My Optimal Scenario for Quickest Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, January 16, 2013

Now that we have learnt from our HS that we have a blank slate or carte blanche from the Source to create our most favourable reality, why can’t we use this opportunity to envision the optimal scenario for our quickest ascension. As each member of the PAT must have his own idea how to accelerate the ascension process, there must be many different, excellent approaches to achieve this goal. While elaborating on this topic, we are actually fueling the ascension process in addition to the energies we regularly transmit from the source to the masses through the web of light. As there is not much else we can do at this point in time, we could at least force our brains and imagination a little bit and present an updated scenario based on the latest information that is published on our website.

Herewith, I open the ideal competition among the members of the PAT to write an essay about their personal optimal scenario, leading to the quickest ascension of the PAT and Gaia. There will be no winners, except the whole group and humanity.

Below, I will summarize first the basic energetic conditions after the opening of the portal 1.13.13  before outlining some principal developments that may accelerate the ascension process in my personal opinion.


There is no doubt that we must reckon with continuing energetic bombardments from the source till the very end. Obviously the HR have decided to stage a major attack/ ascension test run/ source pulse/ huge energy wave every ten days in the mean, with intensive, relentless cleansing of old dross by the PAT in between. Hence there will be no pauses for us till final ascension, no matter what humanity does or does not.

After each ascension test run, some dark items/variables within the overall algorithm of humanity’s ascension will be eliminated and the multi-dimensional equation will become a little bit easier to gauge and to solve. There is a pronounced upward spiral in the mean vibration levels of the masses after each huge effort on the part of the PAT to transmit the source energies to the ascension candidates through the web of light.

Until now all these changes took place under the radar, below the conscious level of the collective awareness and we did not observe any big events at the societal level. However we have registered in the last few days, especially after the portal,  a marked opening in the collective mindset as reported by many PAT members. This is now the most important variable to measure on a daily basis, as it will give us vital indications about the next huge threshold on the path of mass ascension – the point of conscious collective awakening of all ascension candidates (not of the whole humanity as this is not possible) to the true multi-dimensional reality of human existence.

We are unanimous at this point in time that this could only be achieved by the ascension of at least one member of the PAT and his/her appearance in front of the masses in order to demonstrate this new reality and way of life in a most convincing manner through accomplishing various miracles. This ascended master must have a free hand from the Source to do this at his own discretion, but without any enforced limits as is currently still the case. This alternative has been blocked from the HR in the past because humanity was still not ready for this kind of revelations. After 1.13.13 it seems as if we have almost reached this crucial threshold of awakening. This was my impression in the last two days and this has been also confirmed by Dorie’s HS.

“Continue to focus on the intended outcome, while at the same time becoming aware that your actions can also contribute to the acceleration process, as this last huge cleansing effort has left many with their eyes open for the first time….

The 3D action can be big or small, individually or as a group, for the energies of those who are coming along for the ride are now receptive to what you have to offer.”

This would say that most of the ascension candidates have already qualified for the shift and are fully embedded in our web of light. They now dwell in the 4th dimension mentally, emotionally and vibrationally, and will eagerly accept the breaking news of the first ascended human master. This will immensely booster their desire to also ascend as soon as possible, while at present they are at best appeased with tepid promises for a gradual ascension in an indefinite future by all esoteric sources, in case they have heard about ascension, or they are still ignorant on this issue. I have personally no explanation for this kind of disinformation from the astral planes, but this is the current deplorable situation on the ground, as we all know it. I can only hope that this will change overnight with the appearance of the first ascended master.

From this disquisition it becomes evident that we do not need to concentrate in our efforts on the whole humanity as the majority of it will stay on the current timeline A/B and only a fraction of them will ascend with us and Gaia to the 5th dimension, when we will detonate the PAT supernova. When the first ascended master appears, this will switch on their transcendence and remembrance as multi-dimensional beings within the blink of an eye, and this energetic boom on a global scale will accelerate the ascension process tremendously.

