To be a PAT Member is to Live at the Cutting Edge of Human Experience. Response to the Divsy Saga

by Gail Storr, January 12, 2013

Thank you to Daniel for a very clear and accurate response to divsy. I hope this helps him (divsy) and others, like Sue and Ute and Callista and Co. to realise that it does not matter if you are or are not in the PAT. It is neither ‘superior to be in the PAT, nor ‘inferior’ to be not in the PAT. Thinking like this is engaging in the deepest, most insidious and powerful structure of 3-d imprisonment…the redundant duality of superiority/inferiority. You are what you are, whether that is in the PAT or having a different function or job. It is silly to want to be included in something you don’t resonate with. And believe me, divsy, if each one could have chosen, with our human mind, with the full knowledge of all that it entailed, to be in the PAT or not in the PAT, there would likely be no PAT.

I find that all the advices and concepts and ideals that people like divsy try to foist upon me are redundant, or old hat, in that I have already experienced these scenarios/ideas. The various concepts seem to me to be phases to be gone through in the process of emergence from 3-d living. I remember when this process first became conscious to me, first feeling that I had found ‘the answer to living’ and then, many times, substituting one new perspective with another even newer one. I also remember this happening more and more rapidly as time passed. I also remember that there was an undefined point at which I realised that there was no ‘answer to living,’ and continued my life with an attitude of ‘this too will expand’ with regard to each new perspective and awaited yet more new perspectives eagerly.

There are many people who have discovered an ‘answer to living’ and because they do not realise that there is a further new perspective to come along, set themselves up as experts and thereby trap themselves in their particular version of ‘the answer to living.’ This is the danger to which this following poem offers an alternative approach.

CAGES by Gail Storr

The self-imposed cages of my certain knowledge
can be inhabited indefinitely,
or occasionally dissolve unnoticed;
may be deconstructed
most carefully, sometimes painfully,
or burst out of, carefree-ly and joyously,
as I explode my truths,
the myths of what I think is, and, of course, is not!

Not wrong, not foolish in themselves
these truths, these myths;
just the next stepping stone in the
ever-widening river of my perspective.
And so, I create new cages,
built with the same stuff of the old,
plus some more (or is it less?).
And with the constant joy of discovery
incredible treasures are revealed.

But, how clever! How obvious!
I build in each new cage a door
unlocked, so I am always free
within these cages of my knowing.
The key, it seems is certainty.
And so with the door boldly unlocked

It is abundantly clear to anyone reading our communications that we are not stuck in a single idea or perspective, but that it is constantly evolving with an incredible speed and a remarkable synchronisation amongst the PAT.

Believe me, divsy and co., if anyone could suggest to me something I haven’t already met and that doesn’t rest on 3-d root concepts, I would investigate it…..keenly. And I have yet to find anyone who has been all the way through this LBP and can tell me from direct experience and show me by living example, what is the next state of being, as no-one claims to have done so. The fact that we, the PAT, cannot find anything we have not met before, coupled with the fact that no-one claims to have emerged from the LBP, suggests that myself and the PAT are at the cutting edge of human experience. This does not make us superior: it is just how it is, just a fact.

My own perception of what is next comes primarily from dreams and visions from the higher dimensions which I have had over the years. These are the foundations of the overall perspective which I now hold. I experienced my own first ascensions in 1992/3 several times, both awake and asleep and many times since and recently. We may call some of these ‘test-runs,’ but in some others of these ascensions there is an undeniable experience of being/existing in higher dimensions. I am sure all the PAT have these foundations too. It seems that doubters do not. If they did, they would resonate with our discussions.

Now, I want to make something quite clear to divsy and other accusers of Georgi of setting himself up as a Guru and of the PAT as being ‘followers’ who give their power to him. I (amongst others) have said this before, not so long ago, which should have been enough, but I will quote myself here……divsy and co., please take note…..

I also just want to reiterate, for any doubters reading this, that we DO NOT SEE GEORGE AS A GURU. He happens to be the only one of us who has the capacity and has made the ENORMOUS effort to create a website to provide a meeting place for those IN RESONANCE to our vision. This vision is both a shared vision and was also ALREADY (in most of the PAT) our lone, personal, vision and perspective BEFORE we met up on this site. This vision is obviously independently-synchronistic without any promptings, requirements or ideas being fed to us by George. This is blatantly evident to anyone who reads our communications spread over even a short period of time. EVEN WE continue to be surprised by the almost daily synchronisation of our individual, personal experiences; feelings, dreams, awake-visions, physical manifestations, sensing of energetic connections being made, disconnections, portal activity, the nature of a current energy, messages from our HS’s…..the list could go on….’

George, I had the idea that you could, very reasonably, reply to all e-mails from clearly-not-connected-to-the-PAT people something like….

thank you for your mail. I have very limited energy reserves at this moment and am unable to respond just now. I will come back to you when I have the energy for you.’

Obviously you can decide if you ever do want to give energy to any particular letter-writer. This very reasonably funnels your energy into what really matters and deserves your energy and to those who are fully appreciative of your time and effort.

I find it a nasty and despicable energy that has tried to by-pass your editorial choice to disseminate certain channellings to the group or not, by directly hijacking the round-robin address list. Clearly divsy must have known you would not publish these links, or he would have just written to you in the normal way to be published within peoples’ letters like the rest of us do when we have found something interesting to share with the group.

I concur with everyone regarding energy waves, body disintegration, dreams, visions and so on. I still find myself delighted that we all seem to experience most of it simultaneously. Even if I have not written to confirm that it was the same for me, it always is.

There is a distinct new inner strength that I can feel building. I feel more connected to the PAT than ever, even though I have been silent for a while. The sense of us being ONE power is becoming more intense.

I will write again soon with some other thoughts, but for now, love to us all.

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