Personal Opinions – February 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hi Georgi,

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but as usual I’ve been following along, experiencing  the most intense synchronicities with the rest of the PAT. I’ve had much to share over the last few months, but one of the other members tends to voice my thoughts/ opinions/ concerns/ etc. before I get to it, being so busy in my 3D life. But it always assures me we’re on the right path, and we’re on it together.

To give you a brief idea, I’ve been through all the intense waves, the full connection to the source immediately after you, we’ve had a few long discussions in dream time, I’ve had the archetypal bus dream we all were having, just to mention a few things I can remember over the last few months. I even had a few intense vivid dreams prodding me to check back in with the PAT and let everyone know how I’m doing, even though I ignored it for a bit. I didn’t want to bombard you with more mail saying more of the same.

Most recently, within the last day or two, my HS has presented me with the idea of being the “Anchor” for the PAT as the waves of ascension are reached, and each group pulls the other below it. From what I gather, the higher realms approached my HS about the idea of me being the anchor for the higher levels of the Web of Light (PAT) to be the focal point between the PAT and the masses. Essentially what this means is I will most likely be the last PAT member to leave the ship and the whole of the PAT Super Nova will move through my body and field before being funneled into the masses. This will of course be my last act on this planet, as the energies will obliterate my physical form and open the doors to my ascension.

Being the anchor is almost the last thing I want, as life on this planet is at most times unbearable, and knowing that everyone will be gathering in the higher realms without/ before me saddens me. I’ve been set for the first wave of ascension since I was born, and I always knew I’d be leaving this planet early and in the most glorious way, even before I knew of ascension in my younger days. But, I’ve known for a while that the higher realms would approach me with a task that I wasn’t going to like, ever since I completed the Rainbow Shield as the anchor for the Rainbow Bridge and the Web of Light. That being said, it is a great honor and duty to be approached for such a task, and I will sacrifice myself once more for this planet and its people.

I’d also like to thank everyone in the PAT for being so awesome and for doing such a great job in the face of impossible odds. I’d like to thank Dorie, April, and Carla for sharing their HS/HR with us. I’d like to thank Daniel for always voicing what I’m thinking before I can write it, I suspect we know each other very well behind the veil. I’d like to thank you Georgi for trudging on with the dirty work when we all just want to give up. And I want to thank Jerry and Anita for their immense sacrifice for each and every one of us. I felt the awesome might of ascended master Anita and it is incredible, and she has been working around the clock in the higher realms to get this show on the road. Thank you to all of you and all of the unnamed PAT members that regularly engage on this site and all those spread out across the world.

If I truly am to be the PAT’s anchor, I hope that each and every one of you comes to collect me from the 3D world in all your ascended might and glory, and then we can get to work as a complete ascended soul group.

Love Andrew Jean Louis

Dear Andrew,

I must apologize for the technical problems we have in the last two weeks with our website and email address. Our server capacity was exhausted and we had to extent it and had to make subsequently some new programming that caused these problems. Please write to me in the future on my private address.

I have been made aware of this problem only today and have issued an announcement,

Thank you very much for your energy update and greetings to the other PAT members. Please do not worry – you will all ascend within a few days now as the first wave is planned to be much bigger than initially planned.

With love and light

Dear George,

I though perhaps to send this again as the website had experienced problems around the time I sent it prior. And so with my newly hived hands, itching palms and welted, swollen forearm symptoms, “Hello” (and my prior message) 1/31/13. Okay, okay. After reading today’s personal opinions, this will be my shortened introduction.


I’m in the Pacific Northwest between the Redwoods and Mount Shasta. Been reading daily since early September, recently finished the New Gnosis: Evolutionary leap – fantastic reading, thank you! It is so Validating to read these words explaining the unexplainable knowing.

I started writing sometime in December because I had to comment, and now I have seven pages diary! I am sure you already know how I felt finding so many like minded here.

I have been dealing with pain since early September, it is at times debilitating; sciatica is what they say. Supposed to get nerve testing next week. But I also have bouts of cold/allergy symptoms, ringing in my ears, dizziness, sleeplessness, blurred or smoky vision, no concentration, irritability, time issues, and all’ve this other crap mentioned here.

Throughout my life I have experienced what ‘they’ would call a panic attack. I was lucky enough to have experienced one when attending BPI in the Bay Area CA, learning about energy and transmediumship and had another incredible awakening. Lucky for me I never went to the hospital and had them tell me it was panic attack. Heh!

