The Multi-Dimensional Nature of Astral Probability Alternatives and How They Affect the End Time Scenario

by Jerry R James and Georgi Stankov, October 21,2012

Parallel to the cyber attacks I am receiving since yesterday a number of very nasty and full of hatred, unmotivated emails with a false email address. e.g. one o them asking me if I had the money to pay for this website. This fact clearly indicates that there is a dark CIA- or other service operational unit, which very closely observes our website and now has decided to attack us one last time knowing that they have lost the war for ever. This was already announced in the latest message from April’s HS.



October 20, 2012

I just finished reading April’s message, 10/18-10/19. I think it was one of the best ones she has written concerning our current situation. I feel her contact with HS has improved greatly in the last month and she has been able to better transmit and interpret her message. This is not an easy task as anyone who has tried knows. It is not like putting on a false and altered voice and playing the expert on every issue. LS (lower self) are not able many times to interpret the message HS is dictating and to do so, shows an evolved LS.

It is true that her message is amazingly similar to the one I sent a day ago. Hers however is more elaborate and explains in more detail what my HS usually abbreviates and that is also my writing style. I would like to comment on a few issues brought up in the message.

The Ascension Plan:

Because we have all been so frustrated by the delay in our personal physical ascension, we lose sight of the fact that ascension is a galactic event. About seventy years ago a call went out for help to assist Gaia and much of humanity to ascend in December of 2012. We as PAT and many others answered the call. Many of us were born in the 1950s, so as to have time to be most effective in the long years leading up to 1999 when the real action started.

The timeframe of Gaia and humanity to accompany her has not changed. It was always Dec 2012. What have changed several times are the actions that PAT and others would need to take to facilitate the ascension. That has changed several times most notably in 2009, when the first wave was originally to retire, but there was no one available to back them up. Then again in 2011, when the same thing happened with even more debilitating effects on our bodies. Then in early 2012 when the plan for earth A/B was put into affect, and again October 7th when the dark had its last big fling.

Earth A/B was never a part of the original plan, but only added as a possibility to facilitate those eventually accompanying Gaia to Earth A. So now time has run out for the Earth A/B plan to be effective. So what it does not matter? The same will be accomplished only in a slightly different way. As we ascend up the stairway dragging the awakening masses and Gaia with us we are accomplishing the same original goal to heave Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension. After we have fully ascended to the 5th dimension then we will teach and lead humanity on a developing Earth A. We will do this in ascended form although still able to exist in 3D-5D.

Our Personal Ascension

I am more comfortable with our current plan for personal ascension. We are now residing most of the time in higher 4-D. We can feel the difference. Our symptoms that have been so intense this year have lessened. We are still very fatigued but this is due mostly to recently transmitting the light codes and from our heaving efforts and should also ease shortly. I like the idea of ascending at night and waking the next morning with my light garment. Many will probably not even realize what has happened for some time. The PAT supernova will still occur but mainly on an energetic level. It was never a part of the original plan but only a possibility had physical ascension occurred this summer, when Earth A/B could have been completely realized.

Many, including myself, were not completely comfortable with this concept anyway. We preferred to awaken others more gently. Because we will be returning so quickly we do not have to say goodbye right away to friends, family or even pets. We can reveal ourselves to them at the opportune time as they are ready to accept us and themselves as they are and will be. And we will be able to perform any miracles at that time to help dispel their fears.

Current Situation

We are very close now to complete our own personal ascension, which has already partially occurred. If we have not completed our complete ascension before then; the energies that the earth will encounter Oct 29-31st should complete the process. We are also very close to events changing quickly on the world and galactic stage as well.

By this time next month the political, banking, education and health care system will be in disarray to be replaced this coming Dec and Jan (?) with the new systems on a very new world with ourselves fully revealed as ascended masters. Exciting times indeed for those too tired to completely realize or believe what is in store. The dark is still there but as April pointed out not so much for us as for those we are slowly heaving upwards. They are definitely still in control of all the world systems but this can change quickly as their control is really built on a house of cards and is relying on the hypnotic state of the masses, which are slowly wakening up. They can also cause some minor havoc as for example attacking the PAT website or still attempting to spread chemtrails which are quickly dissipated by GF. Watch the odd cloud formations around them.

