi, I pretty much keep to myself and do not have that much contact with the outside world until the UNIverse gave me no choice and threw me outside to mingle. I’ve notice that my sleeping/resting patterns have changed. The most I can sleep/rest when I do is on 3-5 hours at the most. I do not sleep like the rest of my family yet I have the most energy.

I am still excited about ALL that is to come, not only for THE PAT, however for the whole of (humanity – small h). I send love to Eva (whom I communicate with often via the ethernet) to Jerry, to Henry, to Dorie, to April, to Zoltan, to Marilyn, to Sarah, to Gail, to Anna, to Jon, to Michelle, to H in A, to Alex, to Piotr, to Skyler, to Bernice, and to those I missed, all is accounted for. I thank everyone for their contribution to the webs of light that have been carefully created and constructed. I thank you all for your visions, and your dreams.

Travel safe on your travels PAT family and looking upward to our meeting and greeting with lots of hugs and cheek kisses!!

in the LOVE of THE Light
empress azalee

Estimated doctor Stankov.

Receive on my part affectionately my cordial greeting. Since October 2012 I have been reading daily very attentively your web page, which I found in my search for answers to the mental, emotional and physical changes that I was experiencing in that moment. In the first communication I would like to begin with myself personally, I want to inform you that I have experienced all the symptoms described by you and other persons on this site, being exactly the strongest and the most gruelling of all in January 2013, which tied me to bed for many hours. Certainly, without receiving any comprehension of what was happening to me on the part of my nearby environment (family, friends, etc).

I did not have any other alternative but to realize that I must register in the club of the idiots that gave their assent for this dirty work, though it really pleases me to do something useful for humanity. I am very grateful to you for keeping this window open and for having been the guide for all those, who are crossing the threshold of ascension process. Hoping eagerly that there comes the moment of our ascension, I say goodbye to you.

Luis E.
From Venezuela

Dear Luis,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time. I am happy to hear that our articles on the LBP and ascension symptoms have helped you analyse your own physical condition, which is not officially accepted in society and, what is worst, not in the family. January was an energy peak indeed, but the last months of 2012 were even worse for many of us. Fortunately we are at the end of this gruesome experience now. I strongly hope that this week we will see the first ascensions and the signs that this will happen are growing every day.

With love and light

Caro George,

questa mattina mi sono svegliata con queste parole in testa: “Onda Supermegagalattica”.
Non ho nessuna interpretazione. Poi Massimiliano mi ha ricordato della risposta che
hai dato a Anthony (Personal Opinions – February 18):


Dear George,

I woke up this morning with these words in my head: “Supermegagalactic wave!”. I had no interpretation. Later Massimiliano reminded me of your response that you have given to Anthony (Personal Opinions – February 18):

“February 22 was announced to be an auspicious day when a huge wave from the source will engulf earth and humanity”.

Potrebbe esserci qualche attinenza? – Could there be some connection?

Un abbraccio

Dear Rita,

this message must be indeed related to the ascension wave we expect this weekend and about which the HS of April has informed us today in her latest message.


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