And dreams, my dream world is a whole 1/2 of my life that I can’t begin to explain in a short, turning into mid-length email.

George, and all the PAT, thank you, for your work. I have no doubt I am largely unconscious to what ever I am to others and whatever I contribute as far as holding space or energy. I am sorry for my neglect. No excuse I know, forgiving myself is all.

It is amusing, reading all my journaling; the talking I give to myself about writing to you and all those in this community, People so amazing and open, I’d wonder, “have they been emailing long? Did they just meet? Do they feel like I, misunderstood, foolish?, hilarious I must be manic, right?”

I have gleaned countless hours of assuredness in reading this site. I look forward, it is the highlight of my days and nights to indulge. My HS wasn’t going to have me not chime in. Each day there would be more poking and prodding. Thank you, again for having graced my moments beyond anything imaginable during this lonesome time.

I had never before thought, as it has been mentioned here on this site, how lonesome I’ve been. There have been precious few, can count them on one hand, whom I’ve really been able to be me and actually talk with, and really be me, to just jump from idea to idea and the other knowing right where I am, no explaining, slowing down and not being able to create; the me I have to be in order to survive.

It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I was enlightened, validated and started on a huge growth period finding myself. The past 15 or so years I’ve been so alone in that respect.   “Hello”.  I’ll go back to lurking now, just wanted to share my light and will look forward to incoming informing light waves.

Amused, with love, Jodie Cowan

PS: Lori, I too am extremely close with my children/pets. Even my fish, shrimp, emerald crab and blennie have been amused at our new found level of connectedness. I guess those words explain it well enough.

Dear Jodie,

I must apologize for the technical problems we have in the last two weeks with our website and email address. Our server capacity was exhausted and we had to extent it and had to make subsequently some new programming that caused these problems. Please write to me in the future on my private address.

I am happy to hear that the publications on this website have helped you validate your personal experiences. This is their main objective in the first place. As you must have read, we are now in the last throes to prepare for our ascension which is scheduled for  next week. After that the events will stipulate and the activity of the PAT will be heaved on a new transgalactic level.

This is the End Time, for which we have been working so long.

With love and light

Dear George,

Please send all my Love to Jerry. Since yesterday (Feb 12), I feel so light, so clear. No aches and pains. What a miracle after suffering in body and mind in the last 50 years!
The news about Ratzinger is indeed thrilling!


Dear All,

Here’s a new painting, titled “The PAThway to Heaven”. May we finally walk across it completely..


Dear Daniel,

Brilliant. Did you paint this picture? I have just written to Dorie that I see the PAT now as a supernova of creative particles that transforms from within the old matrix in a most dramatic way, and this painting illustrates precisely my vision.

With love and light

Dear George,

Yes, I just finished it an hour or two ago. I originally started it about a week ago, and when I read on the 12th in one of the posts on the site “A PAThway to Heaven”, I knew this was the direction it should go. But I had little inspiration for a few days, and only continued painting this afternoon. I seem to always get a lot of inspiration after completing or starting a big step in the ascension process, as if the energetics are translated to an image, but also like the process of painting is a way to do the energetic work. Your description feels very accurate to the painting.

Love & Light,

Hey Georgi,

No need to respond to this as I know you are probably focused. But I had the longest Left Brain Portal ringing in my ear. It went on for a goood two minutes. That’s All.


Dear April,

I too have experienced a searing jaw pain on my left side, it hasn’t effected my teeth at all like you experienced though. This has now lasted about 2 weeks and it came on the heels of HS informing me about a recalibration of my inner ear. I now hear a new frequency that was added to all the others that enter my left brain portal which I describe as the sound a muted T.V. makes if you put you ear near the screen. The pain has gotten so bad that I can barely chew food or put any weight or tension on my jaw muscles.

I have battled my ego tooth and nail that I do not have an inner ear infection and have needed to read George’s publication “How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process” quite a bit lately to center myself. It didn’t help when I found myself involved in a family discussion, which focused on a friend and a grandmother that had passed away due to sepsis which was caused by untreated infections. Anyway I just wanted to chime in and acknowledge the painful jaw experience and to thank you for your continued desire to share with all of us.

