PAT Assessments of the Ascension Scenario – PART I, November 18. 2012

On “Four Billions Will Die in December…”

November 17, 2012


I read our article on your website and I hope that PAT members are able to take it without too much disappointment. Of course they are a hardy group to have come this far. It is amazing in a way how HS and spirit work. I started out with the intention of just writing you an email on my confusion and we ended up with what I believe is the ascension plan for now.  

Anyway I wanted to tell you that this latest resolution has affected us physically mainly gastro-intestinally. Anita has developed another seeming intestinal obstruction that I am hoping will clear soon. The environment as well seems so creepy and foreboding. Do you concur with these feelings. There is no feeling of celebration at all as mentioned in the latest “Manuscript of Survival”. Maybe it will take a few days for this new scenario to set in and maybe I will feel at least more reconciled by then.

I guess part of me always knew it would end like this, I just did not want to think so. I am almost resigned now not to even read or think more about it than I am able and just let the events unfold as they will so, I may not be writing anymore, but we will see how I feel later may be different. Anyway, it has been wonderful to get to know you and discuss these ideas over the last year. I was hoping we would work together in the new earth, but maybe we will play a different role after all.

Dear Jerry,

it was also a great pleasure for me to cooperate with you on our ascension scenario as the PAT and to go together through all the highlights (were there any?) and many disappointments. But after all, I have come to the point, where I no longer have any emotional connection to the whole effort to save humanity other than to bring it to an end. And to the end will it come very soon, even without any efforts on our part, but simply through our presence on the ground to the very last minute.

I am very neutral what will happen after our cosmic ascension to the source, but it is a fact that none of the more optimistic prognoses and visions I have had, have been realized so far. The crowning of our work, if any, will be in the higher dimensions as a personal satisfaction of knowing that we have given our best and that no other soul would have done more for humanity under these circumstances. After all it is not only about these few souls that have incarnated in these times, but about the billions of souls that will incarnate in the future on earth A and will enjoy their evolution under much favourable conditions, for which we have played the role of the exhausted midwife after a very protracted and difficult birthing.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Yes I do have access to the site today and in fact I am in the middle of reading the post by you and Jerry. I’m glad to have heard back from you, as I was very worried about you and felt that you were suffering either from more energy waves and/or disappointment.

Although I have yet to finish the article, I too have had the same feeling for several weeks, which I have shared with my family, that we will still be here until the end, December 21st. I didn’t want to voice this opinion of mine to you and the rest of the PAT as I had hoped that this would not be the case and we would ascend sooner than that and that perhaps it was doubt on my part in thinking this way. Yet I could never shake the thought/feeling from my mind/self. But what I keep hearing is “the ancients picked that date for a reason.”

I know this is not the vision we all had for ourselves as we hoped to be gone by now. There have been times when I too have said to myself that I wish I didn’t know about any of this, meaning ascension, so that I could live ignorantly like the rest of the masses. Yet there was/is a reason that I was awakened, even if I have yet to fully figure out why. My LBP has paled in comparison to what you and other PAT members have suffered through and I cannot begin to imagine what you all must be feeling day in and day out. Yet everyone keeps trucking along and for that I truly admire you all. I really hope that you all do not suffer anymore these last days as you have done way more than anyone could possibly imagine. I shall be sending you all, and especially you Georgi, loving, healing light to try and keep you peaceful until our voyage home.

With much Love and Light,
November 18, 2012


I am following your website for few months and some of your posts were really informative. But I can’t believe that billions people would die next month. All your  ascension dates have so far not come true and this will also fail.

And reason could be you want to set a date for not only personal ascension, but mass ascension. And that’s not how ascension works. Anyway 21-Dec is just around the corner and we would see what happens.

Many Blessings to you.

Dear Raghvendra,

If you have followed our discussions you must have also grasped the logic behind our arguments as they are shared by all PAT members. Then it is a simple first-grade- mathematics. One billion will stay on the catastrophic earth B as more will not be able to survive on it. Less than two billions will ascend. What will happen with the rest?

Read also this article:

November 18, 2012

Hi Georgi!

Thanks for the posting today as I know its difficult finding the power to compose and post anything considering all that has happened and continues to happen to us.

