Forget Dante’s Inferno. I Descended in Real Hell

by Daniel Akkerman, February 3, 2013

Dear George,

My prayers go to Jerry and Anita. Somehow I feel they will make it, but this does not make the current situation easier for them.

The last week was exhausting with all kinds of waves and cleansing operations. I was too tired to reply to some simple mails. No wonder we are ahead on schedule. Last night there was another ascension dream followed by the most intense cleansing operation I ever experienced.

First I must report the growing changes in the masses. I had many conversations the last few days and, judging from those, I think they are ready. People are openly discussing coups or plans for when the system crashes down, even without me taking the initiative. They listen to what I say as if they unconsciously know I am a member of the PAT, and are very quick to progress in their thoughts and ideas.

Lately I only get some hours of deep, but relaxing sleep. But this changed last night. I slept a lot more (maybe around 12 hours), but there was very little time for catching a breath. I remember accurately the many cleansings of this night.

In the first dream I was placed in some sort of futuristic dystopia. There was a very deceiving architecture, a very strong use of the color white and everything was smooth and reflective. There were no or very little commercials, everything had a very clean look. But everywhere there was some sort of technology hidden to control the masses. Camera’s, weapons, maybe even mind reading machines to detect possible “thought crimes” as Orwell wrote. This image of the future is something the dark have tried to imprint on humanity, for example by making many movies and books with this theme. I was part of the resistance movement, using advanced abilities to completely disrupt this situation, and removing this expectation of the future from the minds of many humans by doing so.

Then I noticed I was in a coal mine. There were many others, work was paused and we all made sure to enter an elevator, meaning ascension of course. Everyone was sweaty and dirty. Working in the coal mines is one of the most disgusting, dirty and unhealthy jobs possible on earth, so this must mean all our cleansing work. What happened when the doors were closed, I don’t remember.

It seems after this ascension or test run, which I think was successful, we analyzed everything which stops or makes ascension less efficient, and then proceeded to cleanse these things. I visited perhaps the darkest person I ever met, who “provided” me and the family with domestic abuse for more than 6 years. He was not at ease at all, but I was very confident in what I was doing. I simply entered the house and asked him a question, but I did not really hear the answer because I was occupied elsewhere. Then I asked again, but he told me he wouldn’t repeat it. I was not sure what was the reason for this encounter because I think I left all this behind me a long time ago, but perhaps this was in the name of my family who were still suffering from it.

Here things changed and I entered the most difficult cleansing period I ever experienced. It was like all dark forced attacked me at once. Satanic images, goats and pentagrams ran through my mind and there were also these strange monsters, some made of ice and others skeletons with raw meat stitched to them. I was suddenly in a completely dark room except for a TV screen, which showed me all horror movies ever made and more at the same moment. Not in a linear manner, but I saw all these films and more in their entirety in just one moment. All this, while not being able to move, but being very aware of many dark attackers behind me with all kinds of weapons, ready to strike. Words do not really do justice to the severity of this, but it certainly is some sort of crucifixion.

This finally caused me to wake up, but this darkness was still present in my personal field, so these sensations remained and it took a while before I was able to remove them completely. This was the absolute darkest darkness and I cannot fully comprehend anymore how dark it was because it is gone now, the only thing I know is it was worse than I can imagine.

This allowed me to sleep again, but the cleansing continued with all kinds of scenarios. For example I was with another PAT member in some sort of dungeon. The other PAT member focused mainly on healing and protecting us, while I defeated many dark minions, and a few dark “bosses”.

After this I was with two others a member of some sort of police squad, but not really the normal police and more so a special agency. The other members (everyone except the 3 of us) were being used by the dark, but not really aware of the situation, they believed they were doing the right thing. We discovered evidence of cloning, because we found a body exactly similar to someone who was still alive, and attempted to show the others the truth behind this. First they turned against us and we managed to get away from them, but eventually they realized what was going on and started to understand how the dark used and abused them.

I asked for clear dreams yesterday, and this is not really what I had in mind, but at least there are good signs in this increased pace and the ascension dreams. I feel much better today as if a big burden dropped. Maybe we are finally done forever with cleansing things, at least nearly? So I concur very strongly with the latest articles – ascension is imminent.

Love & Light,

Dear Daniel,

my goodness, you have descended to hell from what I gather from your vivid and eloquent description. Dante’s Inferno pales in  comparison to your dream experiences. Not only Orwell has depicted this terrible future world of full human control, but also the science fiction author Ray Bradbury in his prophetic novel “Fahrenheit 451“.

I can confirm that last week was a non-stop tour de force of heaviest cleansing of human dross. If after that humanity is not ready for our appearance as ascended masters, I  do not know what will help them awaken.

Try now to forget these nightmares and let the energy flow. Today is indeed a better day and I also feel a significant relaxation, compared to the last several weeks.

With love and light

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