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Musical Follow-Up

September 25, 2012

Hi George

Two weeks ago when I was having a good day I was singing in my head the chorus to “Knocking on Heavens Door” by Guns n Roses for no reason. It was a nice reminder from my real HS. I’m sorry it wasn’t the Bob Dylan version which would probably fit better with your dreams. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I’m glad you’re feeling better.
Warm regards
Alex, Australia
Dear Alex,

I did not know this group and interpretation but it is very good.  As your link is not available in Germany for property rights reasons, I found this one:

September 25, 2012

Thing is a neat song:

Ascension Blues (© 2012 Tom Hedrick/Tom Hedrick Music (ASCAP)

Dear Eric,

Thank you for the song. Too much survivalist mood for my taste.

September 25, 2012

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

There is a small pause at the beginning of the video, just click play again

Dear Tomas,

thank you for the link. Unfortunately it is not available in Germany for property right reasons but I found this link: BBC- 1975. I did not know this song – it is very good.

September 25, 2012

Dear Georgi,

These days on of the song that just cannot leave my mind is this one:

See You
Tom Fodor
September 25, 2012

My favorite ascension song:


September 25, 2012


In case you do add to the mix, here’s one more that I also feel very uplifted by, and it is universal, for sure!  [if you can use this link or find one that works there]!

Thanks again for the tunes today…they are an extremely welcome embellishment for the mood of our NOW!!

The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun
September 25, 2012

Fellow PATsters, Dear Captain,

I remained silent up till now. I had the right to. I was in synchrony and highly contributed to your efforts right from beginning to end, gaining more and more awareness of this crucial assignment down here in this lifetime, in this incarnation. So why not dedicate us entirely, with flesh and bone, soul and mind, to this Mission, simply leaving out the rest of our obligations, or focusing a minimal attention on them? Sounds logical to me as it helped me to retain my high spirit all along the way, ceaselessly write decrees and most importantly never give up. We all had our periods of helplessness, insomnia and depression, do not let it the ego and this low-frequency feeling take over control in the Final Week.

With Love and Light AND,
See you soon,
An Arcturian/Sirian/Unknown Hybrid

Anyway, I would like to recommend inspiring, some more energetic, hi-tech, uplifting music to raise our frequencies and keep high spirits in the last 2-3 days/ period of waiting (selected due to perfectly corresponding content with our role):

Personal ULTRACAPACITATOR Inspiration:

Dear Arcturian/Sirian/Unknown Hybrid,

actually I only communicate with humans and not with hybrids, no matter where they come from. But in this case I would like to inform you that I am an old fashioned guy and I lost interest in modern music when the techno-music first entered the scene in the early 80s. It killed any creativity and transformed many young people in hybrids or zombies, which was actually the aim of the former PTB.

September 25, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for the musical trip down memory lane…how you seem to know just what we all need is beyond my understanding. I do thank you for the uplifting moment of sound and dancing in my kitchen.

What a beautiful trip down memory lane for me. I too am a child of the 60s revolution…that did not take sadly. Shortly thereafter, I moved with my new husband, just drafted, to be a part of the wonderful war that was Vietnam. He was drafted just after medical school. I came to an abrupt halt in my evolution. What madness and loss of life for all of humanity. I did recover and continue on my path but still miss the 60’s.

Thanks again for the uplifting pre-celebration.

Namaste, Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

I am happy to hear that you like this small selection of songs from the 60s/70s. This was not my intention at first, but my HS urged me to do it as there is nothing more to say now as everything of importance has been said. But I do agree with you that many  promises that were raised in the 60s were broken in the following years and it became darker on the planet.

With love and light
September 24, 2012

COME ON FREEDOM!!…and I’ll take some Bobby Mcgee with it!

I can attest to the fact that the drilling is done. I’m feeling much better today!

You rock Georgi!

Love, Dorie


Dear Dorie,

I have just commenced to rock. See my next publication “Ascension Music” for initial stimulation.

With love and light



The End Time Scenario 

September 25, 2012

Hi George,

Thank you for the wonderful party music and lyrics. I did laugh, sing and feel amazement looking back to see our souls in their‘ skins and performance characters’ awake and acting as performing prophets and poets of an earlier and wonderful era.

Now to your article today, The Bottom is Reached.  I reflected upon it.  If I understand you correctly, your ideal scenario is approximately as follows.


  •          September 25th the full integration of the rainbow bridge from 1st dimension on up.
  •          Subsequent flooding of extremely powerful energies into dimensions 1,2, and 3 coming from Source.
  •          Our rainbow bridge connecting all dimension and Source relieving PAT of burdensome tensions and strain.
  •          September 24th – 27th or 30th flooding of energies filling PAT tanks for our Supernova.
  •          September 24th – 30th an interim time when darkness and light unconsciously begin separating (a short void) before the October storm.
  •          Super Nova threshold reached.
  •          Detonation of PAT occurs by end of month.
  •          Pyro graphic effects thanks to GF.
  •          Concurrent collapse of the Orion system and the shock thereof.
  •          Our ascension is first wake up call for mankind.
  •          Rainbow Bridge now activated between Gaia, humanity and Source.
  •          ID Split begins with explosion of light in dimension 1-3 and throughout all dimension of this universe.
  •          Entering of ID Split simultaneous with new energetic condition.
  •          Ramifications of electrical grid going down.