Being doubtful can actually be helpful to our ascension process because it helps us formulate and answer questions that arise. But do not let fear creep in too much or for very long. We have done what would have been unimaginable a few years ago and really in a short period of time, even if it does not feel like it and we have nothing to fear. Nothing at all and really never did.


Dear Jerry,

this is an excellent and thorough elaboration of the current energetic situation after the announced major changes in the End Time scenario. In conjunction with this comprehensive analysis of yours, I  would like to address an aspect of theoretical, universal essence.

Every act of creation in All-That-Is is accomplished within myriad astral probability alternatives that exist as parallel blueprints for the planned energetic event/act of creation. On the one end you have the optimal probability alternative and on the other end the “worst case scenario”. Within these two extremities, there is a multitude of probability alternatives that build an energetic continuum between the best and worst case scenario.

Since our first connection of the dots in August/September last year in preparation for the opening of the major stargate 11.11.11, the PAT has always followed the optimal probability alternative. We have never discussed less optimal outcomes, although they were always on the bill of the PAT and All-That-Is. It cannot be otherwise.

It is an inviolable law in all Creation to always strive for the best possible solution and then creatively and flexibly adjust your plans to the reality and see what the final outcome will still be. Flexibility and quick adjustment to the new, rapidly changing situation is the dialectical aspect of all creation. It is precisely this lack of flexibility in the human species, caused by the Anunnaki through limiting his genetic material and over-evaluating his reptilian mind, that has caused his downward spiral and current debasement. The latter is the major cause for all delays and adjustments in the current ascension plan.

For this reason any creation is not a prefixed matter, but contains numerous surprises which make life in All-That-Is so exciting. Without this element of surprise and lack of ultimate knowledge about the final result – and in this relative deficiency of knowledge I also include the Source that learns more about itself in this process of creation – the result of every creative action will be known in advance and this perfection will preclude the motivation to participate in any creation. All creative force will reside within the Source in infinite perfection and there will be no need for incarnation experiments or creating new lower dimensions such as the current 3d-density on the earth, which is on the other end of the perfection and unity scale of the Source.

This is the ultimate eschatological reason for all Creation – to seek and find the unexpected, which has been the object of many mystic schools on this planet and throughout the whole universe. In this sense one can define the opposite pole to the non-creative perfection of the Source as the “quest for experience through “imperfect” creation”. In fact every creation is perfect in itself as it always includes the potential perfection of the Source as the best possible alternative that one should strive to achieve.

The process of ascension is not just heaving a planet or a galaxy to a higher dimensional level, but the return of all creation to the source. In this sense the final result is predetermined, unknown is only the way one has to stride back to the source. Even the most dark entity will eventually find his way back to the Source some day. As time is an illusion and all experiments take place in the now, it does no matter how many dead ends one encounters in this experimental maze of creation, as the Ariadne’s thread out of it and back to the source can never be severed. Even the most extreme density and duality with the highest level of separation from the source, as is the current incarnation experiment on the earth, will find its way back to the perfection of the source. This is what we are now creating.

The PAT is a spark from Godhead, the Source, and it is natural that we keep always in our minds the best possible alternative and discuss only this one. By doing this, we charge this alternative energetically with our thoughts as a collective mind and enable its realization. At the same time we know that there are numerous imponderables that will eventually lead to the realization of a less perfect solution than the favoured optimal one. However each one of us is flexible enough to immediately adjust his mind and psyche to the newly created and rapidly changing situation and to be able to make the next optimal choice and decision as to carry forward the process of creation – in our particular case, the ascension of Gaia and humanity.

