Reflections and Analysis

by Georgi Stankov, November 15, 2012

If we depart from the primary idea that this whole 3d-life we are experiencing on this planet is one big illusion, it is logical to conclude that its expected abolition in the current End Times cannot be achieved by making structural – social, economic and political – changes and reforms within this illusion. The whole illusion must be eliminated at one fell swoop. This is the reason why we have extensively discussed the scenario of a sudden ID split of the old 3d-illusion from the new 5d-reality of the ascended earth and humanity. 

Now we are on the cusp of this event. The only unknown variable is now whether it will happen as suddenly as we envisioned this process in conjunction with the detonation of the PAT supernova or in a somewhat slower, more continuous manner (as a supernova light version) from  the perceived point of view of still limited human awareness.

The last message of Brenda Hoffman allows for both alternatives. This is also fully confirmed by the latest message on GaiaPortal as of November 14:

Simultaneous Connections across Gaia Empowered fully by Solar Eclipse

Simultaneous connections made across Gaia on the 11-11-12 and 11-12-12 gateway dates were empowered fully by solar eclipse Stargate activation on the 11-13-12. This enabled unification (harmonization) of Ascendant’s Light frequencies.

Unification empowers Higher Beings (Higher Dimensional) to enter freely into the Gaia consciousness. Sensations in Light Worker Earth crew include lightening of physical body weight, free flow of new ideas, enhanced (upgraded) brain function, freedom from physical infirmities, freedom of physical movement.

Sol has spoken. Gaia has received.

All those in non-alignment are to be congregated and deactivated from old paradigm concepts prior to next steps. Gaia next steps require inner selection of Higher Path.

Light Bursts come strongly and at higher rate, perceived both from without and from within. All individual humans feel this and respond increasingly from Higher Self.

Gaia Harmonization results.

When one compares the two messages, they describe in a cryptic form all the future developments which we have anticipated long time ago. I will not delve now into deep hermeneutic analysis of these texts, but will only point at several major announcements that have been made synchronistically in both texts:

The leitmotif in Brenda’s message is the Shift, understand the ID Split as defined on this website. We also read there: “Think of this week as the installation of your new hard drive“, while the GP-message heralds a “lightening of physical body weight and enhanced (upgraded) brain function“. Both statements announce the establishment of the new crystalline bodies during the imminent ID split in those LW who have sufficiently advanced in the LBP.

This shift /split will run along the division line between all entities who are incorporated in the web of light through the unity field of the PAT, myself serving as a nexus to the source. This huge energetic connectedness of all ascension candidates is based on the rainbow bridge which the PAT built two months ago through all dimensions up to the source. In this sense Brenda’s source is quoting our achievement as extensively discussed on this website, but still remained unrecognized by the confused LW community: “The complete spectrum after this week will be: you – the rainbow; others moving towards you; and still others only seeing the rainstorm mess.

GP says to this topic: “Simultaneous connections made across Gaia on the 11-11-12 and 11-12-12 gateway dates enabled unification (harmonization) of Ascendant’s Light frequencies“.

This is another reiteration of the full activation of the web of light created by the PAT to encompass the ascending portion of humanity and to heave it into higher dimensions.

This process of ascension automatically leads to the separation of the two timelines – earth A (respectively A/B) and catastrophic earth B. They are described allegorically in Brenda’s message as a “rainbow“-timeline  and a “rainstorm mess” timeline. The latter alludes to the huge deluge which all entities remaining on earth B will experience during the magnetic pole reversal, which will be accompanied by torrential rains as I have been told by HS recently. This will lead to the retrieval of several billion human entities through death experience from the current incarnation experiment in preparation for their future participation on the appropriate timeline.

Both sources confirm that this separation of the two timelines will automatically liberate the ascending humanity from their former masters, who will stay on the catastrophic earth B and will not be able to exert any power on the ascending human beings as the title of Brenda’s message clearly pinpoints:

“Some of you of the rainbow set are concerned that those remaining solidly in the third dimension will harm you physically, emotionally or spiritually. Merely Old Age thinking and memories. For the past few eons, you have indeed given third dimensional beings the power to diminish your joy. Such is no longer the case.

This week’s shift will alter power patterns beyond anything you can imagine. ”

GP also says that the coming days will bring: “freedom from physical infirmities“. This will be accomplished in the following way. “All those in non-alignment are to be congregated and deactivated from old paradigm concepts prior to next steps

Finally, there is a very cryptic statement about the coming “freedom of physical movement” in the GP-message, which I can only interpret as the announcement of the first ascension wave and our appearance in light bodies in front of humanity, thus demonstrating the ability to overcome gravity and to be able to teleport your crystalline bodies instantly to every point on the globe. The reason for this interpretation is that we now also have a freedom of movement. What GP means though is the “FREEDOM from the current physical movement“.

This freedom will not only be available to us as ascended masters, but also for all advanced  LW and later on for all ascension candidates who will be able to use the new portals, which we have built in the course of the last year around the earth in preparation for the introduction of new 4d- and 5d-technologies that will substitute the current Orion matrix and will bring about true abundance and prosperity to all ascended human beings.

From this succinct analysis of the two texts, we can conclude that we must expect some staggering developments in the coming days after our exhaustive cleansing work around the two last portals 11.11 and sun eclipse 11/13 has subsided. The many ascension test runs, which most of you have experienced in these days and reported on this website also point out to this final solution when our liberation from the shackles of this 3d-reality will be finally, and for ever manifested. The current 3d-illusion is inevitably coming to an end and our exaltation and jubilation will be great very soon.

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