Personal Opinions – February 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dr. GWizzAmazingUR;

All heart and spirit-soul expresses ASTOUNDING thanks to Jerry and Anita for sharing the story of their amazing love and life experience. They experienced a love relationship I desired for my life, but never was able to experience for my self, sad to say and admit because I always wanted someone to love and be-do love with me unto ascension and the renewal, restoration and recreation of love, light and life.

In another age and culture the body of Anita would have been sealed, locked away in her bed of repose and in 10 to 14 days the body would have released, redeemed into the rainbows of Living Light. Anita after all her teachings of love and life would have ascended the physical body via death and taken her body with her. There would be hair, nails and teeth remaining as sacred relics of witness to her ascension.

Here I am as always on my own until I met you and I wondered how you dare proclaim you would be the first to ascend to demonstrate to humanity. I considered you had no historical perspective and the isolation from your contemporaries for you to proclaim such self aggrandizing proclamation of you first.

Yes, I do wash your feet with all humility for your justification of you first, for without you leading the way there may not be one billion following into Ascension. Such is the love with forgiveness of Source that allows me to accept all those souls, which are now allowed their new beginning by GRACE alone.

Thank you for standing on their behalf, and pardon me for my opposition.

Thanks to Anita of demonstrating the Love of Mother Goddess, thereby helping and assisting us resolve this all.

Love and Only Love is the Way.

Anita is first to go, and like a kettle of popcorn we all are ready to pop when we are ready to pop.

If I stay here behind to hold all hands of those demons in resistance and opposition, then so be it, because I have been there, here and done that and this is finally the last time for all to be redeemed by Love and Grace, even by my sacrifice TO BE THE LAST TO GO.

Eternal Love and Peace to all my sisters and brothers.


Dear George,

… Indeed I guess the inner change in each of us (enlightened workers without having been through a LBP) is to leave no stone unturned and to really look NOW within us to clear out the dark corners of our inner being. And to feel with the mind and think with the heart. Each soul can LOVE and thus it is the greatest power on earth.

And those which are the lowest and poorest in the spiritual sense are not those looking for the food for the next meal in despair. The lowest ones are those fueled by hate, with a dark obsession in their being and action and which have become totally separated from the source. Reconnecting to the source is the ONE thing to DO. And those lowest Ones have been ruling the world ever since. This is why we have the world that we have.

When I ask people if they believe in God, they ask me: “how can I believe in a God which allows children to starve to death or to be beaten up?” Well, we all know that the answer is that this is a planet of a free will. But now this experiment is over.

As the divine realms have decided to withdraw source energy from the B-Planet because the former idea of life on earth was to allow Humans to experience LOVE, FEELINGS AND EMOTION – a playground of freedom.

Transcending reality by connecting to the truth. More urgent than ever. I am waiting every day for the WHIZZZZZ in the sky to see the miracle of the Ascended Masters to perform….

May the day come finally for mankind to awake…

in love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have just woken up from a dream of children holding crosses to their chests, as though they were cleansing or purifying their wounded hearts. This has been an exhausting night.

I am trying to understand what happened last night (Feb 12) from what I experienced, coupled with what you described. The energy surge, followed by my connection with the web of light and Anita, followed by my opening a portal, followed by your presence immediately in front of me. It was at this point that I held space for several minutes, not knowing what had happened exactly, but knowing that you were doing some work there.  After about 15 minutes there was a great peace and stillness, and I was aware that what had to be done, was complete.

I hope this additional information will help in your on-going evaluation. If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact me.

I hope you are feeling better today.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

we will not know what has happened exactly this night (Feb 12) before we ascend and acquire an expanded awareness. Whatever it was, it was significant and had to do with the last purging of most resistant dark patterns and deepest human karma, thus preparing the PAT rainbow bridge and the web of light for our ascension and later on for that of the other LW and the masses.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I would like to add that I also sense your ascension window this week, as in late Wednesday, Thursday to early Friday.

Love and Light,

Dear Carla,

it is obvious that this event must be very carefully orchestrated with all other variables worldwide and also with the universe, as it will trigger such a shift in collective human consciousness that it can’t just come down the road in an arbitrary manner.

