PAT Energy Update – October 27, 2012

October 26, 2012

Dear Georgi.

It would be the most wonderful news your physical ascension. The energies these last two days have been really strong with a massive dark backlash, I’ve been personally attacked by unknown people for no apparent reason. Even while in dream state I found lots of dark energy be it negative and depressive thoughts, emotions, attacking people, and the list goes on and a wall of this negativity waiting for me each time I crossed from dream state to 3D. It’s so boring, cleansing and warrior-like mode never ending. The masses have reinforced their “defending the box” attitude and aggressive mode and it doesn’t look like they are near to awaken any time soon, that is unless a great commotion to their comfortable cushion-world triggers it so this triggering collapse is absolutely needed.

I am receiving higher and higher downloads from Source and yesterday night I said to myself “Oh my! You are just at the point of combustion!”. Even experiencing a burst of existential panic (which I identified coming from people crossing my Portal). So from the Light point a lot of activity is taking place.

In earnest, the midway station is not enough, we came here for physical ascension. Being forced to stay in physical form requires more sound backup.

I’d like to know if you and the rest of the PAT are experiencing some similar,

With Love and Light.
October 26, 2012

Dear Georgi!

How have you been feeling these last few days? It appears to me that the presence of dark forces has decreased to little to nothing, especially compared to Monday and Tuesday night. I feel I no longer have to combat/process unwanted thought patterns, image projections of malicious nature, or emotional rubbish in my field. This might confirm Gaiaportal’s message from yesterday:

 “Galactic sources empower the newly fired grid points with Higher Light Intention which enables facile elimination of darkness from all corners of Gaia”All I feel this morning is tranquility and anticipation.


October 26, 2012

Hi George,

Although you may be gone, I feel as if you are here and it’s been a difficult day. Is that true?  If my day is any indication of your day or other PAT members, the energies are difficult. I have feelings of strong intolerance. It is likened to a feeling of pressure I often have felt in the past – before experiencing a breakthrough.

Today I very loudly spoke  to the FOL that it was time for you to ascend. You have been a remarkable captain. Because of you we hold our vision collectively strong and directed. Please let me know you are alright?

With greatest admiration and love,

October 26, 2012

Dear Georgi,

A big thanks to you, April and Dorie for keeping us in the loop and providing us with such quality information to better understand this very complex process of ascension. I am very happy and in full resonance with the new ascension developments. And as always when things change and I apply my mind it does make perfect sense.

The last week of August I received the long awaited OK from HS to cut the ties with a very negative Orion structure and I resigned from my day job. Since October I have been free from a organization that kept me in chains for a long, long time, and boy, freedom has never tasted so sweet.

As always the timing of HS is perfect. I am now what you will call semi-retired as I still see a few coaching clients.

Not that I have much time to enjoy this semi-retirement because HS has decided that with or without LBP I need to work my butt off.

Whereas in the past I would not start projects because my attitude was always what is the use as I will be leaving soon, I now have embarked on a mayor spring cleaning spree. I have also tackled the garden with much vigor, replanting and planting new herbs and flowers. If I did not know better it would almost look like I was planning on another season on Earth (lol).

But I get it… HS is teaching me a lesson in living and appreciating the now. It keeps my mind occupied and distracts me from my impatience to ascend plus I am so tired in the evenings all I want to do is crash.

I confirm that on Monday there was clearing of some heavy dross. Started on Sunday when I felt very low on energy then woke up on Monday with aches and pains in my legs, diarrhea and a monster headache and had to drag myself from bed. I was down most of the day and by the evening the famous eyeball headache was so bad it kept me up all night. Wednesday I was fine.

May we soon be communicating telepathically!

Love and Light


October 26, 2012

Dearest Georgi,

Just checking in. I send you love and light and pray that you are well. Very strange energies abound.  Very calm and serene, yet the vibrations keep elevating and intensifying.  My portal is clear even though the skies have been cloudy, dark and seething this past week with dark dross, which was exhausting to deal with.  We are awaiting this so- called “frankenstorm” , as they are referring to it in the media here.  The Perfect Storm, they say. I pray that we are all ascended by that time. The toxicity, corruption and decay here is becoming unbearable as things on our dear Gaia continue to escalate to new highs/lows.
Mother Nature knows…..The flora and the fauna has been extremely “talkative” for those who are listening.

