Personal Opinions – December 30, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Hi George,

Yes I agree, years of reading of channeled messages lead me to believe that the heavens were able to gauge our exact levels of evolution/energy and also able to predict future events. Well, by now we obviously know that this is not so. It seems that in many respects they are as clueless as we are. I think that from now on many lightworkers will also either be putting more discernment into reading channelled messages or stop reading them altogether (hopefully).

Now to our two options. I have always felt that the multi-earth scenario was, although a wonderfully constructed plan (our own HS’s had a hand in it too), however quiet complicated to pull off. Not sure if we just pushed the heavens into this scenario in the first place, as we wanted to “save” many souls from the deluge of massive earth changes. Now, perhaps a massive deluge would not be such a bad idea after all. At least all souls will be able to make an accurate assessment of themselves in an excarnated state and decide on their options thereon. Lady Gaia would have a wonderful cleansing in one shot. BTW, nobody has talked much about the current state of Lady Gaia in this scenario (“delayed ascension” that is). It would be interesting to see what her opinion is on this.

The other option being as you have discussed with your ascension and subsequent introduction of the New Theory of the Universal Law in a multi-dimensional state, which will bring about all the changes we need and the awakening of the masses. I think that at this stage we have the right to make some serious demands.

We cannot however demand that we do not wish to do more energy work, simply because our bodies/vessels are designed to do this work, it cannot be stopped. I think we should demand this second option however, and if need be, pressure for some action. There are some of us ready to self ascend if need be. Open question is obviously, whether a clean ID split is still possible.

George, please take your time. You don’t have to reply immediately, as I do respect your request for thoughtful contemplation on our side before we discuss this. I just had to put my ideas down as I suffer from short and medium term memory (part of LBP), and just feel restless if I do not send it to you now.

(Was just hit by a wave starting at about 11 am lasting for about two hours.)


Dear Joe,

I am as clueless as the higher realms what they are going to do next. I am however not clueless as to what must be done on the ground and I have demanded clearly and vocally the best and easiest solution with my imminent ascension and propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law to topple down the current most dark citadel of the Orion matrix  – the present-day empirical science.

The deluge of about four billion humans in the End Times is my preferred scenario and it is still on my menu.

In the last message by Dorie it was shortly mentioned that the earth A is still not ready and this applies to Gaia as well. But I agree that all sources are very vague on the current energetic state-of-the-art of Gaia.

There is a systemic error in all considerations of the higher realms so far. When they realized how dumbed down humans are by the former PTB during the second harmonic convergence in July 2010,  they decided to spare them all negative social turmoil  and thus hindered actively their social awakening. The angst of the higher realms to trigger negative reactions among the masses and to play them in the hands of the dark cabal actually hindered their spiritual evolution.

This is an artificial conundrum created by the higher realms that they now cannot surmount. They are still unable to change the course of the events radically, thus admitting openly that their past strategy was absolutely wrong.

This is my key topic with my HS in the last days when I demand radical collapses of the current Orion system. Now that the Christed energies of the source have flooded earth and humanity, if we believe these sources, it will not be a great risk anymore to collapse this holographic model and use the emotional reactions of the masses to promote the idea of ascension, which is in the core of all human enlightenment.

I have personally no idea why they do not do it now after they were constraint to introduce another stasis which is a rather euphemistic term for a prolonged delay due to the inability of the higher realms to perform a decent ascension of such a small planet as the earth.

We are at a crossroad now and we must demand a clear strategy which can only be the  immediate collapse of the Orion matrix triggered by my ascension and then by the ascension of the rest of the PAT within a very short period of time, thus taking over the power on this planet, especially when we have to wait for a couple of more months till we will be able to heave the masses and Gaia to the 5th dimension.

The current strategies of the higher realms have badly failed and this is even cogent to the sparrows on the wires or to these idiots and cowards of Internet trolls in their stenching rat holes, quivering out of fear what will come next and whether they will survive the next month. as if their rotten lives were worth anything. Of course they are not, and hence the deluge must come very soon to cleanse the earth from this scum.

