The Importance of Dorie’s Message for Our Quick Ascension

by Dorie Bowlin and Georgi Stankov, November 7, 2012

I wish very much that every member of the PAT display the greatest possible discernment and see the enormous value of Dorie’s latest message in the complex context of our ascension process. We are no longer living in a bi-polar world of good or bad, of right or wrong, but in a multi-dimensional reality in the upper 4th dimension, which affords a complex and very flexible approach to all phenomena. This last message from Dorie’s HS is a masterpiece and a paradigm as to how ascended masters should operate in the very near future as dialectically thinking, multi-dimensional creator beings. If you will, this was the final test for the PAT members to prove their maturity as ascended masters of cosmic dialectics. 



Dear Georgi,

You know I can take criticism, I can. I can take the fact that what I said does not resonate with you, and that I have received a message that is not clear. But I really wish you would have allowed me the chance to respond back to you before you published my message today. I am not afraid to put anything on the forum and accept that it may not resonate with others, or that I may be completely WRONG…I have bared my soul on numerous occasions for everyone to see, so that’s not an issue. But Georgi, this was just a little too much for me this time! I know there is good reasoning in all that you do, I don’t question that, but how can anyone POSSIBLY ever believe anything that comes from my HS at this point when I have now lost all faith in her?

With love and light,

Dear Dorie,

Please, see it in a dialectical and positive way. It has nothing to do with your HS or with you. In fact your HS has done us a great favour to urge me to respond to this new scenario and kill it as to be able to ascend as early as possible. It is the same situation we had when we were deliberately informed in a false way about our ascension by the end of July, only to rebel and throw the ballast of the fence straddlers.

You should take none of it personally, but see it as a very clever pull of your HS on the chessboard to save us another delay and disappointment by using the brakes and say “No” to this proposal. We could not have known about this game, if we were not informed by your HS. If you read your message one more time very carefully, you will see that she first gives us all arguments why we should not accept her proposal, which was very clever on her part as she left the final decision to us and this decision will be heard very much in the final scenario as it is made in free will.

I had however to act in a very rapid and vehement way as now it is up to us to decide when the ascension will begin because it will begin with me and you will follow. If I would have agreed to this scenario or let it go without objections, we would have been sold and betrayed one more time. But this was not what your HS intended – quite on the contrary. You see now?

In fact you have done everyone of us a great favour by receiving this crucial and critical message, as otherwise we would have awaited till 12.12 before we can ascend. This is still a possible danger, but less realistic now.

Take a step back and see the very positive aspects of this latest development. You may be now overwhelmed by the speed of the events and my reaction, but we have no time to loose as the portal 11.11. has been opened today with full force. I was urged by our HS to act very quickly, similarly to the case on August 13 when we made our decree to give up saving the fence straddlers. Now it was even more urgent.

Take it easy, it  has never been personal and it is not even about your HS, but about our collective destiny and you have contributed immensely to this outcome with this message, for which I am very thankful to you and I believe all PAT members will see likewise.

With love and light

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