The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship

US-European Refugee Crisis Stuns Russia
By: Sorcha Faal, December 1, 2 012

A shocking report issued today by the Federal Migration Service (FMS) is warning that local services in Moscow and St. Petersburg are being “overwhelmed” due to the growing number of American and Western European refugees flooding into Russia, a situation, they say, was made even worse this past month with the reelection of President Obama.

The FMS is the federal executive body that implements state policy on migration and also performs law enforcement functions, functions for control, supervision and provision of public services in the field of migration throughout all of Russia. Under Russian law, it is important to note, every foreign traveler must have a Russian-based sponsor, which could be a hotel, tour company, relative, employer, university, etc.

According to this FMS report, however, a “loophole” to Russian immigration law was created in 2009 by then-President Medvedev’s “Go Russia!” modernisation programme to diversify the economy on industries based on high technology and innovation when foreigners were allowed to, in essence, establish their own companies in Russia, and then sponsor themselves for immigration and eventual citizenship.

This “loophole” was expanded last month, the FMS says, when Russia began its first 100 days as the newest member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) which has its own rules and procedures governing the migration of business executives, workers and bankers between countries meant to create “ease of migration” in order to facilitate international commerce.

One such example cited in this FMS report is the American based 3D digital theater technology giant RealD, who this past September established an office in Moscow, a move that was quickly followed by over 20 of its highest paid US and European executives sponsoring themselves for Russian migration and eventual citizenship.

The reason for these American and Western European “economic refugees” flooding into the country, this report continues, is due to Russia having the world’s best tax system that caps individual taxes at 13%, corporate taxes at 20%, and dividend income at 9%.

Compared to the US tax system, which has rates as high as 40%, this report says, Russia’s system of flat-rate taxes has created a mecca for American and Western European corporations and executives seeking to protect their vast wealth from their own governments who are going broke.

Especially worrisome to American executives, the FMS says, is their governments debt of $16.3 trillion, a staggering amount made even worse this past week with their 3rd quarter reports showing a stunning collapse of personal spending, which in a country that bases 70% of its economy on consumer spending is “beyond catastrophic.”

Even worse, and as the United States continues its plunge into an economic abyss, new reports are warning that Obama is preparing to assume dictatorial powers over his nations economy while at the same time the US Congress is working on new laws to expand the power of their military forces to detain and jail civilians.

To the reason such police state powers are needed in the United States, FMS analysts in this report say, is the Obama regime plan to seize the 401K and IRA retirement accounts of all American citizens such as has been done to the private retirement plans over the past 18 months to those living in Hungary, Ireland and France.

Unbeknownst to the millions of Americans holding trillions of dollars in their private 401K and IRA retirement accounts, the draconian provisions established in the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, which gave then-President Franklin Roosevelt “absolute control” over his nations economy thus allowing him to seize all of the privately held gold of his citizens, were subsequently enshrined in the 1933 Banking Act that created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and continues to be the “law of the land” in the United States to this very day.

The use by Obama of his power to seize the bank accounts of any American citizen he so chooses, this report continues, was last exercised by him on 9 October when he signed an Executive Order giving his regime the power to do so under what he termed was his right as the United States was still in a state of “national emergency.”

One chillingly potential scenario outlined in this FMS report, as to how the Obama regime would begin seizing for itself all of the private retirement accounts belonging to US citizens, cites the planned 1 January 2013 expiration of FDIC’s 100% insurance protection of all American citizens’ bank accounts which many experts believe will cause a massive run on US banks as people begin to fear losing all of their money.

With the median net worth of Americans reported this past week to have fallen to a 43-year low, combined with the lowest rate of US births since 1920, when such records began, FMS analysts state in this report that it is “no wonder” that US and European refugees have caused Moscow to become the 3rd most expensive city in the entire world to live in.

And, while two-thirds of their nations millionaires were reported this past week to have left Britain to avoid a staggering 50% tax rate, and a flood of panicked French businessman are fleeing their country’s savage tax rate of 75%, and rich Americans are reported to be renouncing their citizenship in record numbers, this FMS report warns that Russia should begin preparing its infrastructure to accommodate what is fast becoming the most unprecedented surge of refugees crossing the Motherlands borders in modern times.

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