The Divine Sexual

A very lucid and highly enlightened corroboration on sexuality in physical body and after ascension. It could have as well originated from under my feather. Something to ponder on while awaiting your ascension – or even better doing it to sweeten the interminable waiting.



Brian, the dragon
September 28, 2012

I Am The Dragon. When we say that, we really are saying “dragons” since dragons where we come from are a collective.

Sexuality is an interesting spiritual topic because no where other than religious circles has sexuality been so demonized and so fraught with guilt feelings, but it is also so integral to your lives and something that can only be experienced this way (with form feeling form) on the physical plane. There are non-corporeal forms of sexual expression (e.g. energies joining in full blend) but that’s not what this is about. This is about the physical expression.

The Western religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam largely view sexuality as a taboo except between married partners. Buddhist monks incorrectly believe they are more likely to find their inner selves if they don’t “distract” themselves with sexuality. Pure spiritual seeking, albeit separate from religion, is sometimes not always free from the same kinds of feelings about sexuality. Then there are social taboos around sexuality, largely not separate from religion but also based on projection of individuals’ own prejudices, prudish tendencies, alarm at natural curiosity of children with each other in play, or members of the same sex having sexual feelings. And usually it cannot be talked about. It often cannot be talked about in circles. People who show their form, a gift of beauty, may be called really nasty names. There are more distortions with sexuality than in any other area on earth, and almost everything about how the communal/collective of mankind currently addresses sexuality is largely based on confusion. There have been some improvements, but there is a long way to go.

Now, it is our understanding by seeing the potentials that these issues will work themselves out, so we’re not too worried. However, we do want to provide information that will be helpful to some people as they begin working out these issues. It is not to advocate direct action before people are ready but instead let it be something that happens organically at an appropriate time as people grow comfortable and heal. Just don’t fight back against it. There are a lot of dangers placed in your reality around sexuality, which could sadden us to some degree since they are not necessary, were we not to know it was part of the intention of making the reality that you call the “old age” possible. For the new age, which is your goal, many of these things have to be cleared. This is also especially for those who activate their kundalini since you are then forced to begin confronting your demons much sooner than others in order to stay psychologically healthy. We also understand there are those who have had such negative experiences that reading this is too much. For those, we say, tune out now or just read cautiously and with much discernment since there may be a lot of healing you need before you can handle it.

So for much of human beings’ lives, they have a guilt about sex in general and sometimes spend their entire life trying to learn to push the guilt aside. They try to brush it aside to have a normal adult life and experience sexual pleasure and communion, but they are largely fighting the demons throughout.

What we want to tell you is two-fold: First of all, your sexual energy comes from life force and love, and it is one of the most important energies and expressions to humanity. It was meant for your enjoyment, and was meant to bring people closer together. It was not meant to be closely guarded and was not meant to only be experienced between married partners. The other important piece we want to tell you is that opening up more sexually is a natural part of evolving into more love-ing beings and the guilt that you attach to sexuality is going to slow down your process of spiritual growth. You are going to need to confront the fears and the guilt and kick it to the curb, so-to-speak. You are going to have to realize that many of the taboos were put in place for none other than to maintain the very confining aspects of the reality and actually hold you back not as victims but as those who chose to have a dense, low-vibration, physical experience.

When human beings go through a sexual experience, some of the most high vibrational energies that human beings can experience on the earthly plane go into your body. The love of a sexual experience, when not encumbered by guilt, can lift you vibrationally. It can even cause ascension in some cases. It is also able to heal. What is called tantra or tantric sex, which really means gifted energy work in concert with sexuality, can be an even more rewarding experience and feel even stronger. However, that is not to diminish any sexual experience. Additionally, the kind of energy you let in during an orgasm (and it includes both physical and non-physical energies) are very similar to the kind of energy higher vibrational beings CONSTANTLY feel when they are going about the many things they are doing. Can you imagine constantly feeling that good, that love? Not something humans could allow for themselves right now. That will change. Someday life will feel like a constant orgasm :-)

We are going to tell you right now that almost every consensual experience is a positive by its purest nature, natural aspects. By consensual, we are not talking about the legal definition or social definition or religious definition but specifically talking about something that doesn’t involve force or excessive manipulation. Seduction is light coercion and sometimes necessary to get through the thick emotional shell people place around themselves. What is not appropriate is force or other tactics that will not be even remotely common in the new age. On the other hand, suppression of sexuality throughout life – especially without the training of strict regimen like the Buddhist monks undergo – actually causes people to be more aggressive, and less loving.