What a mess we are experiencing now on this rotten planet and none of it is our fault, quite on the contrary  – were we not here, nothing would have happened so far and the earth would have been destroyed long time ago.


Dear George,

Like some PAT members recently stated in your latest post and like all the other PAT members I simply have no idea why the higher realms can’t see that the only way humanity will awaken from its eternal slumber is through drastic change and the appearance of the first ascended master(s). I have decided that I will be one of those to expose the higher realms for their incompetence, lies, inefficiency, laziness and complacency.

Either the higher realms are daft or simply plain arrogant that they see no reason to listen to the wise PAT members who have continuously stated that true change can only happen through maximum exerted pressure and not through “ kindly energies for the masses”. It is like a soccer team that is complacent throughout the whole match and only starts to exert pressure actively in the last dying minutes. In this way they try to win the match, something they have not done in their previous lazy manner.

Now the main problem with the higher realms is that they refuse to listen to the experienced ground crew (the PAT members). As many an old man have once said “listen and ask others when you don’t understand for if you don’t, you will only repeat the same stupid mistakes again”. This quote is something that the higher realms have great difficulty understanding and one has wonder why they struggle to understand such simple, but wise pieces of knowledge.

One of the most strange and contradictory aspects about this ascension process is that heaven and our souls love dramas, yet are so stubborn to introduce even a single one on this planet in these “great end times”. Instead they choose to awaken humanity silently as if that will make any difference. If a robber manages to break a window quietly without anybody hearing no one will realise that he is entering the house, yet if he is heard they will realise and react appropriately, even though it has come as a shock to them.

If the higher realms, with their even far more ineffective and useless Galactic federation (GF), decide to continue in this way, then humanity will only awaken at the end of the next cycle of 26 000 years. The PAT members have long over-performed their soul contracts and during the whole year of 2012 humanity have not shown a single sign of improvement. At this rate it will only move to a deeper degradation and not ascension due to the utterly slow reactions of the higher realms.

I had realised some 5 months ago after the start of the Olympic games that heaven was off track and had lost the plot and now I can safely state that they have forgotten or disfigured what the fundamental purpose was with regards to the ascension process that had been designed before we all descended on this dysfunctional planet. “Massive changes of all four aspects (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) must take place in order for humanity to awaken”. This statement looks obvious, but not for HR who fail to understand simple 3d-basics mainly because they refuse to see things from a 3d-view and instead opt for a higher dimensional vantage point of view and try to enforce the way they operate in the 5th dimension onto a 3d-planet. This type of soft method only guarantees more failure.

The way that the higher realms operate makes you think that they are instead propagating anti-ascension and not mass ascension. All I know is that they have not helped the process by deflating the hopes of the lightworkers who are now in a state of total disarray. Even the small group of awakened individuals, albeit not fully, has received a knockout blow by the “much trusted higher realms”. In this you ask “how exactly are the higher realms helping anyway if they instead choose to knock down those who are awakened, while failing to awaken humanity?”

Let me state that I am simply telling the truth and not just complaining as heaven likes to believe that we do, whenever we rightfully criticize them. Now for the plan:

1. The ascension of Dr. Georgi Stankov to the higher dimensions and source and shortly afterwards his appearance in front of humanity as a multi-dimensional, unlimited being introducing the new theory of the universal-law of All-That-Is to all scientists ,which will immediately transform  the mental and spiritual awareness of all ascending humans.

2.The ascension of the PAT members immediately afterwards as more ascended masters are required to educate, teach and lead the masses into the new age.

3. The total collapse of the entire Orion matrix system (and all it’s aspects such as corporations, the church, etc.) due to the complete realization of it’s illusory existence as a quarantine instrument used by the PTW to further dumb down the masses. This also includes the elimination of all national states.

4. The introduction of new advanced technologies, which will change the human experience of life and prepare them for what to expect in the lower 5th dimension once they have ascended.

5. The day of ascension appears as “a thief in the night” and along with it the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal.

This is exactly what should happen in the next several months of supposed stasis, starting as soon as possible (early January), so as to give humanity enough time to fully comprehend their multi-dimensional nature and understand the spiritual and universal essence of All-That-is. This is in fact the original plan from the very beginning. This proves that the original is always the best option in terms of laying down the foundation for real success.

