Urgent Energy Update – Sept 21, 2012. A New Powerful Wave Has Just Commenced

by Georgi Stankov, September 21, 2012

Today, Sept 21, 12.00 GMT, I am experiencing a powerful energy surge after calm 24 hours the previous day when I was even able to travel to the Alps and enjoy the wild nature of the mountains one last time.

Below I enclose  a source which I have not met before that confirms the coming of this wave:


This Sha’alura hyperspace ripple energy will begin appearing around 12am GMT 9/21 and will build in strength through the 25th then be absorbed back into hyperspace reality. It will, however, leave an harmonic imprint that will remain with you forever. This imprint has a very unusual vibrational waveform that will then be carried by your planetary geomagnetic field. This waveform will amplify the signal of the new trinary encoding in your Planetary Logica in a very dramatic way.

Energy-forms and thought-forms in your world that are still based in the older binary code will increasingly lose power. Anything of significance in your world which is based in the older binary code, which is still a great deal, will begin to undergo an even more rapid transformation as your planetary energy rushes more quickly towards its further liberation and eschaton.”

Eschaton (Greek) = End Times

The most remarkable thing is that I have discussed the new trinary code in my gnostic books some ten years ago.  Contrary to the current binary code which creates the energetic duality of 3d-space time, the new trinary code will be the code of unity, which can only be experienced in the higher dimensions. Thus this information clearly indicates the coming ID split, which is still not a common term among all light workers except for the PAT.

Yesterday I had the feeling that we are through with our preparatory work and that today would be a good day to ascend. My trip to the Alps was of great symbolic character as it was the same place I first visited with my wife when we came to Bavaria 27 years ago. I did not know at first where we were going, as I left the arrangement of the trip to my friend who drove the car.

The scenery from the mountain peak “Kampenwand”  was beautiful with a view of the biggest lake in Bavaria Chiemsee, which was the result of a deep impact of a huge asteroid that hit the earth most probably 3600 ago when Nibiru approached the earth for the last time. After that the region was devastated and for two generations it remained unpopulated. Since then there is a popular saying in German: “when the sky fell upon our heads”.

On the way back, I observed the numerous ripples of the clouds in the sky which are the most credible indication that  the magnetic pull-effect of Nibiru is steadily growing and the wobbling of the earth prior to the impending magnetic pole reversal is now very strong.

This all, combined with a feeling of a finished job, connecting the ley lines in electro-magnetic loops /circuits with the infinity of All-That-Is, gave me the conviction that we are on the cusp of detonating the PAT supernova.



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