I must report, to my dismay and disappointment, that I concur with Jerry’s and your assessment of the over all situation.

I’ve felt for over 2 weeks now that something went very very wrong with all previous attempts at ascension trial runs. Everything has been essentially suspended in a temporary loop of containment until the last possible nanosecond while ‘they’ desperately try to figure out some possible solution knowing fully well that there probably is none, as the masses haven’t even come close to changing or even wanting to change at all.

The split is blatantly clear as the people that still continue their previous patterns and refuse to do anything else except for further entrench themselves in their beliefs are even more obvious. This is where my personal disappointment and dismay come in as I was so optimistic and assumed this number of retards would dramatically change for the better and this is obviously not seeming like it will happen at all.

I still believe the bigger picture of planetary and personal ascension (Cosmic ascension for us if we want it) will happen but it may be necessary to prepare to continue to be used as pawns, while the higher realms use every last drop of our power until the very last second in hopes that it might save that one last soul or anyone at all. This means that we might have to be martyred right until the end on 21.12.2012, so I’m trying to prepare over the next few days for this possibility as I’m not sure at this moment how I will survive that long.

On another issue, have you ever used or substituted beta-carotene in the form of oral vitamin A as a polyene antimycotic substitute for Nystatin or Amphotericin B for clinical treatments as you would with Nystatin?

All my best to you Georgi,
Dear Marco,

I am glad that you fully concur with Jerry’s and my assessment of the current energetic situation. No matter how disappointed we are, we must always search for the truth in the first place. Even though we have now entered the worst possible scenario, it is still comforting to know why. It has never been about us as we come from the source and will return to the source, but about humanity. But as I said today to my wife – you cannot save somebody whose soul has chosen him as a candidate for perdition in this incarnation.

I have used Vitamin A as a supplement to Nystatin and Amphotericin B as it has a similar polyene structure and cell-stimulating effects, but not as a substitute for these drugs, and I doubt if it will have this pronounced clinical effect. But as far as I remember, I have quoted in my volume III several trials in leukemia patients that responded very well to Vitamin A treatment.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Dear George,

I think we are missing a few very important inconsistencies.

1. Before our portals were infiltrated by dark forces because the GF failed to protect them, the ascension process had commenced. We are certain that some have ascended right? You saw for example a woman in your dreams. Now after the process was halted, suddenly humanity was too fearful for this event to continue? Too fearful for our appearance? But if the detonation of the supernova went to full completion in the first place, surely we would have appeared as ascended masters? So what happened to make this impossible now? It just does not make sense, except if we again increased the amount of ascendees by taking back some of the fence straddlers, as I commented on in my previous message. But there must be more to it than that.

2. Our refusal to play out religious scenarios. Certainly we don’t have to play out scenarios, but if we simply appear as ascended masters the religious ones will see this as the work of God? We can then step by step eliminate their false religious thinking, instead of pretending to follow their script of various religious books which will only increase their religion? So how does this decision mean we cannot appear in front of humanity, if this was already possible several months ago?

A few days ago I was very frustrated and wrote a message to the higher realms, questioning all kinds of decisions. But now I am feeling a bit better again. As I see it, these (at least) two inconsistencies show us that we are missing something. But I am not quite sure yet what. Do you have any comments on this?

Love & Light,
Dear Daniel,

There are only inconsistencies if we assume that all messages we got from the HS were correct in the past. But in fact most of them were not, they simply highlighted the optimal scenarios without any guarantee of success. In this respect, I even doubt that anybody has ascended so far except for some old souls who have died. The detonation of the PAT supernova was an optimal scenario, but never had any real chance of success.

We have indeed struggled to the very last minute to take some more souls to the higher dimensions, but these were not the fence straddlers but sure ascendees who were mired and got lost in the 3d-reality and now had to be awakened with great effort on our part.

When you consider all this, then we do not have any inconsistencies but only too optimistic scenarios in the past, given by our HS to urge us to give our utmost to save these souls. I even doubt if there were any real changes in our ascension scenario as we always worked with myriad ascension probability alternatives at the same time and we never knew which one will be realized at each ascension test run or phase.