With So Much Love,

Dear Georgi,

I want to thank you for your brilliant and highly stimulating article picturing Gaia’s ascension process and the role of the PAT in this titanic experiment. During the past months I’ve been longing the get clear insight into the process as I felt I’m only a passive tool of the HR without much control. I think the hardest part of our endeavour, along with the physical and emotional aspects, has been the lack of full insight into the process. We had to build a fortress of faith that the HR coordinate the divine plan auspiciously, and  rely on messages and accept that our 3D brains are unable to picture this mighty piece of architecture without distortion.

Possibly the greatest proof of mastership is that as incarnated entities we survived this situation without going insane, which in my case would not have been possible without being guided to the PAT website. I think that the complete surrender of the ego to the higher cause is the greatest challenge any adventurous soul can find. This could be a way to motivate the masses of adventurous young souls when they’ll spin out of control soon.

Yours truly,

Dear Zoltan,

you have pinpointed the psychological and intellectual problems of any incarnated human being to participate in such a huge and complex endeavour and not to be able to discern the complex strategy running behind. Faith in the HS is in such case the only resort for the PAT. Hopefully this amnesia will soon come to an end.


Greetings George,

Thank you for the excellent posting which made perfect sense to me. It seemed to add a missing piece to my understanding of our mission.

I also had a bad night on Thursday with coughing, and hot flushes, sinus trouble, and little sleep. Until then I had been sleeping reasonably well. I feel topped up to the eyeballs with high vibrating energy and wonder how we keep absorbing it. I have an uncomfortable heat rash and am still having ear pains.

Despite these symptoms I have ample energy to carry out a days work and today I actually had a happy feeling all day, which has not happened for a long time. The oppressive feeling is lifting at last.

Roll on ascension before I energetically explode.
Lots of love and light.

Dear Lynn,

I am glad to hear that you like this probably (hopefully) last article. Although the energies are relentless with all kind of symptoms, many of which I share with you, it is obvious that the intensive, nasty cleansing has now stopped for many of us who are preparing for the first ascension wave. Let us hope that we do not need to wait much longer.

With love and light

I agree we are not having much longer to wait. But this time I am not feeling impatient, just calm and happier. The sun is shining and even my neighbour’s horses are lying down sunbathing. My cats are exceptionally loving too.

Did you read about the massive pod of dolphins seen off the west coast of the USA. It was said to be 5 miles by 7 miles in size. They sense something I am sure.


No, I haven’t read about this pod of dolphins. But there is another moderate cc-wave that has just started (Feb 16, Midday), which must be part of the final ascension effort. Check my latest film recommendation. You will enjoy it.


Dear George  and All,

Daniel asked for a movie.  There is a beautiful movie to watch before ascension called “Samsara”.  You can find it on Amazon Instant Video.

This week – A Flurry of Activity (Restlessness)

The GP message is right on regarding DNA upgrades to familial patterns. Yesterday, Thursday, I felt beaten by life – shoulder, wrist, and hand pains during the afternoon which disappeared by evening. Today I feel balanced and well. I lost my little address book of codes and passwords, a book I have had for years! Obviously it’s time to loose these old codes.

Two meditation groups announcing their affiliations with White Brotherhood reached out to share perspectives this week. Strangely each of them are located in my town (a city of light). Family members asked me to fly to please be with them this month, others connecting by phone from out of state. Another family member yesterday delivered written amends to me for all the pain they have caused in my life. Strangers at the marketplace starting up conversations beyond the norm. A husband wanting to be romantic and step away to relax together, Saturday, before ascension at a mineral spring.  I am used to being a hermit. This is a flurry of activity for me.

In Love & Light,

Hi George

First of all, bravo on your latest article on Creative Matrix of the PAT. This really struck a chord with me and how special it is, because of the distinction between creating horizontally (what most LW do) and creating vertically. Very beautifully articulated and uplifting. It also gave me a nice kick in the pants and I felt better about my inability to produce anything on the horizontal plane of late, since I´ve been so busy clearing the way on the vertical one, ha!

Also wanted to confirm that since Monday night I have been experiencing major downloads. Major ones coming through the left brain portal and can even feel how the portal extends out and up from the left side. The pain in my jaw and toothaches are so intense at night that I cannot fall sleep. Added to this are the cold shivering, a nasty cough, brain fog, pain and itching in the ears, needing a lot of extra sleep, calibration dreams, and dreams working with people from my soul family. This is unlike cleansing waves in that I can feel information coming into me and my body needing to assimilate it. It is very easy to connect to Source when I can stay awake long enough to do so!