Much love and light eternally to you and the PAT. Waiting patiently…….barely…..

October 25, 2012

Dear George,

Today was a nasty day again and things are really coming to an end. We really cannot do this for much longer and I’m sure you agree. I wish you, us, everyone good luck for the announced event in the very near future. May it finally happen this time.

Love & Light, Daniël

October 26, 2012

Dear George,

Still waiting patiently for “take-off”…..any day now. Met with the “core” group of PAT last night in dream state. We were all in a jovial mood…we are close! Having to batten down the hatches at my 3-D abode, as the coming hurricane will be hitting possible Sunday and Monday and we might lose power. Hope all is well with you. Many thanks to you and the others for all the keeps me focused on the job ahead.


October 25, 2012


Fatigue and waiting seem to be the rule of the day now. Last night there seemed to be a shift of sorts but I can not determine how. It does seem as if the shift was for the better but I am still fatigued as usual. Hope things are going better for you and your ascension is today or tonight as I somehow have intuited.My impression could be again not complete ascension again but we will have to wait and see.

October 25, 2012

Dear George,

I lack energy to go into details but I will report that due to obvious circumstances the symptoms during the last couple of days have been really irritatingly persistent. If it was not unreasonable I would not be exiting the cold shower at all. Or I would sleep all the time if I could. Diuresis, incurable dry mouth, burning of the whole body, tiredness, twitching, shivering, skin problems, splitting headache now also, etc. Has not been so bad in a while. No breaks. Our dear sun has gone wild.

Fortunately, the people in my environment and the 3D life stopped to bother me with such intensity for some reason and a surprising understanding so I am mercifully left to my own devices once again. Thank you, Source!

October 25, 2012

Hi Georgi

Just checking if you have any new developments. Saw an email of a non-PAT member below who was told around the 20th she was told to say good buy, that she got the call and was ascending. Thought you might have something as it feels so.

Love and light
October 17, 2012

To all my dear family in “cyber land” and family you have become over the years . . . . I was told this morning it is time to say goodbye.Today’s emails will be the last ones. 10/17/2012I must admit I write this with tears in my eyes as this has been a very big part of my life for years. I won’t be sad because the time has come for our contact to stop. I will just be happy for all the time we have had together.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve you in this manner for years. And I have been blessed by you for allowing me to come into your life.

For those of you who have sent me things to forward on . . . Thank you for all you have sent me and now I must ask you to remove me from your mailing list as today is my last day to send emails to my yahoo group and mailing list, I am going to take sometime time for myself as I will be going home soon.

I Love each and every one of you and wish you many blessings on your spiritual path and journey home! We no doubt will meet again.

In the Light of the One I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
“Lady of the Light”
In the Service of the One Creator
Isis & Archangel Michael


October 24, 2012

Hi George,

I’m reading New Important Developments on the PAT ascension… wow!

I have to admit that last week I went within to know if I was gonna make it (Ascension) and when if yes. It happens that I’ve been looking forward for Ascension since 2002! So every January 1st I thought to myself “This will be the year”. Plop! However I have 2012-2013 as my last mark. Now we’re here and many things have happened in the last decade. Anyway, what I got from myself last week was that I’m gonna make it in November, even though I wanted so badly to be this month. I did not get an exact date but a whole week: the week of Monday 12 – Sunday 18, which day of that week will it be… I have no idea! To be honest, after 10 years I’ve come to peace regarding dates, hehe. Moreover, I can tell in the last two years I’ve come to the point that If I ascend/move forward alone -with my beloved ones not making it, like my children for instance- it will not stop me. When the time comes George, I will take it -alone or with the ones that are up for it-.

Anyway, since a couple of weeks ago I wanted to write to you to say a heartfelt “THANK YOU”.

Thank you forrunning this Web that I had the joy to find last July and follow it since.