The higher realms can’t expect us or humanity (unconsciously) to just merely wait several months doing zero and then expect all to culminate on the appointed, anonymous day without humanity having sufficiently developed to ascend. I simply cannot understand what heaven wants us to do during all these months.

This is why I, like you George, heavily press on the ascension of the PAT as there can be no time to waste, hanging around for another 3 months devouring shit all day long.

If Heaven still, idiotically and stubbornly, refuses this, then this ascension process will spiral into total chaos and all the hard work of the PAT will have been for naught.  I personally think that heaven is becoming more and more compromised each day and we simply have to force the issue or else…

Love and Light

Hi Georgi;

Just a quick email to check in with you.

Everything with me is basically the same at all levels as I’m sure you know already, so bitching and moaning is pointless.

I’m just writing again to reiterate my support for your original plan to ascend as a living example of what is possible for everyone.

This was the original plan that drew everyone to you and the website and was pure genius in it’s simplicity. Going back to the basics is the only way now. The 3-D model does not work anymore for us, we must move to a different model or we must be re-absorbed into the light or as I would normally put it, obliterated and recycled. Surely if we are able to reach that conclusion within our 3-D limits, it must be blindingly obvious at higher dimensional levels and now that the higher realms have played around with every other option, they might finally see fit to return back to the original plan without getting distracted again by all the unrealistic, overly idealistic schemes and bright shiny toys they seemed to be fascinated with.

The worst part about this whole situation for me is I am on the verge of apathy. I’m sure that means nothing to the higher realms, but I hope they realize that they would be wasting quite a bit of energy if they allow that to happen. I’m too stubborn for my own good and if I reach apathy I will fight tooth and nail to oppose anything that tries to force me to do something against my will. I would suspect that many of the PAT, due to our personalities, will be in the same situation.

Anyway, my intent is focused on your personal ascension and relieving you of some of your energetic burdens as this plan has the best chance of success and requires the least amount of energy.

Maybe while the higher realms are experiencing eternal ecstatic bliss and amusing themselves with the human chess game they have instituted, they might find some time to check in with the pawns down here and see what’s really happening with this aspect of themselves.

My best always,
Marco NYC

Dear Marco,

In fact  I just wrote an email to Joe where I essentially presented the same ideas as you have written in your letter.

I do not think that the burden will be palpable for anybody if I ascend as the energies are improving their quality by the day and many other light workers are picking up. I think that the mental liberation and social appreciation of the PAT will, on the other hand,  bring enormous advantages to all of you during this interim time.

In fact my energies have improved tremendously in the last two days and now I am carried forward by this harmonious stream in a kind of a blissful dream-like state. As I receive the new energies in advance, I expect that you will also experience them very soon. I hope this will cheer you up.

Apathy is the symptom of our reluctance to immerse again in this 3d-reality, from which we have detached energetically to the point of no return. This is our actual dilemma – how to survive in a 3d-reality with a 5d-vibrational energetic field. I do not think that heaven has ever been confronted with this problem before and they do not have any sound solution at present. I sense their helplessness and this is what makes me feel insecure as to what will come next. We are however well advised to push our ideas and concepts and hope that in this mess we will be heard.


Hi Georgi;

If you get a chance to explore or answer this question, I’d appreciate it, but it’s not critical at all, so don’t feel obliged to answer.

Is there any chance at all that the dark forces, whatever they may be, have somehow technologically delayed or interfered with the ascension process, even including possibly booby-trapping the process somehow, so that the higher realms would have to untangle some messy situation and thus delay everything?

I would normally answer my own question based on how I felt about this, but I don’t trust anyone or anything now.

I would seem that this is not possible, with all the higher order energy we are bathed in now, but things like chemtrails, and HAARP were specifically designed to interfere and hijack the natural energy process of Earth and therefore us. It would seem the higher order energy would surpass any artificial technological means, but things like HAARP work with the highest order 3-D energy or higher and might create some havoc that would need to be corrected. This same technology has been and is still used on ‘targeted individuals’ to overload their body’s energy systems and results in almost exactly the same symptoms that the LBP puts us through.

