Dreams and Visions of PAT Members on the Ascension Scenario

by Eleanor Conda and Carla Thompson, December 3, 2012

Hi George,

And one would have thought the incoming intense energy waves would let up! I had one of the more intense “hits” last night (Dec2)  that left me flat out for about 3 hours  – receiving, releasing, transmuting.  It is  a good thing that the physical body seems more able now to perform these tasks than before and to manage  quicker turn-arounds. I suppose we will continue to be source light anchors/transmitters and transmuters/ clearers of remaining dross until all key events have played out. On the brighter side, I – like you and others – have begun to remember more intensely being multidimensional  and  to be acquainted with my soul family and  the mission designed for this individuated soul incarnate. More and more of disparate pieces are falling into place for many of us it seems.

Resistance to your forceful prediction of a global catastrophic event that would see billions of lives  lost is, to my mind, not exactly unexpected as the inevitability/grace of  that occurrence in the aftermath of the failed achievement of earlier ascension-related events, would be lost to many. I concur with and appreciate your elucidation of this subject in your article.

Back in March (SOAR #79) I had shared on your website a vision I had of  a cataclysm that would devastate the world. Then as now, I consider that a catastrophic scenario would be  a fair alternative with a potentially most benevolent outcome as the physical deaths ensuing would allow souls clean slates, enabling them to make the appropriate choices for the next parts of their soul journeys. Incidentally  the  numbers you cite (those who would perish, etc.) are similar to the results derived from an application of  a formula given in 2005 although I had initially used this formula in a slightly different context.  I continue to marvel at the oft convergence and complementarity of  information and knowingness that people derive/receive  through  diverse means and sources.

This vision came back to me  because I was told last Nov 26 that the deluge (that I was reminded was  shown me before) would occur within two weeks  or at the time of the new moon (or  Dec 10-13 from my reckoning). The next day (Nov 27) I saw people ascending, enveloped (or being pulled?) by this silvery/whitish sphere-like stream of light from above, and the same scene  after an interval of a few seconds, which made me think of the two ascension waves which was a possibility considered on  your website and by some sources. The sparse number of ‘rising” people in the vision concurs with expectations that not many will choose to ascend at this “time.” I sensed that the appearance of the  Universal Mother/Divine Feminine aspect of Source towards the end of this vision was  to confirm what one saw and understood.

Thanks George for your persistence and effort to keep this virtual space available through the countdown. I share the above information for whatever use/meaning they may have for any one at this time of great anticipation and waiting.

Blessings and safe and joyful journeys to all,


Dear Georgi,

I would like to share with you a lucid dream my friend had about a week ago. I will explain in advance that she was unaware of the discussions regarding the magnetic pole reversal and ID split that we have in our group.

In the dream, we were living together in a home in West Vancouver, in an area that looks down over the city and the Strait of Georgia. One morning we noticed that the tides were exceptionally high. From our vantage point we watched the high tides first with an intense interest, then with disbelief as the ocean began to rise up and flood the lower roads and land next to the water’s edge.

The water began to rise at around 9 in the morning, and by noon, people were really beginning to realize that this was not a normal “tide”. They began to run and drive to higher ground and a panic set in. At this point in the dream, there was a noticeable heaving motion of the earth, beneath our feet. The water then suddenly receded out to sea, much like a rip tide, exposing all that it had covered in the previous few hours.  With a force of untold power, the water returned to crash upon the shores at a much higher level this time. The wind blew with such steady force now as we ran to higher ground. Each new wave was higher and covered more land than the previous. The apartment buildings were eventually covered over, much to the dismay of the residents who had taken refuge on the rooftops, thinking they were safe. This event went on for hours and by the end of the day the water had covered the entire city and all outlying areas from our vantage point (the top of Cypress mountain) all the way to Mount Baker in Washington State. There was a beauty during this destruction in the sense that the light carried striking yellows, oranges, pinks and purples. The water was at first a deep royal blue then transformed to a brilliant turquoise blue at the end of the day, after wave upon wave crashed, flushed and receded over and over.

The whales and other sea life were all around us when the last and final wave actually washed over us. We were clinging for dear life to steel stanchions on a balcony somewhere up on the mountain. After this last wave came, the wind suddenly subsided and a beautiful glow was seen everywhere. The light was not coming from where our sun should have been at 6 in the evening. It came from the north-east and was softly brilliant in tone, not the tone of our own sun. We had survived.

I also felt the rhythmic downloading of energy throughout the last two weeks of November, particularly on the 24th. I have felt these pulses for years, but never to this degree. I was beginning to wonder if it was the paint fumes!

How are you holding up my dear friend?

Sending you love and light, as always,


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