Logical, Axiomatic Thinking Always Leads to Quantum Cohesiveness

by Georgi Stankov and April Bender, February 22, 2013

Dear Georgi,

THANK YOU again so much for sensing exactly the right framing device, in which to focus the majority of the PAT’s intentions and energetic practices during our remaining “merge” time. The Group of Forty message you linked to in the latest PAT Opinions post was excellent! A clearly written, and powerful reminder to exercise our power of conscious connection to all that assists us and the Divine Plan at this time within the higher realms.

This is something we all KNOW and do obviously practice as an active PAT member, however, reviewing this practice allowed me to discover that sometimes I still compartmentalize my life/consciousness in order to navigate within 3D. I have to be much more intentional and aware of the “quantum cohesiveness” goal and the deep nurturing of it, all day long, as much as I am able. After all, the time of our ascension is at hand!

I know you’ve written on this topic numerous times yourself, but I just can’t stress enough the relevance and import of this poignant reminder, at this most crucial time. It INSTANTLY realigned me, deepened my connection to all the realms discussed in the message and then some, and I swear, the moment after I finished reading it, my merge process completion level jumped! I suspect, this will also be a very important message for some of the other PAT members to read and align to. I felt right away, everything else in my life just fall away, all there is/was is this “conscious connection.”

And I’ve got to say, the use of the term “ascension ring” reminded me very much of our “web of light.” How beautiful, pure, and POWERFUL we all are and the web is.

It never ceases to amaze me how the slightest “shift” of perception/intention can completely transform you, LOL! And I was already there, that’s what is so funny about it. Nothing new to me there or to my experience, just that I needed to infuse those connections more frequently, with no holding back. I forget too, that to maintain these quantum connections is not taxing on our bodies like it used to be.

So all that to say Dr. Georgi Stankov you just rocked my world yet again with your amazing sense/intuition of knowing just what the PAT needs.

Much love and light my friend,

Dear April,

the battle for “quantum cohesiveness” of our minds is the most difficult and persistent challenge with which we are confronted on this 3d-earth. And unfortunately I must observe that most of the LW lose it before they have commenced with it. Not so the PAT!

This quantum cohesiveness is naturally more than just thinking holistic and considering the interconnectedness of All-That-Is. It is a function of the personal field vibrations, which one augments during the prolonged LBP. It takes time and a lot of discipline in thinking to access this level of cohesiveness and then to incorporate it in daily life.

Of course one can use different words for “quantum cohesiveness” and mean the same. I personally prefer the use of “logical, axiomatic thinking” while departing from the primary term of our consciousness, which leads to the same result – to the acknowledgement of the Whole and its parts as U-sets that contain themselves and the Whole = Energy as an element.

The greatest hurdle for all humans is the huge time-lag between creative intention and its realization in the 3d-space-time due to the inherent inertia of matter = condensed energy in this low dimension. This is the place where human faith is rehearsed and poignantly learnt. However few reach this coherence of the original intention and can preserve their pristine faith in the creative power of the Whole, while waiting in vain for the realisation of their ideas. In other words, to be able to cherish your loftiest visions throughout life and still to preserve the flexibility of the soul to modify your ideas without betraying the Self. Precisely the loss of humanity of its divine faith in its creative powers in the 3d-space-time has led to the progressive enslavement of mankind by the former PTB in the last 12 000 years.

When this level of personal cohesiveness is reached – which is always quantum as our thoughts are representations of the Logos and thus beyond the Planck’s constant  – then everything is possible.

This is precisely what the PAT achieved in the last two years at the personal and the collective level a sgroup consciousnessunity field and through the creation of the rainbow bridge and the web of light, which ultimately saved a vast portion of humanity from death experience in this incarnation and allowed them to qualify for ascension this and next month. To this one must add the cohesive decision of the PAT after the two failed ascension test runs on Dec 18 and Dec 23 to continue with their efforts and to connect directly to the source, thus heaving at the same time a larger fraction of humanity to the 5th dimension than originally estimated. Of course this all at the expense of our health and physical disability during the exhaustive final phase of the LBP, as vastly documented on this website. From this point of view the modest cohesive work which the group of forty is urged by Juliano to commit in this lecture is peanuts,. but goes in the same direction.

What the PAT has achieved is the utmost form of creation under the most hostile, dense and toxic conditions in this universe, and all our petty efforts to create something tangible in this 3d-reality within our limited physical circumstances and difficult lives of social outcasts have been a futile endeavour that has no or little sustainability. This kind of effort would have run contrary to any true quantum cohesiveness of our mental and emotional fields.

I personally think that if any group on this planet, throughout its whole history, has lived up to the ideals of utmost quantum cohesiveness without doing harm, but only good, to quote the Elohim in Carla’s latest message, then this is the PAT. It is worth making this evaluation on the cusp of our ascension, which will be of course continued under much more favourable, multi-dimensional conditions thereafter.

With love and light

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