Creation is an incessant process, and there is no stopping and stasis. You cannot stagnate – you either grow and ascend or you decline and deteriorate. Statics does not exist in All-That-Is. In our current effort, it has never been about our ascension as we have already ascended infinite times in previous and current simultaneous lives on other planets and galaxies. It was always about the planetary ascension of Gaia and humanity. Hence the name of this group – Planetary Ascension Team.

While we did not succeed with the triggering of a full ID split and our ascension at the stargate 11.11.11 last year, we nonetheless laid the foundation for the first global awakening of the masses by opening for the first time in their lives their heart chakras with the incoming 11.11 energies which we first introduced on this planet.

When this first major act of PAT’s creation began to reap its fruits, we decided in February 2012 to heave the bar one more time and to introduce the three-earth-scenario. In comparison to the previous two-earth scenario, which was considered to be the valid optimal solution before 11.11.11, this new change in the cosmic plan for ascension of Gaia and humanity represented another more ambitious goal or optimal astral probability alternative. This is the law of optimization in perfect action.

Until the end of July, we worked under the premise that we will achieve our goal, set on February 26 with a heavenly dispensation. However by the end of July and early August, when we made the last exhausting strides to awaken as much fence straddlers as possible, while still performing one ascension test run after the other, we realized that this optimal solution cannot be achieved. With our decree on August 13 we actively decided to throw off ballast and to embrace a more lean astral probability alternative, while still preserving the three-earth-scenario.

We did all the necessary preparatory work for this ultimate goal by opening and widening our portals, by merging them throughout the globe to the new template (over-lay) for the future cities of light. Then we built the rainbow bridge between Gaia and the Source by drilling through the dimensions one to twelve; then we connected all ley lines with the new crystalline grid and with the rainbow bridge. We established all the necessary inter-dimensional  circuits. Finally we started with our ascension process on September 17. By the end of September we began with the physical ascension of the first wave. This  triggered as expected the massive response of the dark side, which knew that this is their last futile battle before they ultimately surrender.

This was the biggest imponderability in the whole ascension plan, which did not depend solely on our activities on the ground and at the level of our higher selves. The GF failed to fully neutralize the dark attacks and our portals were temporarily infiltrated with negative dark thought patterns.

These dark ones are experts in preventing ascension as they have done it numerous times throughout this universe and this has ultimately lead to their almost complete separation from  the source. They for instance prevented a partial ascension at the time of Apollonius of Tyana when the higher dimensions wanted to change the course of this planet and many of our soul families incarnated at that time collectively on the earth to forge this endeavour, as is the case now. Had we been successful at that time, humanity would not have lived through the Dark Ages and the history of mankind would have been a more enlightened and cheerful one, notwithstanding the still presence of the dark Orion empire.

Now we have come one more time on this planet to repeat this attempt on a much grander scale and with the full support of the Logos/Source and All-That-Is, so that this time our endeavour is predestined to be a full success. But we still fluctuate all the time around the optimal ascension alternative and set the bar a little bit higher or a little bit lower after each successfully won battle, which is always a partial victory over the dark side as long as the final victory is not won. Thus we progress step by step, stage by stage, threshold by threshold in the long war with the dark ones until full victory is won.

The optimal solution for our ascension within the new three-earth scenario was the detonation of the PAT supernova and the simultaneous heaving of Gaia and two third of humanity to the balanced earth A/B. This was our personal goal which we set for us to achieve since February 26.

When the dark ones infiltrated our portals in early October, it was obvious one more time that we need new adjustments with respect to the final and heavenly promised goal to ascend part of humanity and Gaia to the 5th dimension.

We decided at the level of our HS /Source to postpone the ID split and the magnetic pole reversal one more time and start with the economic and financial collapse of the old Orion matrix, upon which the current human society is based under the conditions of the still 3d-earth. This will be accompanied by massive revelations, as one can only destroy and change an outdated physical world/model after one has changed the inner world of the collective mind-set. Both processes must go hand in hand.