Thank you for being a daily beacon of the upcoming of a hew humanity
Thank you for not giving up regarding all those nasty mails you’ve been receiving
Thank you for publishing all these posts regarding ascension, they’re spiritual food for me
Thank you George for all you’re doing. You’ve got my best wishes

Kind regards from Peru,



October 25, 2012

Dear Georgi,

The passage, copied below, is taken from an article posted on Jean Haines blog (2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?). It is written by James Gilliland who fronts the ECETI website (Enlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). The full article can be found here and is quite long. As well as debunking Steve Beckow it also tackles the credibility of Drake (Bailey).

I don’t recommend reading the whole article because it falls far short of the quality of information shared between PAT members and yourself on Breaking Astral News. However, part of this article addresses the issue, that some light workers are waking up to being duped by infiltration of dark forces – particularly through channelling.

The passage below is an expression of this disillusionment with Steve Beckow and his team.

The LW fiasco continues to crumble.

With Love and Light,


Truth About Steve Beckow! Oct 19/12

Since you have only been tuned into Cosmic Vision News for two weeks, perhaps you’ve missed the real blockbuster show.

On the contrary, Cosmic Vision News is the SOURCE that brought us Sierra Nebulina and her August 4th deadline for disclosure. This is the second psyop coming from Steve Beckow’s group and Inlight radio. This blog is run by Stephen Cook, a former ABC News professional who has deep pockets of unknown funding. Light workers as a whole have pretty empty cupboards about now if they are authentic. (I have not been given any support from him and cannot afford expansion or tech support to keep updates going due to dark contingency plan of judgment programs in new age community focused upon me by many – Tami)

If you also remember Steve and Linda Dillon brought us the failed “Neptune flight” that also left the Lightworker community open to ridicule when that Mothership and all the volunteers were left holding their suitcases waiting for black limo’s to pick them up to go on the Neptune flight which never materialized. Beckow said he would retire if the Neptune failed to appear but then, reneged on his promise. He took a month’s vacation to think about it and then came back with new operations instead.

These two dark operations were only possible through spreading disinformation widely through sources like Cosmic Vision News, and many Steve Beckow blogs and radio show support. Each radio personality in their group vets each other and whatever operation they are currently working on.

Both operations caused harm to our community. Geoffrey West vetted Sierra Nebulina himself along with five other members of this group and they vetted her experience with the Queen of England, Obama and also that she “anchored light” for victims of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado during the course of one evening in time.

She spread her tale on Cosmic Vision News first and then Steve Beckow ran “plausible denial” about the August 4th date shortly after, so that not many realized where this information had originated in the first place. Who runs “plausible denial?” Sierra said the Andromedian High Council had given demands to the dark cabal of an August 4th deadline. It was to happen during the Olympics, and was  their last chance for disclosure of a Galactic presence on Earth. Never mind that the Galactic Federation of Light does not make demands but Sierra sure said they did and many believed this disinformation. She was rewarded with her own show on Inlight Radio as a result.

Between these two failed operations, such ridicule came as to cause great discouragement and alarm within our community. So please use your own discernment and also consider these past dark ops before recommending any further disinformation programs like this one.

If you notice the good ship, Neptune and Sierra Nebulina, the play on words is something often done in black operations by CIA and other intelligence agencies when they infiltrate a community.

In addition, Geoffrey West (Host of Cosmic Vision News) was the first to extend an open “invitation” to Greg Giles, asking him to come in “out of the cold” and reveal his secrets and change of heart (as if Greg’s site had not been hacked) on his show ~ Cosmic Vision News. Greg, as many of his friends know, had his website hacked and is MIA. Another channel recently spoke through George Wallace, Jr. saying Greg was no longer present on Earth. No one has been able to locate Greg Giles either. He seems to have physically disappeared, so whether he’s alive or not is not presently known. ( Unfortunately the dark used Greg Giles for some time which I tried to clarify to him – Tami)

IMO ~ Expect more mischief from this (Beckow) blog and radio group.

For some historic background ~ if you remember, Steve Beckow and his fund, paid for Mike Quinsey’s computer replacement (said to be $10,000) about two years ago and this is how they gained fame and this generous act put Steve Beckow and company on the light worker map. At the time, I was grateful to have Salusa messages back, too. It was only after the Sierra Nebulina fiasco that I began to take another look at what they’ve been doing. It’s well-orchestrated. ( I personally know that not all the information coming through Mike is clear as well – Tami)

We might consider who else but government has such deep pocket funds to toss around in order to directly influence channels?