These are just ideas, scientist to scientist, as I’ve always assumed we were Christ protected and far beyond the influence of this type of energetic attack, but due to the circumstances, I am now questioning everything.

My best,
Marco NYC

Dear Marco,

indirectly the dark force have largely contributed to the current delay with their successful policy of dumbing down the masses. But I do not think that since 11.11.12 they could achieve anything directly as they were fully eliminated or contained. However their product – the dumbed down masses – were still a too heavy burden to ascend, so that they indirectly are still a factor to consider through their dark human heritage.

The last abortion of an ascension test run around 12.21 was definitely due to the fact that very few souls qualified and it was decided one more time to delay the whole process as to help the masses reach this point during the current “stasis”.

But now the one billion dollar question is how to achieve this – the old strategy of graveyard stillness no longer works and the higher realms must come up with a new and more dynamic plan how to collapse the old Orion matrix at the price of scaring the people. Then  they can no longer be treated with silk gloves as in the past. As the higher realms are still clueless themselves on this issue, I have no idea what the near future will bring.


Dear Dorie,

since two days I am in a blissful, harmonious energy stream that carries me away and puts me in a dream-like state day and night. The energy crescendo is immense and I cannot help but think that this is on purpose and that another ascension test run is in massive preparation. It does not feel like a stasis. Today the energies are somewhat itchy and burning again, but still more harmonious than in the past. I cannot imagine that my soul will build up this energy gradient for too long in my body without coming to any result. What is your take and personal experience on this?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I am in the same blissful state! Oh my gosh! Someone even commented it was like I was walking around on cloud 9! I even commented to my friend yesterday that I secretly thought that something had changed because I wasn’t disappointed about another delay and that maybe it was our HS way of trying another test run much sooner than what they were letting on as to keep us in surprise this time and not focused on dates adding to more disappointment.

Although I have a headache today, my mood is still quite harmonious! I’m so glad you are feeling this too, Georgi! I thought I had completely detached from my disappointment and was losing it!

Much love to you!

Hi George,

After reading today’s blog on Opinions from PAT, I am sending this to you. This addresses things you and PAT question as to why LW don’t get it and much more. I know your opinion of this man. Yet, I see how much you agree on the BS out there, our creator being status and ascension. He agrees that going within is the only answer. Yet, why perhaps we are still subject to BS explanations. There are key points I wish to share with you.   Much here explains our most current dilemma, including what we are reading  from AAM and Steve Beckow.

This interview starts slow but addresses the intended deception of December 21st ; the serious problem with LWs;  false software programs of synthetic light and love transmitted to LWs; how they proliferate this falseness with meditations, energy grid work; even synthetic light ascended master BS; the implanted pineal gland, the falseness of the kundalini; harvesting and manipulation of the energies from our chakras.  He discusses the well-known PTW ‘problem, reaction…solution’  deliberately driving humanity from toxic 3d TOWARDS false synthetic light programs – the intended solution/trap. 1:03 min from Red Ice Swedish Radio. The guest is George Kavassilas, November 2012  – Spiritual Deception, False Light & Love, Our Planetary Being

In Love & Light,


Dear Marilyn,

although it may seem superficially, in the current interim time of confusion, that some of the weird ideas of this man are true, I will not watch this video as I am not interested in his ideas. This man is not in the LBP process and has no idea what is currently going energetically behind the veil.

I can assure that I was fully involved in both ascension test runs on Dec 18 and Dec 23 that almost ruined my physical body and both times we had a fair chance to ascend Gaia and humanity, but ultimately the others did not deliver. I do not see this as our failure but as the failure of the others and heaven.

We will see at the end where the PAT will be and where this man will stay and this is the most relevant criterion for truthfulness.

With love and light

Soothing Music for the PAT From PAT Members 

Hi George,

With Free Will – I would really love you to put on a set of headphones and listen to my music from start to finish… BEST way – is to lay down and feel the healing love vibrations infused within the sound… please TRUST ME as I am here for source… with infinite light George.–listen.html

Love & Light Always,


2 songs for you. I hope you like them.

Love, Moni

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