In fact this was always the first option in the End Time scenario, only it was put somewhat in the background when we discussed the first ID split and the ascension of earth A/B to the 4th dimension. In this case all these processes would have happened at the same time and the revelations would have taken place under much more favourable conditions in the absence of the dark cabal on the balanced earth A/B.

Now this must happen in the current 3d-earth, but under the umbrella of the newly woven network of light by the PAT that has already encompassed all ascension candidates and have thus shielded them from the negative psychomental influences of the dark archons from the lower 4th astral level. This has created the optimal conditions under the new scenario to begin first with the collapse of the old matrix, which has since long time no energetic support from the Source as a holographic model for this earth and incarnation experiment.

The most important new element in this new scenario is that we will play an even bigger and more decisive role than initially planned. We will now appear from the first moment, the system will begin to crash, as the new supermen and Savior – as Creator Gods/ representatives of the Source – and actively unleash the collapse of the whole system. There will be certainly some major natural catastrophes that will help this process of destruction of the old material system, but not as extensive as they were planned when the complete ID split and magnetic pole reversal were supposed to occur at the same time.

For this reason the ID split will now take place incrementally, step by step and will be less destructive for humanity. They will have more time to concentrate on the social, economic and other spiritual changes that will hit their collective mind-set like a tsunami and will pull away the rug from under their feet. This will be the optimal environment for us to display and show our miraculous abilities as ascended human masters, which all human beings have as a potential to achieve, if they only follow our example. This is the major psychological impetus behind our imminent appearance as a group of Creator Gods in front of humanity in the coming days.

The abolition of the three-earth scenario is not a foregone conclusion in this context as you suggest.The main factor is the lack of time to educate the people and the magnitude of their current ignorance. My guess was, and still is, that most people will not ascend very high in the 5th dimension in December, but will stay more so in the higher 4th dimension, where their education must take place first before they can ascend to the planned second level of the 5th dimension of earth A. Otherwise, earth A/B may be of more light as not so many service-to self entities have managed to surmount the bar of ascension, but it will continue to exist as a separate timeline and a trampoline for later individual ascensions to earth A.

There will be altogether less people to ascend than initially planned, but the selection will be of a higher quality. Altogether we have very little time left to stay in physical vessels and after that we will know all the details of this complex ascension saga.

Honestly, when our HS urged us in July and early August to envision the circumstances of our ascension and appearance, I knew that this suggestion is associated with a possible change in the initial ascension scenario as it clearly presupposed that our appearance will have its impact only in the context of the current 3d-earth. What would have been the purpose for example to appear as ascended masters at the Vatican and to oust the current Pope, if we would have ascended with Gaia to 4th and higher dimensions, where most probably there would have been no Vatican building at all? I noticed this discrepancy at that time, but did not want to delve too much into it as not to create a bigger confusion, although I argued on several occasions in this sense.

I had to make these observations just to show that this ascension is the most dynamic process one can imagine. It possesses, as all energetic processes in All-That-Is, a feedback loop system, which incessantly renders information to the decision centre, in this case to the Source, where this model is constantly gauged and adjusted as to achieve the optimal result under the actual energetic conditions in the Now.

This is also the reason why almost all LW who have no idea of the energetic loop mechanism of self-organised systems, such as the physical body for instance, are not at the necessary intellectual level to comprehend these perennial changes and adjustments in the End Time scenario. Instead they easily succumb to pessimism, disbelief or spiritual fanaticism and prefer to sacrifice the last remnants of human intellectuality at the altar of an invisible God or deity that determines their lives in an unpredictable and all-pervasive manner.

The PAT instead has always striven to find a logical and rational explanation for every new changing situation and to actively participate in the ascension process as a decision maker. This has kept the morale of this group so high throughout the numerous challenges when physical exhaustion was the name of the day.  This is what makes this group so different from the rest of the mired esoteric community, which is still unable to grasp the energetic essentials of the current light body and ascension process as this has been shown and discussed on numerous occasions on this website as a negative paradigm to avoid.

With love and light

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