Hence we must concentrate mainly on this PAT’s action and humanity’s reaction, as this is within the realms of our possibilities as ascended masters and creator beings, though still in a physical vessel. This first ascended master can only be a member of the PAT. After 1.13.13. many more PAT members have established a direct connection to the source, asEva has shared with us in her email of today:

Dear Jerry and Anita,

I’d like to share with you what I saw last night /beyond 3d/. Hoping it will help your recovery. First I saw your clear and strong connection to the Source, Jerry. It’s like a ‘tube of energy’ in between you and Source/12D.

Then I saw my own Source connection/tube of Light/ just a few meters away from yours. Then Anita appeared in between our two ‘tubes of Light’ and instantly got connected to yours and mine. Source energy started to pour to her from/through both of our connections. It looked like two rays of bright Light energy were ‘holding’ her in mid air, between us. I must say, It was an incredibly powerful image. As I watched this image, I thought/felt that, this Source energy she is receiving now is renewing her physical body. I was glad to see your direct Source connection, Jerry! 

In my experience, I can ‘link’ others to my Source connection and through/from that, they can receive the energetic help they need. In my understanding you can extend your Source connection to Anita to support her. I hope you’ll find this information helpful.
Wish you both a speedy recovery!!


The more members of the PAT begin to actively and consciously achieve this direct contact with the source, as Jerry, Anita, Eva and myself, the better our position will become and the quicker the mass ascension will be accomplished. This is also confirmed by Dorie’s HS in her latest message:

“What some of you are not aware of is that you have been placed strategically together. DO NOT underestimate your VALUE, no matter where you reside in the Web of Light as a member of the PAT. You are not mere humans waiting for ascension to occur! You are HIGHLY EVOLVED LIGHT ENTITIES who have been reconnected to create this very ascension process! Take some of the weight off of your Captain’s shoulders and start remembering you have a part to play in this ALSO by REMEMBERING this.”

The biggest advantage though is that the unity field of the PAT will not be fed through only one nexus to the source, as was the case with my energy field until now, but simultaneously from many members of the PAT, who will progress higher and higher in their personal frequencies. If they had reached, say, the 10th dimension at 1.13.13, very soon they will have the possibility to reach the 12th dimension and link directly to the source. This is the actual “carte blanche” we have received from the Source after 1.13.13

Your individual ascension progresses now with giant steps as the energies are very conducive for this rapid increase in personal frequencies. Besides, we all have now carte blanche from the source to achieve the maximal goal an incarnated soul has ever been able to achieve, as the whole ascension process of Gaia and humanity depends solely on us – the PAT. This must be cogent to everybody.

It is not a coincidence that Dorie’s HS recommends to the members of the PAT to consciously strive to acquire the same function as nexus to the source, as I have fulfilled it so far. This does not necessarily means an increase in the intensity of the waves you will experience in the future, as the mission will be now shared by more members of the PAT. Besides you are all experienced “champions” and have gone through numerous heavy waves and cleansing battles in the past, as Dorie’s HS also underlines:

“This is not saying you have not done your fair share of clearing shit or sharing your Light energies, this is not saying you have not sacrificed at a tremendous cost. No not at all. This is saying that, in taking this ACTION, you will continue to accelerate the ascension process to even further degrees, eliminating even more variables.”

But it is obvious that with each new source pulse / ascension test run, you all will pop up higher and higher as Carla reports in her today’s email:

“Dear Georgi,

I’ve been hit today (Jan 16) by a huge wave, severe cc, disorientation and a constant migraine-like headache. Now I understand what you were telling us had hit you on Sunday… it’s incomprehensible. This has to be the most intense wave I’ve ever experienced… these energies are still building…

With love and light,
Carla “

According to my impression and inner knowledge, Carla is already on the way to establish a direct nexus to the source, Eva, Jerry, and probably Anita have achieved this goal some time ago and, as far as I can overview it, Dorie is also on the best way to reach this highest possible level. There are many more of you, and I apologize that I cannot mention all your names. And the list will grow rapidly in the coming days.