Now the final outcome is fairly clear and it is very modest. But without our effort even the annihilation of earth and humanity would have been a real possibility.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Hello Captain!

Grim times heh? I must admit I’ve been having the feeling for some time now that the PAT is being somehow fooled in this process. Fooled as in, left partially in the dark regarding important information AND deliberately taken advantage of, by whom, I have no idea, perhaps the GFL. Regardless of where this is going I thank all (PAT) and you Georgi in particular for your efforts which had a tremendous effect in rising the vibrations of Gaia. This no one can deny, at least no one who feels it in their bodies.

But the reason I write to you is anharmonicity. The word “anharmonics” does exist and is commonly used in science, especially in spectroscopy, where harmonic and anharmonic vibrations are treated separately (like us, hehehe), for example

This is just a detail, but great science is made of details and so I thought it was important to rectify.

Hold on as best as you can. With of without early ascension no one can undermine the achievements on the PAT, at least no one with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Ana, Portugal
Dear Ana,

I do not think that the word “fooled” is the appropriate in this context as all of us knew from  the very beginning what a dirty job we were supposed to do. In this respect our desire to leave this planet as early as possible and to end our tortures is more than legitimate.

Of course this strong desire/longing for the bliss of the higher realms was exploited by our HS, and not by anybody else, to motivate us do the utmost. They deliberately calculated with our subsequent frustrations, knowing that this will not affect us energetically to continue doing our dirty job on behalf of the higher realms and the slumbering masses of souls. I have expressed my inherent lack of confidence in our HS when I wrote the article “The Sarcasm of our Souls” three weeks before our ladies started to channel. In this respect I am not shocked or feel abused or lied in any significant way.

Of course it is another issue as to whether our HS should have informed us much more and more precisely on the actual situation behind the veil. But they knew how dire and hopeless the real situation was and that the only power to heave humanity from its morass was our “naive” enthusiasm, behaving like unrealistic Baron Munchhausens who disregard the laws of gravity, respectively of darkness.

Thank you for giving me the link to the term “anharmonicity”, I was searching for “anharmonic”  as given in the text and this word does not exist. The definition of the word “anharmonicity” is identical to the connotation I give to the word “disharmony” in terms of wave theory, so that my interpretation is fully correct.

If we have decided not to ascend earlier and get rid of this planet and its population, then this can only add to our achievement as midwifes of the extremely difficult birthing process of ascension of this rotten human species.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Dear George

It’s so hard to read your latest posting. You sounded so ground down by everything. I had a quick message this morning before I went on your site that “George is processing too much and it needs to be diffused more amongst the PAT members”. That came after I asked my higher self what had been going on last night.

I had a lot of nightmare type dreams, where I was battling against ineffective but annoying dark entities. Higher self didn’t answer what had been happening there, but I feel that we are still involved in nightly skirmishes with the minions on the planet and that the PAT members are taking turns or “shifts” to lighten the load. We are battle weary and the higher realms know we are in need of a rest. I was also burning up frequently which was good as it kept waking me from these nightmares. Have dreadful headache today and the ringing noise is louder each day. The vibrations in my body have been increasing and gradually moved up from my feet. Having reached the solar plexus I have had an aching rib cage and upper back and feel that the inside “me” is too big for the vehicle carrying it.

I am sure that all the “PAT” are happy to take a bit of the strain on your behalf  if at all possible. It might feel like we can’t take any more, but I think we will surprise ourselves. The last thing we want is to wear the Captain out! We are all with you for a reason – to support and strengthen each other.

Love and a lorry load of sparkling light.
Dear Lynn,

thank you very much for your moral support and for your confirmation of the current  energetic situation. I doubt if anybody can take part of my energetic obligations as all PAT members are overwhelmed to their utmost limit with cleansing human dross. Besides I can assure you that I feel much better in the last two days.

But it is true that we were one more time thrown to the wolves and the result is more than modest as far as the harvest of human souls is concerned. We have had however our, more than fair share in this battle, while most of the other LW are still in a deep slumber and it will stay so to the very last minute. However it does not make any sense to lament now, but to acknowledge this dire reality and leave this earth after well done job.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Hello, I’m 20 and my name is Justin. I’ve been following the PAT since around August of last year, I do believe that was when this website was created.