I am not getting any detailed information now, but just a heightened presence of my whole soul family / monad in my field that is quite a nice feeling and a delightful contrast to the perennial cleansing waves of negative human dross till last Sunday.


This is exactly the feeling I am getting as well. It is so comforting a feeling and I am so excited about what’s about to happen!

A warm hug!

Greetings Uncle Georgi,

first I will that all is well with you, your mate, and safe travels to your girls. Since my soular return (b-day) on Feb. 7 I’ve had a sense of “some-thing” has shifted. I no longer look at that day as a birthday or anything special except that it is my mothers BIRTH(ing) day and not mine. I can not fully explain what I am feeling so great, however my soular plexus is on fire, or it feels like the butterflies (when you get that nervous feeling). I sense that something on whatever level it’s coming in on, is coming and it’s got me nervous not afraid.

I am totally out of touch with my entire family except my sister Saidah, for we are very close during these end times, and also her 13 yr. old sun (son).  I noticed on a social network tonight, those that I converse with daily, all saying the same thing about how something is in the air, or something has shifted. It definitely is a wonderful feeling, however unusual it is at this moment, for we’ve ALL worked so very hard maintaining our-SELVES in the mucky muck.

I am truly grateful for Anita “setting it off”, if you will for us and for our beloved Jerry for his patience and kindness via sharing their physical lives with the UNIverse, with THE PAT.  It’s a BLisSing to be in the company of so much LIGHT, for there has been way too much darkness around US.

I look upward to having those conversations like the hilarious one they had in the movie a PAT team member shared with us titled THE GREEN BEAUTIFUL (La belle verte).  My sister and I truly adored this film and I too loved how they traveled from planet to planet, and thought it was quite hilarious that NO ONE desired to come to EARTH. (LOL)  Sending Love n Light to ALL.

Oh and by the way it appears that THE PAT is not the only ones creating/ created/ participating in the web of light. Look at how the animal kingdom is speaking to the masses. Video link below.

empress azalee


I recall your connection with the pope and how you were often in the same locations. I had often wondered why the higher realms had placed you there. Was it was because you would witness his downfall or another reason? Our connections are so intricate and it fascinates me as to the purposes behind behind the veil.

I look forward to you stepping forward and announcing the return of Light to this planet.

Last night I dreamt of a battle with my old boss. She was a sorceress and she was bewitching others to do her bidding. My job was to deflect her power and open the eyes of those she had bewitched. I was successful until the final soul and I woke up. It seems we are wrapping up the final cleansing of these dark ones but they are throwing whatever pitiful power they have left at us anyway. Time for this to end.

Love & light,

Dear Sheryl,

indeed we are in the last throes to separate the wheat from the chaff and induce the ID split with our ascension. These processes go hand in hand and we are now finishing with the last skirmishes with the dark ones that still cling to their dark power and human manipulation.

I think that my biography is geographically intertwined with that of the pope only to demonstrate to the masses that there were two different life alternatives possible under similar circumstances that led to completely different results, so that the believers have to make their final decision as to which human paradigm they should choose for themselves in order to establish true contact with God, respectively with their immortal souls. This is the deeper symbolics behind these parallel bios.

With love and light

That makes perfect sense. – Sheryl


I am eagerly waiting for that (ascension) to happen. I don’t know whether I will be part of the ascension waves, but it doesn’t bother me much. I have chosen my spiritual path and will try to follow that throughout my life.

But I would love to see the humanity transforming and following the spiritual path. That would bring heaven to this Earth.

Best of luck for your new journey.  My blessing are with you and all the PAT members, esp. Anita and Jerry.

Raghvendra Pokhriyal

Caro George,

what I want to know is what do you think about that lightning (on the Vatican)?

Abbraccio, Alberto

Dear Alberto,

I think that this is a sign from heaven, a kind of cosmic joke, that there is much more to the resignation of the pope that will come soon to the broad attention of the masses.


Dear Georgi ,

I hope you are well and enjoying your time alone. I wonder if you can understand Gaia Portal for today 2/12/13 . What does this cryptic message mean as you are the one I feel can explain this message for me/Pat ? I hope it means we are getting closer to Ascend !

