Is the PAT Responsible for the Ascension of Humanity?

by  Rob Behr, September 3, 2012

Is it so that one who is clear, bold and stringent and not afraid to address lesser truth, is non-loving, non-compassionate or not caring?

First of all it should be clear that everyone on this Earth came in on his own, naked and vulnerable, empty handed but with equal chances. No one had a benefit above another, all had to go into the years of forgetfulness while heading into their days of becoming young adults – being programmed and influenced by the system of the PTB, readied to become servants of the economy as ignorant slaves – or not! 

The dangers of this three dimensional society are equal to everyone. What differs is the choice for a different attitude and the willingness of the individual to deal with everything in a way that it benefits a conscious way of living and as a means to restrict the pull of lower frequencies that are deliberately and constantly being beamed into society.

A basic assumption should be that this last cycle of humanity’s life on Earth – before the id-split – was reason enough for many an incarnate to come here to go through the process as best as possible this last time around. Well, at least intended before incarnation to try to ride the waves. But as we all know intentions often stay just that, until they are forgotten and new choices are made. But does that take away one’s individual responsibility?

The PAT may have been asked to join forces on the ground on special assignment to make sure that this last time around we will succeed whatever happens. But ‘succeeding’ is comprised of different phases of hard work that first need to be done and that is what we have done in the last 20+ years. Earth will go through Ascension as part of the Solar system and the Universe. Those ‘aware’ on the ground (PAT) are the anchors for the higher frequencies and the ascension portals. Without that, the job will most certainly not be accomplished successfully because the light needs roots to sustain itself and build from there its strength.

It may sound hard, but humanity is not the first reason for Ascension. Everyone has equal chances to go through Ascension and even if humanity in totality would falter and not prepare itself in time to go through it, then Earth will still ascend and those of humanity that are far enough will either ascend or shed the physical first and then ascend or incarnate on higher planes after they meet the essentials.

So, is the PAT responsible for humanity for their Ascension? No the PAT is not. All we do is out of compassion based on higher truth. The kind of truth that comes from our heritage where you don’t think in terms of lower emotions, but in terms of All That Is. You cannot do differently then try to gather everyone, because everyone is part of All That Is. But it is also the kind of truth when you understand that people have free will to find their way into Ascension. When they do, they become part of divine will. PAT cannot take over people’s responsibility, we simply help carefully while we watch the limits of what we are allowed to do. We watch, nudge, give advice, discern, write and talk; but we never take away people’s choice because their choice is needed for true direction and their choice is needed for Source participation. And then they exchange their free will for divine will which opens the door to ‘oneness with divinity’; the door to divine truth and Ascension.

Divine truth (= divine love) demands righteousness and boldness, but also a life without lies emotional blackmail pettiness and laziness. Qualifying for Ascension means leaving the comfort zone and do whatever is necessary to go through the process of course in a righteous way.

Let alone the fact that Ascension in this lifetime probably has the possibility for many to indeed hitchhike to another level, still it should be said that Ascension is a individual liberation accomplished by self. And it is not when it is being done for you. Minimal requirements still apply. One is ready for enlightenment when one starts seeing through the illusions and literally starts seeing the light. The PAT keeps the light-generator running, but the individual needs to turn the button of the light on. When the time is there and we cannot stretch things any further, then it all comes to a conclusion where everyone will experience the fruits of his own making. An that time is now!

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