I want to say that the only thing that can change now is this timeline becoming more enormously positive than it already is. To Dorie, your higher self is telling the truth, please trust. And to Georgi, try to imagine even more positive scenarios than you have recently.. or Cosmic Awareness for that matter. I can verify positive events that are in our future; however, nothing more needs to be said. Just take this message from me as another positive confirmation, of which you have read in many of recent channelings. (Dorie’s higher self and the Manuscript of Survival specifically)

When your inspiration is drying up and your motivation is slowing down, just go back to your secret chamber heart-of-hearts threefold flame that is beyond the chakra system, connected directly to source. Balance your Love, Wisdom, Power. Love, that which is beyond duality, is the highest and only true vibration, we are One & Infinite. This cannot be said enough..and should be repeated as much as necessary.

As quoted from someone I deeply admire. “We are not Losers. We are Lasers. Love Always Shines Everytime Remember 2 Smile.”

Dear Justin,

I am very positive about my ascension and that of the real PAT members to the Source or to the 12th dimension. I do not know about you as you have never participated in our discussions and I  do not know if you are a PAT member or if you are even in the LBP as to understand our discussions, which I seriously doubt considering your comments. This is however irrelevant now as everybody will follow his personal timeline.

The greatest asset of a true PAT member is however his ability to be absolutely open minded and honest about the reality he confronts even when it may contain inconvenient truths for himself. In this respect your recommendations are far-fetched and display a great portion of unreflected self-esteem, which is typical for many slumbering LW, but no longer a trait that belongs to a true PAT member as he no longer needs this kind of artificial human behaviour, deeply rooted in a still operating human ego. The latter is fully eliminated at the end of the LBP in all PAT members as our discussions on this website perspire.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Is it possible to be in contact with George directly? I read his article that was posted Jan. 2012 of this year regarding the Lightbody.

I want to write a note of gratitude. There are really no words to describe the accurateness I feel in his dissertation and dissection of thoughts. I have directly experienced much of what he speaks. I am still in the cocoon phase without full access of spirit to discuss and explain matters, but I fully thank George for his boldness and succinct detail of description. I concur with his response to the “What is Lightbody” book. It truly does not give any human body the depth of tools necessary to actually deal with what happens on the many levels of physical, emotional and psychic realities. Yet a grand beginner to awaken the mind to what it speaks.

I again thank you for this statement.  Your article was fully human, earthbound and yet fully capable to describing the multidimensional levels. The best integration of words I have seen or felt with my heart. As we approach this time of change I stand here holding your hand as a friend.  Thank you. Your visions are descriptive and very accurate with what I have been seeing in the dream and in-between states.

Thank you dear friend.
Alissa Rath
Dear Alissa,

I am humbled by your appreciation of my publications and you are welcome to the club of physical pain, known as the PAT, Planetary Ascension Team. I would like to make you aware of a recent article of mine, where I have given a  crash course of a new member of the PAT on LBP and ascension. You will find there all the necessary links to further progress in this topic.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Hey George,

I too have been feeling like something went wrong with our Ascension and it got me to thinking. In Antiquity Unveiled (I finally read the whole thing) we have a case were 4 of the most enlightened spirits to ever live (Apollonius, Hermes Trismegistus, Gautama Sakyia Buddah and Zarathustra) leading a whole other band of spirits united for one purpose; to expose organized religion.

Of all the things to talk about,160 different spirits speak to the need to end Christianity.  As many good intentions go into Jesus, I believe this diversion of energy into an imaginary figure is well calculated black magic of the worst degree. This is the irony, the worst black magic on the planet is pitched as the saviour to suck off all the good energy of many unknowing souls. The truth is that all this Jesus worship is being channeled for dark purposes. We may have the Archons gone, but we have billions of people still feeding this thing.

The reason so many spirits are aligned against this is because its ramifications are worse than anything we are currently dealing with and currently enslaves more entities in the afterlife than anything else. Good people are being tricked into giving their power away and it us being used against them. I would not be surprised if Christianity was specifically engineered to stop Ascension. Why else would so many of histories greats be saying the same thing.

