The Week of Our Ascension – September 17-23. The Crystalline Children Are the Real Heroes

by April Bender, September 14, 2012


Hi Georgi, I was going to wait and check in with HS tomorrow, especially since I had just sent you a message, but HS dictated otherwise. Below is the information she shared with me today. I’m excited! I’m VERY curious to see what you think, especially in light of what HS shared today. I’m still processing her message. Since I did check-in with her today, this will probably be my last message prior to my trip. I will have limited email/internet access, so I will be able to follow the site and check emails sporadically. If I don’t get a chance to communicate with you again before leaving, simply know that I’m ready… and I’ll be waiting for your call/presence and that of the PAT when the time is right. Best of luck on your end my friend, and we shall see this thing finished. I salute you Captain and shall see you on the flip-side!

To my fellow PAT members, I LOVE YOU ALL, and am so honored, humbled, and grateful to be serving side by side with you.

Much love and light,



HS Update – 9/13/12

Me: How is the ascension scenario coordination going?

HS: Very well indeed. Everything is now in place, everything has been lined upthe bulk of the coordination finished and a “plan” drafted. There is now only the unfoldment. And as you can see in the news (e.g. revolts in the Arabic world against the USA), it has begun. Those events/dramas I said would be running concurrently with your ascension and reappearance. These will only continue to grow and multiply as the days go on.

Me: Last night I began intuiting information around a peak window of September 16 through September 22/23. Something about the window between Rosh Hashanah (Feast of the Trumpets in remembrance of the world’s creation and also the creation/materialization of Adam on earth?) and the Fall Equinox? I’m only basically familiar with Jewish holidays so I’m not entirely clear on the connection.

HS: Yes, these are the “clues” I told you that some of the PAT would be getting in terms of a specific timeframe regarding your cosmic ascensions. This window is what we in the higher/inner realms would call your “peak ascension /return scenario window.” As best as we can tell, this is the optimal/target window for your transformations and reappearance among humanity in conjunction with your personal ascension wishes. 

We in the higher realms have given the “all clear” and “green light” in terms of your ascension but it is up to Source now in coordination with Georgi (and the other PAT members) as to when your ascension triggers are pulled.

Again from what we can see/forecast from our vantage points, September 16-23 is your optimal window in conjunction with the other events beginning to unfold as well as the best time to weave in each of your scenario wishes. Having said that, your ascension and return could fall slightly outside (before or after) of those dates. But overall, this is your target window.

Me: It’s interesting to me that you say, Source in coordination with Georgi… you see I had a dream the other night in which a “key” was given to Georgi by the higher realms on behalf of the PAT. At the time I had no clear idea what this key symbolized or when Georgi might use it. Can you tell me more about this and Georgi’s role in pulling the “trigger?”

HS: I can clarify a little, but most of this is between Source and Georgi (on behalf of the PAT) and should be kept somewhat cloaked. Suffice it to say, at some point just prior to Source pulling the trigger, Georgi will be consulted for his final “go” as well. He has been selected by the PAT to be this group’s representative, though I don’t think there was ever a question of this, as he has always been considered by this group as the “PAT Captain.” This choice has been reaffirmed over the months by all PAT members, sometimes several times over. It is obvious that he is highly regarded and trusted by the group to be the Captain, and this is why he was given the “key” to your ascension and roles as the new Earthkeepers. (Georgi, I feel like there is an even stronger/deeper connection than HS is letting on in regards to your full role, but she’s keeping it hidden for now.)

Me: Wow, this is getting more exciting by the day!! So is it OK for me to share this information with Georgi and for him to publish it on his site?

HS: Yes it’s OK to share, but I would say this is as close to details as we recommend publishing. Try to keep referring to this overall larger timeframe/window as to keep the information somewhat cloaked/vague and non-specific.

Me: Anything else?

HS: Just to also realize that the masses are being made aware, on various levels, that the “disclosure” of the PAT/true history of the earth is coming. They too can feel this Quickening. Of course they can also feel or intuit the other shake-ups heading their way too, though they may not all consciously understand what they’re feeling/ sensing. I mention this so that you are even more reassured that there will be an openness/receptivity to your return appearances.

Also, I want to point out and/or confirm the glorious role of the crystalline childrenNext to the PAT, this group has been the highest of achievers, and according to the wishes of the PAT, will be your right-hand counterparts and those whom you will eventually pass on your Divine Authority torch to when you decide to move on/expand your experience beyond the on-the-ground role as Earthkeeper.

In fact many of you prefer to skip over a generation of light workers meant to relieve you (as they have failed so far), to engage/work with these crystalline children instead. This is understandable as the crystalline have proven themselves more than worthy. They were always meant to be the future leaders of tomorrow, but they have done much better than just this. In fact, some of the crystalline children who have more than fulfilled their potentials, have now risen/ascended enough to serve as full-fledged PAT members, and will also receive the call to “ascend” as part of this first wave. Congratulations to those of you reading this! You probably already sensed this, but I did want to confirm it.

Me: Excellent! They very much deserve this. I’ve felt strongly this way myself about this amazing group of souls and am glad to hear it!

HS: Things are going to begin to “heat” up on a global scale. You’re seeing this now. But please don’t let this distract you or make you begin to doubt your ascension scenario. All is in PERFECT ORDER and evolving/manifesting as planned…as planned by YOU. Get your party hat out and let the celebrations begin!! It’s go-time!


Other confirmations to share:

– For the last two months, every time I do an angel card draw I pull either, The Angel of Dreams, The Angel of Heart’s Desire, or Archangel Michael. These have been strong confirmations for me after writing HS messages and reading the messages of the PAT. These cards pretty much mean what their titles imply.  If you consider the final energetic processes we’ve been in during the last two months, you can see how these cards are excellent confirmations. (Have NEVER drawn Angel of Heart’s Desire before)

– On Monday of this week, I drew Archangel Gabriel. Here is a snippet of the description: “The messenger of Spirit, Archangel Gabriel brings us good news in abundance! The energy of Archangel Gabriel is used to draw many messages of good news that uplift out spirits and help us to feel more fully connected with the Universal mind and flow. Gabriel is known as the messenger of God and the bringer of good news and hope. It is this Archangel that was said to have appeared to Mary to give her news of the impending birth of Christ. Gabriel brings news of one’s spiritual destiny, that which the soul has agreed to embark upon in this lifetime.” (Have NEVER drawn Archangel Gabriel before.)

– Today I drew the Angel of Celebration! (Pretty self-explanatory) Again, I’ve NEVER drawn this card before. Just one more confirmation that it’s time to PARTY!

– The other day I noticed that the Dow closed at 13333.35, up 9.99 – “Trinity” and “completion” numbers abound. The signs are everywhere and too many to count these days!

Just wanted to share a few of them that had come up for me.


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