As we are condemned to stay on the ground to the very last moment of mass ascension, we all are well advised to make the best of our sojourn on the earth and push our individual level of ascension, thus accelerating our departure from this toxic planet.


Now let us assume for a moment that I will be the first to be released from the unity field of the PAT and ascend. The scenario is old and widely discussed on this website. The advantages of showing immediately as an ascended master to the masses will be manifold:

1) The PAT will be automatically and hugely upgraded and will become the focal point of all changes at the societal level worldwide. Our website contains all the major topics we have extensively discussed for the End Times, so that we are best prepared for this role. There is no other website worldwide, which has a more comprehensive, balanced and logically consistent information as to what must happen this year in order to transform humanity to a more enlightened civilisation. And all these contributions have been done collectively by all of you and not by weird channeling sources.

When we have resorted to our HS for further background information, we have always restricted ourselves to technical details, concerning the ascension process and have always refrained from sending fluffy, goodwill recommendations. We have all been wayshowers by example and not by words as the rest of the New Agers. This should be cogent to everybody.

2) The PAT members are the most experienced and spiritually educated humans on this planet, who have the capacity to lead the masses and explain them what should happen next and how the people should begin to think, feel, and behave. Most of you have had your individual ascension test runs and other out-of-body experiences; you have firmly established an intimate contact to your HSs and the source, you physically experience each new coming wave and can evaluate it appropriately. This all qualifies you to be the first and true wayshowers of humanity. Please observe that none of the other LW is able to do this. Hence their vicious dependence on external sources, as Gail has brilliantly discussed in her latest essay. It is not a coincidence that Dorie’s HS explicitly stresses this fact:

“For example, we may use you and your spiritual knowledge and energy to provide a source of revelation amongst the 3D populace to “accelerate” the process. The 3D action can be big or small, individually or as a group, for the energies of those who are coming along for the ride are now receptive to what you have to offer.

My goal is that the HR use our magnificent spiritual knowledge as a group in a big coup as to accelerate the ascension process maximally. But in order to achieve this goal, we need to fully embrace this ascension scenario. We must unambiguously reaffirm that we are the ones who create the timeline of ascension on the ground and as creators we must strive for the greatest possible result and not just “to bake small loaves of bread”, as the Germans use to say.

3) The biggest advantage of this scenario is that it will involve the whole PAT in the most beneficial manner, although only one person will ascend first. The rest will become the new heroes of humanity overnight and their financial and social problems will be resolved for ever. Only today I received an email from our PAT brother Tim Murrin, who reported to me that he has become homeless due to ugly circumstances.

“It was -6C at sunrise, I had been out on the streets since an hour previously waiting for McDonalds to open to purchase a $1 cup of coffee and spend two hours there until a resource center opened at 9am, for a breakfast of day old pastries donated by Starbucks, read a newspaper and Internet for PAT’s SOAR.

I was bitten on my ass by the Orion serpent on Dec 12, and became homeless on the streets on the 21st.

Dec 10, I received my mail notice from the STATE that my driver’s license and vehicle registration would be suspended on the 12th. This is because of a red light camera ticket 16 months ago. It took that long for the State to notify me of the violation. In the meantime the violation has gone from court to collections thus I have no option to contest in court, but only to pay the $1100 fine, plus $200 to renew license and registration.

I was able to shelter with a friend a few days as I prepared for life on the streets, which began the 21st.  My van allowed my mobility, shelter and tools for handyman and
painting work, but it is now parked off the streets due to risk of impound if I was caught driving it. Also there is a warrant for my arrest due to the outstanding fine-lien on vehicle.

Now deprived of my livehood and self reliance; for the first time in this life I am receiving gov’t benefits, food credits of $200 month and for only three months $50 cash. So I am now one of the 126 million Americans receiving gov’t benefits, of which 48 million receive food assistance.

My days are among the poor, physically and/or mentally disabled, the drunks, druggies, criminals, unemployed and down on their luck people.  Being clean and sober I am one of the lucky that is allowed to participate in a program providing a hot supper and sleep over at the churches in town. There are 400 homeless here of which 10 allowed in the program.