  •          Return of PAT after three days or early October.
  •          Humanity will see floating light bodies representing their next wake up and disclosure.
  •          Billion see PAT members who appear.
  •          4 billion become educated re: multi-dimensional immortality, portals, and ascension.
  •          They embrace ascension and overcome fear of death.
  •          Catastrophes occur.
  •          The final ID split occurs.
  •          Magnetic pole reversal occurs.
  •          Ascension to A/B occurs. (where PAT helps humanity establish new society).
  •          Elite to catastrophic Planet B occurs.


  •         Ascension to Planet A (where PAT also helps humanity transcend it’s limitations).

Yes. This is the ideal scenario as I have seen it. Honestly, I have never seen myself going to the Vatican. Perhaps, as you say, the Christianity problem will take care of itself with the collapse. I have always seen a telepathic communication (disclosure) as part of our visual disclosure (appearance  of floating light bodies). As we’ve learned, we as PAT can intend the support of Source and the FOL but we cannot know what Source will decide as to the timing.

In Love & Light,


Dear Marilyn,

this is indeed the itinerary of the coming events as I envision it. I hope though that we will ascend this week around Sept 27 and not at the end of September, but, after all, this does not matter anymore.

With love and light
September 25, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT,

It is so good to hear from you all. The clarity just keeps coming!! Thank you all so much.

I have always felt that the wake-up of humanity would be the PAT (even years ago when I knew that we were such a group but could not find any of them, except my sister) by us all appearing to people and showing them what humans are meant to be like and creating the understanding in them that they have been operating on only 1% of their true potential.

Anna was given the Awake magazine from the Jehovah’s Witnesses and on the cover was a picture of the River Jordan, parted and frozen while the people passed through. When she read Eugene’s dream, she made the parallel with what the PAT are doing now.

She also has always had the picture that we (the PAT) are ‘black hole busters’ and felt this linked in totally with Dorie’s picture of a black hole. I see in that picture that we have been swimming against the tide of the black hole, in other words swimming out of it, rather than being sucked into it. We have been accelerating our exit (bringing the Earth and Humanity) and have now reached the point to stand still against the pull of the black hole. This is the moment of change, which is our temporary suspended animation, just before we emerge with Mother Earth and Humanity bringing them into a new dimensional existence.

I very much got the picture of the interconnected circuits from Daniël. It is brilliant that the Crystalline Children are so clear-seeing and able to express their perceptions so accurately. What a team we all are!

Part of the same message……‘connection to the matrix in addition to your own circuit to the source.’ also made me realise where, over the years, I had been having to actually learn how humans operate in this environment and also recognising how I had done it. That was me remembering connecting in to the Human Matrix.

I have felt a realisation of my progress so far from a higher perspective than ever before. I feel that I could write a CV of my cosmic mission. I am seeing what I was actually doing at different stages of my life, which were disguised in 3-d clothing but were nonetheless the platforms upon which I fulfilled my real purpose here. This is clearly suggested by Dorie’s HS…..

‘Past memories may come flooding in…..’

I fully resonate with peoples’ comments about finding it hard to stitch time together. Time is no longer behaving as it used to.

“You are literally being pulled apart and reassembled (Yes, we are!!!), hence the feeling of slow speed here and high speed there as time is being ripped to shreds.”

My connection with 3-d now is wafer-thin and it is hard to stay with it when I need to, which is fortunately only occasionally.

See you all very soon.
In love and light, Gail


September 24, 2012

Hello Georgi,

I have lived a very intense goosebumps in my body when reading the dialogue between you and members of the PAT concerning the creation of the rainbow bridge including the INFINITE attribute.

I have known all my life that the biggest gift anyone can received from the SOURCE would be total freedom. But with this rainbow bridge we will received from SOURCE the ultimate gift:


Which is the SOURCE FREEDOM. It is unbelievable.

Is it possible to have from you Georgi or any member some comments about what is “INFINITE FREEDOM” ?

You and the PAT are doing a magnificent work.
Dear Marcel,

I prefer not to ponder at this time on infinite freedom and let myself be surprised. I am sure that the reality that awaits us will exceed all our boldest dreams.

With love and light

September 24, 2012

Dear George,

I am beginning to believe that our ascension will be a seamless transition.  It feels like I am partly in 5d in some ways as I have many many moments of sheer peace and happiness.  And I have such visions and dreams of peace and working at the things I love doing.

I am still struggling in a dead end job and lack funds but I also believe that this state of being will end abruptly very soon as part of that seamless transition.

Counting the days and looking for a specific date won’t help us. I believe that the changes for many of us will be seamless.

The changes in us will be noticed by others first when we appear before them.

Take Care George and thank you for all of your hard work.
Dear Charlotte,

I do not believe that it will be a seamless transition as I have several out-of-body experiences in full consciousness and I can tell you that nothing in this reality can compare to this blissful state. It is like heaven and hell/earth. And it comes all of sudden. What will be seamless is the immediate recognition that this heaven is your real home, while earth has always been a bad dream – a short excursion into hell.

With love and light

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