The dilemma though remains, how do you tell some of these Bible thumpers Jesus was a fictional character, made up by Satanists to steal you energy and enslave you to the Orion matrix. Not an easy pill for many of these people whom haven fallen victim to such beliefs.

I don’t really know where I am going with this, I just know it has something to do with it.

Dear Jon,

these are excellent and very precise comments on the topic of religions and in particular on Christianity as a satanic ritual introduced by the dark archons to prevent ascension in the current times.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Hi Georgi

Just read your correspondence with Jerry and I wanted to offer my support and encouragement. There is nothing to be sad about. I am noticing that I feel different about the ascension scenario now. Even the last time I wrote you I was trying to put into words that I was entertaining new scenarios in my mind. I now think this creativity is a direct result of the changes from the eclipse and 11.11 portals. indeed, I feel that I am free and unhindered by the old world, by the old matrix with more flexibility to create. My HS has been telling me over and over, forget the old, forget it ALL..

Now I´m more prone to believing that there might be many versions of what “ascension” might be. I think I have stopped caring about ascension in the traditional sense. Not caring because I know that my ascension has happened. The veil is thin and I am getting views of different timelines and multi-dimensional experiences. I feel that any choice I make right now will be an upgraded version of this and that is what ascension is to me. Which experience I choose I still haven´t decided. Well, NOTHING that resembles 3D in the remotest way. My HS keeps telling me to LET GO of anything old. Now I know what she means.  Do I ex-carnate through the death experience? Do I align myself with a way better version of this Earth? Do I choose a different incarnation experience entirely?

Right now the energy is telling me, you’ve turned a corner. From now on you can create without ANY interference or hardly any time lapse, exactly what you want. I see this happening now with a MUCH faster turn around. I need only think about something and then it manifests for me (or I align myself to that timeline) the same day.  In other words, the energy is building up and will be perfect for ascension.

I think I might be getting this information now because my soul is telling me, hey, yes really there are going to be gateways. Choose your destination instead of just waiting for any certain timeline to play out. I´m being shown that I can make my own version and that the gateways are VALID. Just because we haven´t ascended until now doesn´t mean it will not happen!

The  ascended master scenario is no longer valid for me. Just feels over, like a line was crossed and that´s no longer a viable option. Maybe my striving to be was part of my role in grounding the new energies. Like an oracle, how HS tells us things to get a certain result. It just didn´t pan out. A new scenario is taking shape. There won´t be a collective ascension. We will be doing it individually, I think.

I have no desire to speculate anymore about what is going to happen. That just doesn´t resonate with me now. What´s important is that we focus on the timing and use it to our advantage. With the portals we are being set free, allowed to retire, if you will. We have done our jobs and brought the new energies into the Earth through our bodily systems. We’ve have been clearing so much BULLSHIT from the collective in terms of emotional dross, karma, outmoded beliefs, etc.  I now know that was my true reason for being here. I think now my HS is telling me I can retire if I want.  I don´t choose the ascended master scenario anymore. I may even choose the death experience if I can´t physically jump dimensions.

Not depressed, just trying to figure out what the new portal dates mean for me and how I´ll use them. Full on creativity. I hope this has cheered you up a little.

Love Debra
Dear Debra,

thank you very much for your very cunning and inspiring comments and observations on the current End Time scenario after the opening of the last two portals. It is obvious  that all members of the PAT now see the situation much clearer and this is another sign for our ongoing ascension, even though the physical transformation has not happened yet. But this is the least important part now in the overall ascension scenario.

My body vibrates with such higher vibrations and intensity that I am practically ascended. Last night I created for instance a very powerful vortex and eliminated all internet cyber attacks of the dark ones that blocked my website in some parts of the USA for a short period of time. I did also some more white magic, the fruits of which will be riped in the coming days and I know that soul creation is beginning to work instantly now.

With love and light
November 17 , 2012

Hallo George,

I fully concur with your latest discussion with Jerry. Funny, I could have written that initial letter that he wrote, with the exact words. So for sure he was echoing the feeling of the PAT. I have for a while now had the intuition that we will be pushed towards December until we ascend, I have mentioned that to Eugene before. I hope our HS’s and the heavens do not expect miracles from us when TSHF (the shit will hit the fan), as I for one will take care of my immediate friends and family, that’s it. I am not going to stick my head out in my 3D body, and try to take some form of leadership. I refuse to, and have stated that numerous times before to my HS. I am just mentioning this, as in some channelings we are encouraged to do so.