Just wanted to share because I am amazed that April also mentioned the jaw and toothache.I haven´t felt this hard hit before, but know that it’s on a DNA level, like a pathway making for others; it feels deep and steady, like I am acclimatizing.

I can also confirm that the people in my social circles and family are starting to exhibit LBP symptoms and are completely baffled by them (vertigo, rashes, tiredness, migraines), which validates how we are moving up Jacob’s ladder. Interesting to witness that they aren’t rebuking my attempts at explaining them either. They just seem puzzled, but go quiet.

Thanks for publishing these new articles and for holding the torch. Restlessness with horizontal movement is an understatement right now. I´m happy to be a part of these exciting times and much prefer to be working “vertically”.

Love Debra

Dear Debra,

thank you for your  personal energy update. You are now fully involved in the PAT activities with all classical pains and symptoms that accompany such an unrewarding and unpleasant job. The fact that your relatives and acquaintances are now beginning to experience the LBP symptoms is a clear sign that the opening of the masses is now progressing very fast and this is the most clear indication that we must ascend asap and start educating the people.

The last article was a kind of quintessence of the basic discussions we have led in the last weeks since Dec 21 and I thought that it is time to draw the bottom line. Who knows how long we will stay on this planet?

Let us hope that next week we will be catapulted in the eye of the hurricane and will begin to swirl around the globe. I am fed up with the current vegetation in this rotten 3d-reality.


Hi George

just read your Post. I appreciate your HS for urging you to write this. I’m more reassured why PAT’s site and GaiaPortal are the only Webs I follow daily regarding the New Earth. I totally understand your description of Vertical creation where there is no personal ego.

I was in 5D for 72 hours years of years ago. It cost me to become it, but I became it in the deserts, where I went alone to face my inner demons/fears. It’s like you said: you create from a wider perspective and not from the human limitations of the personal ego. Actually, in that 5D state which I called “He, Who KNOWS” I was out of time – no past, no future not even present -, empty of any desire or wish. I had like 6 thoughts a day which were not random but chosen, and they manifested immediately before my eyes through.

I realised that memory and intellect were so primitive. In fact I was in silence because just to say a word hurt. It was so painful to speak anything. And my eyes… it seemed like I was 3 meters behind my physical eyes watching everything and sensing everything. That is truly the state of living in the moment… living in the now. Since then a catchy phrase appeared in the media “Live it now” and I found it so ignorant when LWs or anyone say ‘I’m gonna live in the moment’ and just behave in a way that they’re going against the social norms or just giving freedom to their mundane desires. And they believe they’re living in the moment. HA!

Nonetheless I wanted also to teach humanity about this state of awareness and help them to get there, so I decided to go back to 3D in order to teach with the mind: thinking, elaborating the experience, writing it down, etc. Therefore, I started to think and think and think randomly and after strong headaches my awareness came back to 3D, linear time, survival mode, random thinking, etc. However, while in 5D I even wonder to myself… is this real? Am I crazy? So it makes sense to me what you have posted regarding PATs being an example, so common people will start to truly live in 5D after watching the PATs.

Curious you also write:

“None of them has ever bothered to develop a comprehensive utopia as to how the new ascended society will look like and what negative dark elements and patterns must be eradicated from the current old matrix. They are intellectually too lazy and too unimaginable to develop such a daring vision of the future, as I have for instance presented since 1993 in numerous books and publications. Instead, they still stick to such backward ideas as Nesara, which they envision in their rudimentary imagination as a slightly improved version of the old, rotten Orion monetary system.”

Because many times when I see the LW channelings it is like they’re waiting to become super personalities/egos, hehehe. I’m one of those who believes money and property as yours/mine are holding humanity back. That’s also another element why I follow PATs site, as the Orion Monetary System is appropriate only to a primitive consciousness/ awareness

Anyway, other than experiencing a whole week insomnia and just missing a one day job in Cusco (the plane flew from Lima to Cusco but didn’t land due to weather conditions)… all good.

Kind Regards from Peru

Dear Arloz,

thank you for sharing your past experiences with the 5th dimension in the desert and your painful return back to 3d-normalcy.

It is incredible to watch how the New Agers cannot grasp the simple truth that a truly evolved society does not need any money at all. This is the simplest idea to which anyone should come by simply analysing the nature of money.


Dear George,

Excellent last article! Timely and closing up..


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