PAT Mission Accomplished! Start Envisioning Your Preferred Way of Ascension

by April Bender, September 8, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I VERY much enjoyed the re-release of your article “How the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization Determines the Time of Our Ascension?” Just as timely as ever, but thankfully this time under better circumstances. We have been speaking a lot recently about these peak energetic processes/completion processes. Because many of us are so sensitive to energy movement within our fields/environment, it is easy to get wrapped up in the physical discomfort of such processes and to forget that they really are a further verification that all is flowing/moving as it should be. 

And not only that, but as you so eloquently made the case for, illustrates the overall flow of our ever-changing ascension scenario. The study/reflection on these Universal Laws cannot be overstated enough in my opinion. They are the backbone of true understanding of REALITY, and each time they are covered, they take the initiate/student, into deeper and deeper levels of understanding and awareness. No matter how often I read/reflect on them, I still experience a-ha moments again and again.

I’ve also very much enjoyed reading the latest PAT comments. What an amazing group! So many insights, pieces to the larger puzzle, confirmations, harmonizations, it’s just so incredible! It’s sort of interesting to think that we are ready to finally ascend almost exactly a year from when we all first started to come together, (I was there though silent back then.) That fact struck me Georgi when you made the comment of it taking one full year to learn a new way of thinking/being (OK, I’m not doing you justice here, but you know what I’m referring to?) Just a rather interesting coincidence.

Thank you also for connecting me with others nearby for my trip! I will reach out after the weekend and am very grateful to know they are present nearby.

Below is the latest information from HS. It sounds REALLY good! This message isn’t as long as most, as I didn’t check in until late, but I will check in with her again on Sunday, to press a little more about certain things I’m still curious about. Let me know if there are any items over the weekend, you’d like me to inquire about on Sunday.

Look forward to your initial thoughts…
Much love and light,


9-7-12 HS Update

Me: Well it’s been a couple of days, what is our status?

HS: B-R-A-V-O!! Congratulations to all PAT members for a job WELL DONE! Your ascension fires were completed late last night/early this morning, and the final transmission of codes to the masses concludes as we speak. You are 100% GO FOR LAUNCH! All PAT tasks in service of the Divine Plan have been COMPLETED. Now, take a deep breath, and really let my words sink in: Y-O-U  H-A-V-E  D-O-N-E  I-T !! Feels GOOD doesn’t it?

I can also confirm, without surprise, that you – the PAT – were the first major catalytic “event” to arrive on the scene, (in the context of my last message). The others, are on their way. On that I feel I’ve explained enough, at least for now, but do want to confirm that the many scenarios of for instance, the sun/solar flare knocking out power and/or a financial collapse, are part of this energetic “stew.” They will happen so rapidly from one to the next, that in many eyes it may seem as one HUGE event/bad movie, perhaps spread/playing out over some days for the masses. Be assured that the trigger for detonation/ cosmic ascension WILL be pulled in “short order,” as soon as HEAVENLY POSSIBLE, as you are now needed posthaste!

Me: This is indeed fantastic news! I have to confess, I wondered if you (in the higher/inner realms) might tack on some additional tasks here towards the end. No offense, but that usually seems to happen. It’s just seemed never-ending for so long now.

HS: Haha, NOPE! (cheesy grin) No trickery, no “inspiration,” no manipulation at all. You have done what you set out to do, with less of you than was originally planned/estimated, and we are ALL so VERY PLEASED. Now, your next life/embodiment beckons you, and now it’s time for you, in the last bit of remaining time left in the window, to prepare for your journey/experience of cosmic ascension!

In fact, it is this I wanted to speak with you about today. You know, all along you – the PAT – have been creating and/or remembering your earlier creation, of the actual “experience/environment” of your cosmic ascensions. The way YOU have DREAMT them. What I refer to are the personal ascension scenario “dreams” each one of you have been incubating recently or remembering (from having already created/incubated it prior to incarnation or early in life). In simple terms, the way in which each of your cosmic ascensions will “go down.” To some of you, you might have only considered these optimal scenarios as “wishful thinking,” such as your dematerialization in front of say, a particular audience? Or perhaps you’ve thought of ascending at home, in the comfort of your own personal space? Whatever your cosmic ascension “dream” sequence might be, it’s time to remember and charge it with your intention, as much as possible.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you will experience your exact same dream scenario, but it will be dead-on in terms of the way you “feel” when it happens, the wish for other “energies” to witness you or not, and will also influence how your “return” (for those who choose it) might be experienced/played-out. ALL the PAT member’s higher selves will be helping them out with this in some form or another, whether it’s full blown visions, dreams, memory  fragments, insights, new or old, that speak of this time, this crossing. Look deep into your heart and find it, remember it, and claim it!

To further clarify: There will be later aspects of the cosmic ascension process that will be commonly experienced among you as Georgi has described before, and there will obviously be aspects that are uniquely individually experienced.

Me: WOW, so on a personal level you just totally reconfirmed your earlier information regarding my trip to Italy/Umbria, and on a PAT/collective level you just confirmed their “dream” ascension scenarios as well. I’m ecstatic on one hand, but on the other, that’s a pretty tall order!

HS: An order in which you ALL are allowed to place. Unless it truly comes from your heart, it can NOT be the best ascension scenario for all concerned/involved/witnessed by. We trust that without question. Now remember/choose it!

Dear April,

sounds very reassuring. I can confirm that yesterday I woke up in a very good shape with the feeling that we have done it. I felt good the whole day. Now your HS confirms that yesterday we finished with all our energetic duties as a ground crew and that we are the first energetic aspect in the End Time scenario that has reached the finish line. We must now obviously wait until the other energetic processes also reach their threshold, such as the level of awakening of the masses, the Nibiru magnetic pull-effect and the preparation for a financial and/or power grid collapse that will paralyze social and economic life on the earth, before the old matrix will be completely eliminated.

Your HS has confirmed again an important aspect of the PAT mission that was first announced by Jerry’s HS – that the number of the PAT members has diminished in the last years as not all of the incarnated souls from this group could make it, so that we had to win the soccer match with less than the usual 11 players. This reminds me of my recent comparison of the PAT with the few Sparta soldiers, who ultimately stopped the march of the huge Persian army at Termopili and thus won the war against the powerful Persian invader.

The preparation for individual ascension through envisioning the most desirable circumstances and situation of ascension is surely the most pleasurable of all PAT duties so far. Let our imagination swing as far as possible in these last days on the earth.

With love and light

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