Individual Destiny and Parallel Realities

by Cindy Darien and Georgi Stankov, February 4, 2013


I would think that even if Anita transitions out of the physical body via body quitting, wouldn’t she ascend and come back in a more efficient light body? Would this have to do with her soul contract?  Many will leave this way and won’t they be able to achieve bodily ascension?  

I know that when my husband died, I was happy that he no longer had to suffer in that very debilitated state. I didn’t want to loose him, but I was glad that he wasn’t a prisoner
of that weakened tortured condition.

I pray that Anita experiences just what she would wish for and that she is reunited with other loving souls like yourself and PAT members to be part of the upliftment of this planet.

blessings Cindy

Dear Cindy,

this is all correct, but you forger the devastating impact her physical death will have on Jerry. They have been in the LBP for years not to die but to ascend. If Anita dies, Jerry will lose any hope and may even commit a suicide. They both must ascend asap.



I don’t know the totality of the all. I know that I believe that there are multi-verses and that there are possibly parallel earths. I do read the Seth material. I could only imagine that on some level they are already together. Since this is a temporary expression of Self, there is no true death. I feel her soul is doing what it is necessary for her growth. I feel that way about my husband too.

Do I believe that I will see him again, even though he is discarnated. Yes, I do. The interesting thing is that after he left the physical body, my son would keep dreaming he was at some kind of hospital getting well. Since I know nothing about the all, I feel we still don’t understand things and that all is new and in flux and constantly evolving and changing. So is it possible that Anita and Jerry will be together and that her body on some level will recreate itself, who knows. I don’t, but anything is possible. I am an infant in the totality of it.

I want what would be best for Anita for this is her soul decision.

Much love and I wish for what is best for all that are concerned.

love Cindy

Dear Cindy,

this is all correct as you describe it, but we still live in this reality and, although we know that it is an illusion, our emotions and thoughts are subjected to the expressions of this 3d-reality. We are now writing our dramas and we must also have the power to change them if we do not like them.

I do not like the crucifixion of Anita and Jerry, and I do not like the idea of crucifying any member of the PAT. This is my vision of this reality and I am intending to do anything, so that such crucifixions will no longer happen. We have had enough of them in the past.


I see and you are right. I never knew why my husband allowed his crucifixion. I suppose it was that Orion cabal controlling religious bullshit and the belief in that with all it’s distortion. How sick is that we could have always been in the loving place. Look how they created, when all along it could have been the way you envision it to be. Greed control is a mighty powerful ego emotion.

I do totally wish for their Ascension before Anita drops the body. Yes, they have all the right to have this chance. Thank you once again for setting me straight.

Much love to you, George because I believe all that you share and I know it is to manifest itself. Otherwise I wouldn’t be so deeply invested in all that you write. I was blessed when I found your writings,

love Cindy

Dear Cindy,

thank you for your understanding. Humanity has been taught for millennia that it is normal to suffer and be oppressed by the elite, so that they never got the chance to envision a happy and bright perspective in their lives and realize it.

That is why I am deliberately forging the vision that we need not suffer and could live a happy life, even if we have decided to sacrifice ourselves on behalf of humanity and to go though the painful LBP and cleanse this inhuman dark dross on this toxic planet.

In fact, if I were not able to balance with my beautiful visions the dirty daily job I am doing for the last 20 years I would not have survived this stress. It is a matter of personal will and steadfastness to oppose the dire earthly reality with hilarious visions of human life, even when the chance to be realized is minimal. But these visions will be realized some day as they already exist in parallel realities, as you have suggested in a previous email..

And now this time has arrived. That is why I oppose all suffering of the PAT vehemently against heaven. Either we are the wayshowers of the new earth of love, harmony, happiness, and abundance, or we are the past apostles of martyrdom as the Church teaches the believers in order to dumb them down.

With love and light

Thank you, George, I’m not sure that all will understand what you have shared with me now. They are just coming out of their heavy sleep and like a baby need to wake up or there could be hysteria.

Yes, it exists on parallel worlds and we are all reflections, so it is due time for it to mirror in this reality. Energetically I think it didn’t happen yet, because our thoughts are all we have. Once enough souls are on the same page, it will happen.

I look at people living their daily lives who have no idea or concept of this. They are fast asleep in the matrix. Those are the ones that will experience, as you call it, planet B. They still have the chance to wake up, the soul knows that. You know, they aren’t feeling the pains and the exhaustion. But every dog has it’s day and I believe that they will have their opportunity to experience this on some level, whether physically, spiritually or emotionally – it must happen.

Meanwhile my tush and other parts that are feeling this weight and responsibility are carrying them. I’m not mad about it, I just wish that I could kick them in the butt and move them faster.

You are in the body and the reason is exact that you must ascend. As you said, you’ve done it before, but now it is happening already. I’m sure you already did it in an alternate reality. Maybe you must remind yourself of what is. Sometimes it takes an outside to look in.

Much love to you, George.
Peace  and joy, Cindy

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