Not long after, the failed August 4th so-called, Deadline for Disclosure, Mike Qunisey added an addendum of Linda Dillon’s AA Michael channels on one of his Salusa Messages. Due to this “tainting” I stopped posting Salusa messages entirely in my own network. Shortly afterward, the Beckow group/Stephen Cook have given Mike Quinsey an all-expense paid trip to Sedona, Arizona in the U.S. for special conferences and Mike is now advertising the sales of tickets to these (Beckow/Cook) events. The first one sold out and more conferences are planned. Meanwhile, Stephen Cook keeps interviewing and influencing the channel pool and through gifts, he is managing to taint other channels, one-by-one either through funding or other means such as the “star” treatment and publicity for their websites.

It is through this particular influence, and this particular group that much disinformation is being spread. Mike Quinsey is innocent, of course, and not even aware of the possibility of dark operations being used against himself and all of us through these failed operations (Neptune/Nebulina). Such as “containers” (Linda Dillon) being used to control members of the dark cabal. This is another controversy and is in direct conflict with Agarthan “light
chambers” to assist us in the ascension process (Sheldan Nidle). Please use your highest discernment and do not fall for further ploys and disinformation coming from this group.

This is a very professional group of hosts. Stephen Cook is a great handler of guests, there is no doubt of it. Very slick operations.

This is my opinion but I am not interested in anything further from those who have spread lies and disinfo TWICE before. Why give them a chance to go further? What will Light workers fall for next? It’s a choice but I choose to switch these programs OFF. Thank you…

As we journey on together ~ the plot thickens, so please pay close attention to where these things originate. This is all I ask for here.


Sananda and One Who Serves – November 4th Announcement

Channeler: James McConnell, 25 October 2012


So understand that those of you that came here with me in that time long ago, those of you are ready now to move and take the next step, those things that you have been brought here for, that you brought yourself here for. You are being prepared now to go into action, to go about your mission that you have been called here for. Several of you here have already been on your mission, have already been working on it, and others of you will be called very shortly to assume your position in this mission that you have taken on. Do understand as you continue this process, as you continue this journey, you have all the help from the celestial heavens that you could possibly ask for. We are all here to assist you, no one will be left behind, understand that. For as the times come very shortly, you will be experiencing that which is the Ascension process, that which has been spoken of in many different realms, from many different sources you will experience that very shortly and it will be different for all of you. All of you will have your own experience of this. Several of you have already been having those experiences and you will fast be approaching that which is the next experience for yourselves. That is my message but also understand that very shortly, very shortly indeed there is an event that is coming a special series of events that will be a part of this expression and you will each be a part of that and know it is very soon, very soon indeed because it is before your fourth of November. Remember that date, for many things are going to be changing before that and even very shortly now. When those times come, when you begin to see those changes developing you will understand that which we are speaking of here. That is my message, I am Sananda, my peace and love be with all of you….

“I have a question. Sananda said November 4th, did he mean that there would be an event on November 4th or the culmination”?

Or before yes.

“So the understanding of the events that would occur during the time before November 4th would be fully culminated on November 4th and then we would understand what was happening?”

Yes, it would be in terms of many will be looking at this now, many that are not in this group that you find yourself in now but in many other groups, in mainstream you might say, and for the first time, they will take a look at this and might say ‘Oh my god what is happening here what is occurring?’ (Laughter) And you, those of you the lightworkers, will be on your mission at that point, if you are not already. And, you will know and understand, what you are to do, what you are about here. That will be completely obvious to you at that time, what you are to do when the time arises. For understand that times are growing very short in this process, for on the December 21stof this year 2012 there is a mass ascension coming and you are all to be a part of it, if you aren’t already by that time…..

“ I have a quick question in reference to November 4th. I don’t see anything in the mainstream”.

And that is a good thing.

“Is that going to matter, as far as what I hear about the changes? Will we still get word about what is happening?

Yes, because you will not be able to not know it. It will not be possible to not know what is happening. Anything further here? Then we will release the channel…. Find it within your heart, open your hearts to the light and let that light flow in and you will have a grand experience and we will be here waiting for you when you come, when you cross the threshold. Shantee, Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

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