So we can assume that in the light of the current time line, that it is not important any more for the masses to SEE the blunder of their “sheepishness”, as there won’t be any time for that.

In order to concur with your Pole Reversal prediction I can say the following:

December will herald the six months time period after the June 5 Venus transit. Which means we can expect a massive event, which could be the trigger to these massive End Times events. At the last Venus transit in 2004, that 9,1 earthquake struck on boxing day near Indonesia. 121 years before that, other calamities hit earth 6 months after those Venus transit events.

Secondly, if you go to, you will see that the sun has released two massive filaments of energy into our solar system. Although not earth directed, I am sure they will trigger something. I mean these “filaments” are really massive.

We should not expect to see any channelings relating to the pole reversal etc., as I am sure everyone is under strict orders not to spread fear among the half awakened  or sleeping masses.

Also, when the majority of humans will leave through death experience, it should not be seen as a failure, or in a negative sense, but merely as a choice. Many would still incarnate into Earth A, depending on the choices of those souls. So that exact number we would probably only know after the whole event.

in love and light,
November 17, 2012

Hi George

I just read your latest post and unfortunately I can’t disagree. I sense the void, I see no change. I even think people are regressing. Like you I hope your assessment is wrong, but I just can’t see what all the channels are so happy about.

The last time I felt like this was when I first learnt about anything unpleasant such as 9/11, the NWO or the malevolent alien presence on earth and knew it to be true.

Funny thing I was thinking about “The Sarcasm of Our Souls” and our current situation and my personal situation only days ago, although it’s not that funny.

I hope I’m just tired. Is it possible to ascend everybody in their sleep to earth A/B and then educate? There has to be more options. Something we are missing?

I won’t be reading your response till morning as it is 1:00am here and I’m sitting on the couch typing on my phone in darkness. I need to go to bed.

When I read the words Four Billion Humans it really hit home what could be around the corner. Again I hope we are wrong. Like Jerry said, this illusion is still very real.

Warm regards
Alex, Australia
Dear Alex,

one should face the truth even when it is unpleasant. But we must also consider that our dire reality as wayshowers and saviors of humanity is coming to an end and our rewards will be beyond any expectations. There is no doubt about it. The end of this year is ultimately the end of our tortures. The tortures of all other incarnated slumbering human beings will commence in the next days. The fact that they have been postponed does not mean that they have been cancelled as nothing can be cancelled in All-That-Is. What must come, will come. And it will come big.

But the retrieval of four billion human beings from this planet will not be associated with much pain as nothing is comparable to the pains to stay on this planet and to know that you do not belong to it as is the case  with the PAT. These entities will simply leave earth in the most painless possible way.

The pain will be only for those who will survive on the catastrophic earth B. However their mentality will tell them that they are the few lucky survivors and they will indeed feel lucky in their deep agnosticism leading them to hell.

This is the “Sarcasm of our Souls”, which we also experienced in the  last months when we were lulled into optimistic scenarios to continue doing the dirty job for humanity. I do not make any judgments, I simply acknowledge the facts. If I were my HS, I would have handled the situation in the same sly manner.

It does not make any sense now to complain about our HS and how they exploit our longing to leave this reality by burdening us with more dirty work and responsibilities. We have given our permission to this mission and now there is no way to cancel the contract. Especially when we have already fulfilled it. Now we only need a little bit patience to bridge the last few days before mass ascension, knowing that we may still ascend anytime earlier when Source decides. This is now no longer a planetary affair but a transgalactic issue which does not depends on us. We have finished with our duties.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Hello George,

After reading  Four Billion Humans…….today, I thank both you and Jerry for your conversations and thoughts.  Without a doubt, it will take some time for the psyche to come to terms with the magnitude of the decisions we made and what it means. I can feel how deeply it affects your mood. So I must take a moment to appreciate you, once again.  Many times over the past 14 months I have told my husband, that besides the love he and I share, that my connection with you has been the high point of my lifetime.  Your ability to reach to the highest  level in your thinking, wisdom, and action and yet remain grounded in your duties is so honored and respected. You have gained the deepest level of heart felt appreciation and love from myself and other PAT members.