In love and light

Gaia energetic influx limitations have been declining gradually over this past year. Subsequent to the 12-21 to 12-31-12 upgrade period, limitations were at minimum level. These limitations have now been removed.

Ascension of humanity consciousness levels as well as Hue-manity ” release of limitations” has permitted these removals of energy influx limitations.

Gaia is now subject to the full impact of Cosmic Higher Light.

Hue-manity is aware of this. humanity (small h) should prepare to be surprised.”

Dear Rose,

as I interpret it, this message means that now all limitations for immediate creation are eliminated on the earth, so that when we will ascend, we can begin to create immediately and to perform real miracles. This was not possible until now.


Hi Georgi,

I have a strong feeling I need to write and connect with you, however bear with me because I don’t think I’ll be very coherent and I won’t go into detail as so much is happening, ups and downs etc.

I was praying for Anita and Jerry like other members… now I’m praying to Anita to help us all out of this hell-hole as soon as possible. I also pray that Jerry keeps his beautiful peace and is with him to pull him through too.

My symptoms are the worst they have been for a long time… vertigo very bad all day, my left leg has strange muscle issues which does not allow me to walk normally or stand for very long. Then there are the horrendous emotional waves… woah lol

A dream I had – may have been two nights before Anita ascended – never had an ascension type dream I can remember, but this one there were lots of people walking around a train station… I met a guy, maybe in his 20’s 30’s, I didn’t recognise him, but we immediately got on well… he was using crutches and wore dark heavy framed glasses – anyway we got on a train THAT ARRIVED AT THE STATION PLATFORM SOONER THAN WE EXPECTED, my partner was there also –  then we are on the train, carriage is full and the 3 of us start singing the talking heads song ‘we’re on a road to nowhere’ and other people who I don’t know, also start singing the song… It was at that point I awoke and just knew this related to our ascension – the feeling in the dream was very alive peaceful and all on a mission in this train going somewhere lol. Here is the song… many of the words are relevant especially “we’re on a road to paradise, here we go, here we go”. Must admit I was pretty thrilled when I woke up…that was the first dream I have had that I felt directly related to ascension. Here is a link to the song with lyrics.

Also, when I wrote to you in about May last year I mentioned that I had a vision, when playing my piano with eyes closed, of two seagulls flying against a bright blue sky and I searched for what the ‘spiritual symbolism’ of seagulls is… and it all related to higher consciousness, ascension etc… well at the end of January we moved location and we are now on the Italian coast… where I see many seagulls against a bright blue sky. I like to think this was a very auspicious sign back then… little did I realise how linked in it would be to now.

When I saw the pope had resigned, I immediately thought of you and the PAT. Like April mentioned, all signs and feelings are very strong for this all to kick off very soon, but the self-protection doubt mechanism still has a foot in the door in case it doesn’t all happen. But boy am I praying it does!

Anyway not much ‘info’ from me, but felt mainly, just felt strongly to connect via email.

Much love to you,

Dear Kate,

thank you very much for your account and the ascension dream you have shared with me. The music and the lyrics to it are are also very good and harmonize fully with what we currently experience.

It is normal to have some lingering reservations, given our past experiences, but this time all signs point to the final solution, as simply there is no other alternative and humanity has reached the point of no return when ascension is the only way to go.

Therefore, one is well advised to be confident that this month everything we have been dreaming of for a very long time will come true because we have simply created this new reality in the years of inception and now we can begin to enjoy the fruits of our long-lasting and rather exhaustive work.

With love and light

Lieber Georgi,

noch jemand hat den Papst-Rücktritt vorhergesagt!!



Somebody else has also predicted the resignation of the pope very precisely:



More precise than any prophet. The popular German Kari-Cartoon Calender from 2011 predicts the resignation of  pope with astounding precision. Text in the cartoon: “Holly Molly. I must announce my resignation tomorrow” says the pope on February 10, 2013. The Calender has now acquired a cult character and is being purchased at astronomic  prices.   

Kalenderblatt mit vision
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