My Multidimensional Stream of Consciousness

by Travis Brown, January 26, 2013

Dear George,

…. Calling all hands on deck for the Superhero unConventional….

You have said before my writing can be hard to follow. Here is perhaps another confused submission. I simply want to contribute; the site is my last joy here, haha….

This started as a historical account for those pre-LBP, and it became a letter to the PAT.

For as long as I can remember, this present moment has been seeded to perfection by all moments prior. There is a wide sense of container for me here; I am the Grand Canyon. And its depth and grandeur keeps unfolding- so much so as to heighten the most basic existential angst of the personality and identification of self in the 3rd realm. But in this recognition, there is utter relaxation. There are no heuristics as intercessory interpreters. That step having been removed, there remains an omniscient stillness completely responsive to presence, having forfeited a linear scale on which to identify existence, for there to remain the fabled Oneness, void of concept, and communicable only as an idea, a way of pointing, to the inextricable a-priori such-ness of what IS.

The straddling of dimensions enables that pure consciousness to simultaneously experience a chosen ‘story of me’, and to endeavor into the complexity of such duality to the extent the soul chooses. The whole Enlightenment game is the realization of this a-priori truth as energetic experience. And once having been experienced, there is not a way to reenter the cave. Once the momentum of awakening has been established and the body too accelerates to a certain threshold, (having been cleared by the upward kundalini), Source energy descends through the chakras, resonating the etheric body into a tube of light, or One chakra, which in its spatial dimensionless-ness is simultaneously experienced to be everywhere and nowhere, guided only in the 3rd realm by the five senses and the remaining momentum of the energetic patterns adopted as interface on Earth.

My struggling was of resistance and fear, some more arduous to cleanse for its seeming to be a necessary condition to be in the past energy climate. I now feel as this singular ‘chakra’ to be completely riddled with the continual explosion of energy. Therein resolves the duality of nothing and everything, as ecstasy. In the past week I have found myself highly interactive, on higher-D autopilot, spontaneous, buoyant, and also riddled with waves, feeling like my heart is dying. My several-month arrhythmia only settles in extreme bliss and vibration experiences. It is as though all of everything is me; I am it all. And then only after comes the assumption that the personality will be relieved from 3d. But hasn’t it been already?

In these high states, many times in the past, the mind would cease and high frequency energy would just pour through, exposing fear patterns physically/emotionally/mentally, experienced as trusting through the terror. Then a quantum jump in the audible frequency, amplitude, and body vibration would occur within a second, and the consciousness would leap to another bracketed plane of vibration and perspective. These were the most fun times, because they instilled in me the knowingness that this process had a culmination. I understood early that I would not be able to fathom the culmination, though I could conjure my best estimate and lean towards it, fully trusting, come what may. And then this understanding turned into a series of surrenders and the territory of the absolute meaningness of words from that point onward. I would have to play a game as an actor, increasingly dissociated, and hope that whatever had carried me so far, would continue. Then came the game of hope and despair, of more trust, betrayal and devastation. And also the rage. Oh, the rage. The annihilative force in absolute opposite, destructive interference to what was Source just pummeling me on the upsides with ecstasy as All.

I have been convinced something was misunderstood, but hopeless that it could not be resolved in my capacity. I have felt like a prisoner,you know. Astonishingly, my salvation was to find a group of same souls, and George Stankov, who had been through it all too, and more, and varied, but somehow all the same. And then came the synchronicities, the repeated resonance, the collective acceleration among us. It is my only remaining connection of truth experienced in 3d, and even then, it’s only an interface on the computer, so simple and abstract. So with the rest of my 3d imprisoned, there has been the recognition and heightening vibration and knowing of our collective, our mission, our victory.

It is hard to say anything that means anything. I feel almost all of me is viable and resonant to the higher dimensions. I have intuited many times that the moment of crossover for me will be a sudden click in the brain (I have had thousands as markers), one that finally is that awareness: I AM. I AM Ascended. And then will be the sustained joy and exponential learning curve in gladness, as skill and Source-interface with our fellow ascending collective.

I am ready. I am putting my hands on people to heal. I am laughing and free, and thriving in spiritual-fulfillment, in nuance, and ecstasy, and delight, feeling the communion of souls, our mutual upliftment, the celebratory harvest and homecoming. I am source, as life, truth, love and awareness. I am radiating. I am peace. I am laughter. I am the living light.

So for our collective affirmation and readiness, I salute all that has passed for its sudden delivering to us what we have for too long have called the precipice. I AM the precipice. I am the simultaneous multi-dimensionality. I am not forsaking anything by being, doing, thinking, or feeling any which way. It is SO of its own accord, and I am this IT.

Past my word games, we will make it one way or another…. or another. And there will finally be fun.

Love, gratitude, and reciprocity for All,


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