True, PAT does not have a firm date for ascension.  But PAT formed on your sight for reasons other than a firm date. George, your vision and gifts shared through your editing skills, propelled PAT forward these past months with the highest collective aspirations and a solid focus on ascension for humanity’s sake and the sake of Gaia.  And as a result of our association, we succeeded in accomplishing so much. Ascension has happened and continues to happen, we are assured.

Since last week, when I close my eyes, I cannot see my body above my third chakra. Yes I believe the final transition will be sudden.  But I question,  is it possible we have been in the 4th dimension for much longer than we imagined?  Is that why so many folks around the world see space ships?

Jerry, Christy, Yoa, Travis and others, thank you for your Post-November 17th Comments.  There is something you each provide for me in these darkest of times. Jerry I always appreciate your deep thoughts.  Christy, your family messages and dynamics are always heartwarming. Yoa, I shared the clever music video with others. Travis thank you for sharing your dream and feelings. Skyler, Zoltan, and Joe your experiences are relative to my own.  April and Dorie, as George said, you have kept us moving in a positive vein during the darkest of times even though we have not been privy to the details of this massive event before us. To all of the PAT I express my appreciation and love.  Without it, what would 3D life be for me with all of its nonsensical, meaningless activity.

George, I would understand if you did not publish any longer.  But you must know that I as one PAT member didn’t come to your sight every day for 14 months just for a firm ascension date.  I came for the love, intellect, wisdom, and spiritual integrity you and others gave around the subject of ascension.

Greatest Love,
Dear Marilyn,

I am humbled by your praise, but it also gives me incredible power to continue doing what I have been doing relentlessly in the past – edit this website to the very last minute.

Let us hope that heaven will have pity with us and let us still leave earlier this planet before the shit will hit the fan. We have seen so much shit during this life, we do not need anymore. It is as simple as that. This is what makes us humans beyond the fact that we are and have always been ascended masters who have come to  such a dark planet, where even angels fear to tread.

With love and light
November 17, 2012

Dear Georgi,

This letter is in support of Gwen Olson and her courage in speaking out with her own experience, and also in educating the masses. I don’t know if you want to forward it to her – I don’t have her email address, but will do so if you want to forward it to me.

Thanks Georgi.
Dear Gwen,

I read the article you wrote on protecting children and highly commend you for doing what you do. You are incredibly courageous! No, it isn’t easy trying to help people wake up when they are only concerned with having a comfortable financial situation – And even when they don’t, many people are only focused on their day to day survival. It is a deplorable situation. When you’ve been lulled into a sleep that encourages you to look only at the illusion of this 3D world, looking any further, which means behind the veil of deceitfulness, many people flat out refuse, due to their own fears and cowardliness. And yes, even so-called light workers who claim to be ‘aware’, refuse to realise that even what they are doing is perpetuating this illusion, due to the same fears. ‘Rattling people’s cages’ is essential and the only thing that might get them to realise their own stupidity.

Within the ranks of my own family I am faced with being silent. I have forwarded the link for your website to them in the past and thought that this should surely be a wake-up call as the evidence coupled with your own experience, is so damning that it is all but impossible to ignore. I am certain that some members think I’m a veritable nut case and would rather not receive this sort of thing. However, some of them also have small children which they routinely give any and all vaccinations and anything else a doctor stupidly prescribes. There are a few members in my family whom have woken up to an extent, but are still mired in certain aspects of conditioning. I think they will need to find their own way so they understand the different aspects of this situation. But, as Georgi has pointed out:

If we depart from the primary idea that this whole 3d-life we are experiencing on this planet is one big illusion, it is logical to conclude that its expected abolition in the current End Times cannot be achieved by making structural – social, economic and political – changes and reforms within this illusion. The whole illusion must be eliminated at one fell swoop. This is the reason why we have extensively discussed the scenario of a sudden ID split of the old 3d-illusion from the new 5d-reality of the ascended earth and humanity.’

I sincerely see no other way for these people to start to see behind this veil of illusion.

With love and light,
Laurie Stearns

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