I get a shower once a week, can shave daily if I want and do my best to look clean and presentable as I travel on foot miles per day with a backpack and duffle bag of clothes. Most homeless have campsites hidden in the meadows and forests surrounding the urban area, but camping is not my choice at this time.

Awaiting the ascension I have no interest or motivation to seek employment or housing, or attempt to redeem my self and vehicle from the system.

Though at risk and stressed, I am comfortable and confident. This week I have begun advocating with local people interested in providing options, shelter, services to the homeless. I am no longer a private person as I desire to be, for my picture [attached] was front page of local newspaper this Sunday.

More later as time allows…
Tim Murrin”

Such news break my and your hearts, and we all deplore our helplessness and inability to change the course of the events for the better. But if we have now received a carte blanche from the source, then we must be also able to change the current dire conditions in which we live and begin to enjoy human life without the perennial fight for naked survival. This mode of existence must belong to the past and we should be the new pioneers, who will introduce this new reality on the new earth, now in full construction. Who else?

Thus we will help Tim, and Anthony Kane from Vancouver, who also asked me for help today and all the others, such as Cory, who have been now pressed by the still existing Orion matrix with their backs on the wall, before being executed by the minions of the Orion cabal as in the famous painting of Goya:

The shooting of May Third

It is not a coincidence that I started again with the propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law among prominent universities in the USA and GB on December 30, 2012. Up to now I have contacted more than 200 physicists – professors, lecturers and assistants. With this formal incentive I have documented one more time my desire to fully enter the scene as an ascended master this year and first abolish this darkest citadel of the old Orion order – the present-day empirical science of human confusion and deliberate obfuscation of the unity of all incarnated human entities with the Source = Al-That-Is.

As I have also vastly discussed in my gnostic books the fraudulent religion of Christianity from its beginning and throughout the ages, the next coup d’etat in my function as first ascended master will be the abolition of this most insidious religion. We have been informed by Dorie’s HS that:

“The cleansing that took place this time (around 1.13.13) focused on removing the programming of beliefs focused around “false gods” lodged deeply within the minds of humanity. You will notice that many have become “disappointed” with the beliefs and teachings of others that they gave all their power to. It was a heavy process of cleansing this time indeed! And although these programs of belief are being removed and humanity is finding that they need to be asking new questions, their patterns of behavior will continue because they have not learned to find the answers from within themselves, and thus will go looking for new answers outside of themselves as they have always done… only this time they have new eyes to see with.”   

What better circumstances for the PAT to step up on the plate and renounce the old mass religions, and in particular Christianity, being the most bellicose religion of all and the chief source of most wars at present and throughout modern history, and to replace them with the individual, honest and straightforward spirituality we advocate on this website in a very vocal manner and daily live as the brightest beacons of light within the PAT? Thus we will also introduce a true peace to humanity and Gaia for the first time in eons of dark history.

As you see, we have one “ace in the hole“, but it will be able to beat all cards of the cabal and the old, already crumbling Orion order. This collapse must happen very quickly and not allow for any opposition on the part of the old system. It must be perfectly prepared on the ground by the PAT and in the HR, where all coordination is accomplished by our Higher Selves.

Hence we must do our homework and envision the most optimal scenario of ascension, while the HR must gauge the optimal threshold of mental, emotional and energetic preparedness of the ascending masses for the appearance of the first ascended master of the PAT, before you can trigger the Supernova, myself helping on the other side, and also say farewell to this old holographic model.

There is no other possibility – we must now prepare the ground for our and Gaia’s ascension. No one else can do the job for us. We are doing a lot now, more than any other incarnated or excarnated soul in the whole universe. But we must be also very clever and intellectually bold and daring, and to streamline our creative ideas and promote the best possible ascension scenario that will accelerate and facilitate our long awaited ascension. We owe this to us, and the HR owe us this final outcome rather soon.

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