You may ask about, then, how can it always be positive when there are things like sexual diseases (AIDS), broken hearts and one night stands, abuse, unwanted pregnancies, and others. We will get into some of these, mostly intentionally leaving out the topic of abuse due to the delicate nature of the topic, and present to you a view that you seldom see since you have mired sexuality with so much complication. What we will say about abuse is that most of what humans label as abuse isn’t actually abuse. It is natural human curiosity, exploration and instincts mixed with social taboos causing guilt and feelings of victimization. Your bodies are interesting things, especially to your spirits. However, there is also genuine abuse and there is exploitation, and it comes down to what is consent in the most basic sense, without manipulation – not the complicated definition your society and law has. People just won’t accept abuse happening anymore and will have the tools to prevent it from themselves in ways they would feel helpless now. But we’re not going to talk about abuse anymore because even the above will be difficult for some trying to heal. Instead, let’s focus on the other things:

AIDS (and syphilis, herpes, human papiloma, etc)

Some of your conspiracy theorists believe that AIDS was manufactured. Don’t give conspiracy theories too much energy. However, there may be some mis-interpreted intuition in people who think it was manufactured. The greatest potential is that AIDS came about naturally in a way you probably don’t want to think about since it makes you partially responsible. It is actually a direct manifestation of your (humanity’s) guilt into physical form. That is the best way to look at it. In fact, some religious prudes saw it as a sign from god that deviant sexual behavior was being punished. Through your guilt, you (humanity) manifested it into existence AIDS is meant to control your sexuality, and inhibit you. And it did. It has done so much damage that you cannot possibly imagine. In fact, it may have delayed your ascension due to its timing on the heels of the sexual revolution. It is not appropriate, and must go. As must all other STDs (sexual transmitted diseases). And they will. These diseases will not exist in the not too distant future. AIDS is actually now controlled through treatment, through the will of mankind, and a cure for AIDS is actually right around the horizon. On that day, there will be much celebration throughout the world. Perhaps a big party and we don’t mean party literally.


Another common reason to control sexuality is pregnancy. It is part of why male children are historically treated differently than female children when it comes to sexuality, how much they are monitored in a patriarchal society, etc. Because unwanted pregnancy is not something society plans for. Instead, historically, it punishes it. The fact that women have been led to believe that they are not capable of controlling when they get pregnant without drugs is a distortion of the highest scale. Both men and women have the ability to consciously prevent pregnancy except when it’s appropriate. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but sometimes is just not the right time. Babies should be brought in the world out of love at the point that’s appropriate so they can enjoy life the most. That means, both men and women need to regain their ability to hold back the pregnancy during normal intercourse. That is something that only works if you know it’s possible and truly believe it (it’s what you would call psychic). Some people accidentally successfully prevent pregnancy mentally, but the trouble is if one thought creeps in such as “I would like a baby” or “Oh god I hope I don’t get pregnant” that could be enough – especially if it causes emotions or fear.


Once you get rid of manipulation, the “I love you” type one-night stands to get someone in bed (and sometimes they mean it, and then when the passion is gone they block out the love feelings) then there is still one barrier to free expression of sexuality: attachment and possessiveness. Attachment and possessiveness is something that humanity will gradually learn to deal with and adjust in all areas of life. We have no way to prove it, but we can say that monogamy is not a natural state for humanity. It was socially convenient. So there really is no such thing as “cheating”. You will realize this, especially when you may bump into someone you were intimate with in another life and those feelings come back or you remember all those encounters. It will be uncomfortable, but it will teach you.


Both of these are very human things. Guilt is driven by human society. We don’t have it where we come are, or where your spirits come from. Disgust is a judgement. We look at all creation as beautiful, with some being things we want to explore, and some things — well we’d rather keep away because it’s just not our thing. But the emotion of disgust is not something we ever experience. It will be that way for humans too. Then humans will stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing and always being in everyone else’s business. There will actually be less secrets in the future, which will expose you to more, which will make you less judgmental. The live-and-let-be attitude will prevail.


There’s also another little known secret that is another reason that humans subconsciously and consciously control and limit sexual expression. When you’re busy having sex fun, you don’t get much work done. In the old energy, that wouldn’t be appropriate. In the new energy, time won’t be such a consideration.


Of course, fear is a big driver of peoples’ perception about sexuality, mostly for the reasons mentioned above.

.. And finally…


With all that gone, you then will be free to experience sexuality as much as you like and the healing will begin. Some will need it more than others. Perhaps you will do it so much you get bored of it, if that’s possible for you.


It is no accident that matriarchal societies tend to be more permissive towards sexuality than patriarchal societies. Women and men in such societies – when uncorrupted – tend to honor the beauty of the body, the beauty and gift of female/male co-creation known as birth, the gift of women being able to have a life grow inside them. Such societies would NEVER go to war willingly. It also made such societies easy prey for the typically more aggressive male-dominated societies. We will not judge one or the other. Both social structures have their strengths and weaknesses and no government or social structure in anything like the old energy will EVER be perfect in the sense of what you would call perfect. However, a balance between male and female tends to work best. We did want to bring to your attention this difference especially considering you are now balancing male and feel energies. Now, we want to shift your attention to a close parallel in the animal kingdom where you can literally see these differences mirrored back to you and study them.

This is the lives of Bonobos versus Chimpanzees. They are almost the same animals but culturally handle sexuality and conflict a different way. Bonobos are docile from a social standpoint and sexuality pervades almost all aspects of their lives. They resolve their problems with large sexual expression of their group members in a way that is appalling to most people. Yet, do they go around and have wars and killing in the way chimpanzees do? No.

So we want you to think for a second, whether all this conditioning you have had around how to view sexuality is there for any other purpose but to control you and hold you back, to support the reality and not surprisingly to actually make you more aggressive, angry. You have had a piece of yourself taken away from you, not as a victim but by choice in order to incarnate into the old energy. But you are moving into the new energy it’s time to take back your essence. Your sexual nature is a large part of it, and you are sexual beings. It’s time to celebrate that and basque in the positive energy that is part of your birthright.

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